“Remember Me Thursday” and More…..


Today is a busy day for us in the blogosphere.    Most importantly it’s Remember Me Thursday.   We are joining the BLOG HOP hosted by Lola HERE.

Remember Me Thursday, now in its eighth year, aims to unite individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.
According to Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, “over a million beautiful, adoptable pets will lose their lives in 2021.” That is just way too many lives lost! He goes on to say that “we all come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but together, we can raise our voices and share one life-saving message and literally save millions of pets on this one day.” My heart breaks for those beautiful people working in animal welfare who are forced to take the lives of the pets they love. I believe lighting a candle for the orphan pets will be a way for people to let the world know how much they love them, and the awareness can help in increasing adoptions and decreasing euthanasia.” – Mike Arms, on why he created Remember Me Thursday.
Teddy and his predecessor sweet Sammy were adopted from the same no-kill shelter in our County so they were not in danger of being euthanized if not adopted – besides, the minute we saw their photos on the shelter website we wanted each of them and adopted them to join our family.    We know not all animals who come to shelters are that lucky and that’s why we APPRECIATE “Remember Me Thursday” and the message it shouts to the world.
Teddy (left) and Angel Sammy (right)

We also usually celebrate Thankful Thursday with Brian at Brianshomeblog.com on Thursday.     We are linking up with Lola rather than Brian today but we know Brian would want us to.   I know he’s as thankful as we are that there are caring people who believe in giving orphan animals a forever home.

In addition to that, we also have Poetry Day with our very own Angel Sammy every Thursday.    We can’t let THAT go by – so we are adding the photo Sammy gave to all our followers last Thursday as inspiration for them to write a poem.    Sammy also gives us HIS poem at the same time and a NEW photo to use for next Thursday’s blog post.    Here’s the photo he gave us for this week’s poem……….followed by Angel Sammy’s poem……..AND a new photo for NEXT Thursday.   Everyone is welcome to participate EVERY Thursday on our blog.

Sammy’s Poetry Corner

“Tough Guy”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©September 22, 2021

Tony “The Dude” Tonelli waited patiently for “The Boss”

The new ride was shiny bright and spit-shine clean

It was one fine brand new dream machine

It cost a bundle in stolen bills so for him it was no loss.

The streets were quiet as Tony stood watching a bug on the road

Struggling across the pavement dragging a stick behind him

The chances of the bug making it across the road were slim

Chances were better that “The Boss” would exit the bank soon with a more valuable load. 

Next week’s photo for you to use as inspiration for a poem is below and Angel Sammy will look forward to seeing you all here to share some poetry again like the usual Thursday!

WHOA!    Now that’s a challenge!     Angel Sammy will see you poets next week with your poem inspired by this guy with a thousand plates!

We hope you enjoyed our THREE in ONE blog post today! 

Back to normal next week!  Hugs, Pam and Teddy


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  1. WOW, that man is TALENTED. And thank you for your Thursday Remembrance blog and for all of your blogs, Teddy, and for all of the wonderful things you do for all of us.


    • Remembrance Thursday is just one way to brighten the world of homeless animals. It really breaks our hearts that people can walk away from their pets and abandon them – the shelters are full of homeless that deserve a home. It’s just one small thing we can do every year on Remembrance Day to draw attention to the sad situation.

      Hugs, Teddy and Pam


  2. “Remember me Thursday” is a very important day, sadly we don’t have it here. You have there in States many great pet related days we don’t have here. Fall in always bad time in shelters, they collect as many as they can and are full of kittens, mothers, old and sick cats. In our village is one great no-kill shelter, and the shelter is really full now. Here is lot’s of people donating money, food, medicines everything there and giving foster homes, so every cat will have a future.


    • That’s a wonderful thing Kristiina – everyone trying to help in whatever way they can. So many people abandon their pets without a thought to what will happen to them. So sad. Anything that we all can do to help is so much appreciated by these animals. Thanks for what you do – it all HELPS.

      Love, Pam

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    • Thanks for being poetic with us today! Yep we had a lot of ground to cover today – didn’t want to miss out on any of the hops but also wanted to post for Remember Me Thursday in honor of all the little ones who need homes.

      Pam and Teddy too


  3. That was a fun poem and mom said she has aways been fascinated with stories, pictures (and poems!!!!) from the 20’s-30’s. Loved it and the picture as well.


    • Glad you liked the poem – it was fun and different format from our “usual”………..Happpy Remember Me Thursday………….let’s hope in honor of the day there are a LOT OF adoptions completed!

      Hugs, Pam


  4. Thank you for spreading the word on pet adoption. I wish all kitties had wonderful homes like you Teddy. Great poem from Angel Sammy. Have a nice day. XO


  5. I hope this message reaches many people and gets them thinking of adoption. So important! Good poem Angel Sammy. The photo for next week made me smile. I wouldn’t want to stand too close in case he loses his balance.


  6. MOL MOL dragging a stick…reminded me of the song by Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra about the ‘ant and the rubber tree plant’. Yep I’m aging myself.
    Thank you for finding all these photo challenges
    Hugs Cecilia


  7. Thanks for a great post Teddy and since we are both Shelter cats we know the deep importance of the day for all cats and personally. Thanks for joining in!
    Ha Ha That poem of Tony was a hoot. The next poem photo is a great one and what a balancing act! Purrs friend


    • Yes it is an important day….and I am hoping and praying that since it’s a special day today that tons of available/adoptable pets find their FOREVER HOMES. That would be the BEST thing EVER!

      Hugs, Teddy
      p.s Glad you liked Sammy’s poem!


  8. Enjoyed reading that Teddy and Angel Sammy were adopted from a shelter! The kitties and I hope that everyone’s efforts today for Remember Me Thursday make a difference and encourage more adoptions!


  9. I hope many animals are adopted today because of Remember Me Thursday. Love your poem. Oh my gosh how could that guy in the new photo carry all that? Have a great day. A nice one here.


  10. Us two hooligans came from different shelters, and also we were first rescued to high kill shelters in Texas…so kind peeps from Michigan pulled us out of them and took us on a LONG trip to Michigan…Phew! We were wagging our tails when this lady came by us…first Dalton in a pet shop adoption event,shortly after Hurricane Harvey, and a while later, Benji after she saw his sweet face in the local advertising newspaper…she HAD to have him and all his raggedy-baggedy scrawny being.

    Just look at us now!! LOL!
    We are glad you were rescued out of a shelter too,and look at how you’ve thrived, Teddy! And Angel Sammy before you:)

    Petcretary just sat down after a hard days’ shift at her work…so our poem is a bit silly…

    This is MY car, so very big.
    So big it might be better named as a rig!
    But…no, I won’t dance a jig…
    Cause I am waiting here’
    For my partner, for me so dear…
    Gets sprung from out of the brig!


  11. Remember Me Thursday is such a special day. We look forward to participating every year and spreading the word about pet adoption. Your poem really took an unexpected direction. We ended that. Mom wrote a poem that started similarly. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet
    p.s. We hope the guy in next week’s photo got a big tip!


    • Yes it’s wonderful to participate in Remember Me Thursday isn’t it……………and we loved your blog about it A LOT. Glad you enjoyed the surprise poem and thanks for ending it for us (hahahaha). That was a fun photo. Next week’s will be too!!!!

      Hugs, Pam


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