Tuesday Teaser Class!


Looks like no crowd build-up at the door!  Good!

Good Morning Students!   I do hope you have COMMENTED by now.  Everyone please take your seats.

I’ve taken my seat, changed my own diaper, and am ready to rock!

Excellent……..let’s get it on!!    Today we have a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT Teaser.  Since they got that great big huge, larger than a closet office, they’re getting more work done.   The Teaser they found is a good one.

We’ll be the judge of that…..we might think the Teaser photo is a loser!

OK – let’s just get going with class shall we?  You all are in a bit of an argumentative mood today.    Here are the rules AND the badges you can win:

Security Guard – please bring in today’s TEASER photo – our students are “rarin’ to go” !!

Here’s the photo Professors………

Where was this photo taken????? 

Yes we had to do a tiny edit because there was a bit of a “giveaway” in that area so magic took care of that.    Get to work now figuring this one out…………..AND to cheer you on, here’s the Cheer Team!

Another Tuesday Teaser class here we go
What will your reward be? Win, Place or SHOW?
We know some of you collect your badges like they were treasure
We’re glad having Teaser each week gives you some pleasure!
Now if you’ll excuse us we really must run
Every week we do a cheer then go and have some fun
We’re cheering for you all and we’ll see you in the morning
We might be a little hung over – this is your early warning!

Thanks girls……..you’re such an inspiration.    Now who is UP for lunch (or breakfast) ???????   I know we are………..it works up an appetite running this Teaser class!

Are you kiddin’?  Running this class is EASY PEASY!

Anyone up for a good meal?   We’re ready for you whether it’s breakfast or lunch you’re in the mood for!


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!! 

Your Professors

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  1. It’s my house – LOL!! It is the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden Germany. I am more than ready for a spa day there! It is in a beautiful area in the Northwestern part of the Black Forest – my favorite part of Germany – my Mom is from the Black Forest.


  2. You can scribble out the sign, but I can still easily recognize the International Memorial For Victims of Man-Eating Otters. Every flower represents one person who lost their life to this ferocious, but extremely cute beast. Once the mourners go inside for the “live exhibit,” there’ll be a few more flowers to add. I believe the curator’s named Zeeba…


  3. Oh my it would take all day to clean a small portion of the house. This building is French. Where it sits is a long lost question but we have no answer. Maybe it’s been turned into a bakery of cat treats….then my interest would be aroused.



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