Teaser Tell All


Hi Students! Time to TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

That apparently was a super easy Teaser yesterday as it was guessed VERY QUICKLY but that didn’t keep everyone from guessing all morning and afternoon.    We had a lot of RIGHT GUESSERS but only one FIRST.    Before we talk about that, let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTERS!


SHARON and KATTY & the Weims

Woo Hoo for You Hoo !

Here are your badges ladies:

I was one of just TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of September 21, 2021. YAY FOR US!

I am MAD…..I was here early…..if I hadn’t stopped to flirt with Officer Kitty at the door…..well….nevermind!

Now here’s yesterday’s Teaser photo which was provided by our STELLAR Graphics Department……………….

This is indeed the Kurhaus Casino & Kurgarten in BADEN-BADEN, GERMANY

If you would like to read up on this fabulous place – find out who actually used to LIVE here, and see more photos – just CLICK HERE.

Can we have a drumroll to introduce our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER PLEASE????


TIMMY !!!!!

Go Timmy Go…..woo hoo

and Here is your badge Timmy:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 21, 2021! I was in front of the pack!!!!

There were a BUNCH of you who guessed correctly though and if you were one of the students who got the Teaser right you get a badge:

I was RIGHT with my guessed on the Teaser of September 21, 2021 but I was NOT the first one to get it right. Darn.

AND if you were WRONG but you still stuck your neck (or something) out anyway, you get a badge for TRYING:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of September 21, 2021. I’m gonna get it right one of these days though!

Yeah – let’s hear it for everyone who got a badge today!

POOEY!  I guessed WRONG, still get a BADGE but still wasn’t a WINNER!

Complaints, complaints…………….purrrrhaps if you’d study more and stop watching cartoons all day in between napping in your crib you might get a RIGHT GUESSER badge!

Cheer Team……….please come and do your thing – we have some cry babies in the crowd today…………………..

Everyone should be happy
Not grumpy, mean and crappy!
Our First Commenters were Sharon and Katty
They were here EARLY not like Mary or you Mattie!
Then VERY soon our FIRST COMMENTER showed up
It was Timmy who won today’s First Commenter Cup!
Now if you all study really hard this week
Maybe you will get a big kiss on the cheek!!!

Thanks ladies………………….we appreciate that you try to encourage this room full of students to work hard so they can win a badge next class instead of complain about not winning!

Now – let’s get going to the cafeteria – time we had some breakfast OR lunch – whichever you wish………….Miss D is working hard to provide everyone with something yummy to eat before you hop on the bus for home……………….

Breakfast and Lunch on the line!  Ready for you to bring up your trays!


And off we go in a cloud of dust and a hearty HI HO SILVER AWAY!!!  See you all next week!

Your Professors

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    • I think Teaser classmates are an amazing bunch of “dedicated detectives” who do an amazing job of figuring out WHERE the photos are taken…The Professors are proud of their students!

      Professor Sammy and Junior Professor Teddy


  1. Concats to Sharon, Katty, and Timmy!!! At first glimpse, I was convinced that it’s somewhere in the US! OMG! But I found the right answer – slowly but surely! Could I have an asparagus and cheese pizza, peaches and cream pie and a milkshake, please?


  2. Concats to TIMMY!! and all the other kitties who were here in time and who guessed the place of mystery. I sure didn’t. Mom made me miss cause she cheated on me and went to a cat cafe. Her was getting dressed and all that stuff when she should have been sitting here helping ME! I would like to console myself with the fresh tomato salad, crunchy fries, a milkshake and…peaches and cream pie please! Who will sit next to me and not bean me with fries?


  3. Concats to the two firsties and of course to Timmy who was the first right guesser! I had it right too…just a wee bit late…LOL!

    May I please have some of that bacon brunch bread, and I see Mr Frank already has the onion rings…and a good shot of strong coffee…I need that boost and its cold and wet here today…

    See ya!


  4. We were way too late to be a firsties yesterday, and we had no idea where this place was. We just visited the web-site. It looks like it is right out of a James Bond movie. Mom says she is too poor to ever visit there, but enjoyed seeing all the grandeur. All the food looks so great today, we have decided just to stay here and eat. Congratulations to the winners. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  5. We are all agog that we had that one but really hustled to be first with the Teaser after being asleep at the wheel for Firsties. So fun to have won a Teaser this week friends thanks to everyone and especially to our dear professors! Have a great week till we see you again!


  6. Using French toast to make a sandwich is the most brilliant idea ever. Bacon and eggs are also a brilliant idea. So yes, please to the bacon and egg French toast sandwich. Mom has had a similar breakfast at a local diner called The Chit Chat Diner. She never knew she wanted syrup on her bacon and eggs, but she does!

    Love and licks,


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