Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday.    Oh boy – this is the day our two-co hosts give us FOUR sentences and we complete them with our very own words.   It’s fun AND we learn about each other too!   I decided to do these ALLLLLLLLL by myself today.    Mom got last week and I get this week!    My words are in BLUE.


1. Is it wrong to ask repeatedly to be allowed to go outside????????  (Note From Mom:  Since you need Mom or Dad to take you out yes it sometimes is wrong to ask repeatedly if we’re busy doing something else!!!!)
2. I wish I had kept my white mouse Angel Sammy left for me – I tore it limb from limb in my excitement at having a new home….now I miss it so much!
3. Right here – right now is my idea of living happily ever after.
4. It’s been a long time since I was all alone in my cage at the shelter – thank heavens.

That’s it!   Done by ME.    Maybe next week Mom and I will do the filling in together.   You never know…………..we both enjoy filling in the blanks.  If you’d like to join in, click the badge at the top of this post and look for the spot to LINK up with 15andMeowing.    It’s fun to see everyone’s fill-ins!!!
Happy Friday!

I miss my white mouse…..I’m sorry I played SO HARD with it Angel Sammy! 


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  1. Those are very good answers, Teddy. I know what you mean about the white mouse. Eric had a rat which we called Scruffy Rat. It was the only toy he would play with and it became threadbare and lost some stuffing. We bought him new ones but they weren’t the same and he always went back to Scruffy. When he became an Angel, Scruffy went with him.


  2. Great fill ins. I wonder if I hit the unsubscribe button by accident. Cause I didn’t get your post again. I just subscribed again. And it didn’t tell me I was already subscribed. Says I am now. The hot stuff is coming through the weekend. Then cooler. Have a great day.


    • HAHAHA….well my Mom performed surgery MANY times on Sammy’s white house because of me. I think she probably used about five of my Dad’s white handkerchiefs keeping it patched up until one day it was almost ALLLLLLLLL white hankie!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I think you’re right Miss Pix. Angel Sammy left it for me – and I found it and played with it until it fell apart and I think he wanted me to help it “fade away”….some things are just more precious as memories.

      Love and Hugs, Tedd Boop


  3. Minko had a kitten he stole off the shelf…it had real fur…and it was many years old…he literally shred it over the course of a few months..and he wasn’t even a kitten anymore. He had plenty of other mousies that he played with…but kitten, well that was his fave. When it was ‘denuded’ I threw iit away…but he still played with the bigger bits he had torn off, and the tail, LOL!


  4. You did a great job, Teddy. we can all understand your being so excited to have a new furever home, so we can’t blame you for playing your white mousie to death. Purrhaps Mom could find you a new one??? But I’m sure she’s already searched.


  5. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, nice answers Teddy. I think your parents love to take you out so it is perfectly fine to keep asking. 🙂 And I am glad you are not in a cage at a shelter any more. Have a wonderful weekend. XO


    • I have a piece of the old white mouse Angel Sammy left me….Mom has it in a memory box. I had a feeling that he left it for me because he wanted ME to have fun with it and that’s exactly what I did. I was just a little rough when I was younger!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. I have to say, those were some of my FAVORITE fill-ins ever!!! Loved when Mom and Dad are busy it’s wrong to repeatedly ask and the tearing up the white mouse, too cute! xoxo


  7. Mee-yow Teddy you were havin so much fun playin with White Mousie. Mee did THE same to Rzzo THE RAt (all tho’ mee meowss to efurryone it was an inntrudur!) Now mee missess hiss funny face….**sighss**
    Grate fill-innss mee frend!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita


  8. Teddy, you did a great job with your fill-ins. Sometimes we just love something too often and too much and it gets ruined or destroyed. We know Sammy is just happy you enjoyed it. Misty May has had her “wings clipped” because of Houdini Jr., so Mom and Dad are certain she will be whining constantly to go outside! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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