Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hi everybody.   It’s time for Thankful Thursday with Brian.    His badge is above – if you’d like to join his Hop – you can click on his badge and link up with him and the rest of us who will be telling what we’re thankful for.    Our thanks to Brian for hosting this Hop.

Very thankful for a continued streak of decent weather although we may have a bit of a storm tonight it’s been several days of BEAUTIFUL.    Both of our dogwoods are beginning to show signs of changing to Fall colors and cooler weather will be welcome.    I’m also thankful that we all continue to be healthy……’s a frightening time for many parts of the country but so far – here – we’re OK and thankful we are.

Today is also the day we see what Angel Sammy’s poem is from his weekly poetry challenge.    If you wrote a poem for last week’s photo he gave to us, please share it.   He loves it when you get inspired by the photos he gives us to use as inspiration.



Hello Friends!!   It’s time for poetry………….

Our weekly get-together is here………’s not a lot of time to spend together but remember, Angels are around you ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.     Now, last week I gave you a really cute photo of a boy playing marbles and my Mom says she got a lot of email from people who said how many fun memories the photo brought back to them.    She felt the same way as she used to play marbles with her brother.     SO, here’s the photo I gave you and I hope you will tell us in comments if you wrote a poem too – and give us a link to it so we can ALL enjoy it!   

“Serious Business!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©September 8, 2021


Marbles was a game kids used to like so much

It took a steady hand, good eye, and a magic touch!

The marbles had names depending on the color

You could do “trades” with friends and exchange with one another

Once the circle was drawn it was ready, set and go

If everyone had a good “shooter” it could be quite a show!

If you played a game for “keepsies” you kept all the marbles you won

It was a wonderful, happy, game with friends and was EVER so much fun.


My Mom says she remembers her brother had a leather pouch he kept his marbles in.    My Mom had a sock for hers!    It was a different time……there was jump rope, jacks, hopscotch, hide and seek and so many other fun things to do that didn’t involve a Smart Phone, Computer or anything but your imagination.     

SO – would you like to see the photo I picked out for next week?   Good – here it is – remember you have a WHOLE WEEK to write a poem for this one then share it NEXT Thursday.


Now – get to work with your ideas – but you do have a week to put those ideas in the form of a poem – any kind of poem…………and we’ll share next Thursday.  Meanwhile, please love one another, stay healthy and have a great week!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Hugs Forever, Angel Sammy


Nice poem Angel Sammy!   I bet if I was around when Mom used to play marbles I would have always wanted to get in the pile of marbles and push them around with my paws and she’d be saying “NO TEDDY” a whole lot!    They look like great toys.     Well, I will look forward to hearing from you next Thursday if not before in my dreams.

Love, Teddy


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  1. Oh, that young man looks so contemplative and relaxed. Anthros who fish seem to get in a zone that no other sport can offer. Mama’s papa was a salmon fisher in Canada sometimes and also a fly fisher. I think that’s the really meditative kind of fishing. And I love it that I don’t have to fill in the blanks of info. THANK YOU.


    • My Mom remembers fishing with a bamboo fishing pole when she and her family lived in Alabama. They lived on a military base and there was a HUGE lake and she and her brother would fish there all day long. She said now that she’s – well – OLD – she wouldn’t enjoy SITTING ALL DAY with a fishing pole even though I volunteered to eat whatever fish she caught!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Thankful! Yes we too are blessed to be staying well. Despite all the other issues we have, we are functional and independent.

    We had a very violent storm rumble through here last evening…I thought we only had limbs an branches down…but when I took stock of the yard as II do after every storm…there were two trees hanging on top of the fence…they did bend it a bit, but its still serving the good purpose of keeping the pups corralled. It took over an hour just to pile up all the mess…but the trees that fell, will have to wait till I can get a neighbor to help with a chain saw…we don’t have one though we prolly should. Now I have to get all those piles, there are over a dozen of them…and get them to the burn pile. There were even big walnuts on the opposite side of the house than the tree is on…wow! Walking in the yard is like walking on ball bearings. So thankful those trees did not ruin the fence, and that the walnut tree did not come crashing down on our house, as it could if the wind came from the south. It rarely does…though you would have thought it was considering where all those walnuts landed! At one point that tree looked like it was horizontal! Yikes!
    When I went into town on Wed afternoon, there were uprooted trees an huge limbs own all over…I think we were blessed in that we didn’t have it that bad.

    Marbles are made to roll…
    But to shoot one
    You need lots of control!
    Marbles is a game…
    At which I am lame…
    But I think they’re pretty-
    In my fish bowl!

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    • First of all I’m so glad you’re OK after your storm….I’m afraid we all will see more “violent” weather in our future….the way of the world. Secondly we have tons of acorns on the ground and I do worry a bit about falling – we have a lot of hills and the last thing I need with my new hip is a fall!!!! Thirdly, I LOVE YOUR POEM!

      Hugs, Pam


  3. Gosh, my two brothers had their sack of marbles each, and competitions with their friends. They were a lot older than me. 8 and 10 years. I saw that circle drawn with a twig many a time and heard the comparisons of their best marbles with the other guys. I ever remember one of them’s name. Fletcher.


  4. That was a great poem. My hubby still has his marbles, I put them in a fancy gumball machine. I lost mine many cats ago. I did a poem today, be sure to stop by. Have a great day. XO


  5. No one mentioned coveting a “cat’s eye marble”!!! I always thought they were the treasured ones …
    so our short little poem is about searching for one.
    And oh the fun activities you mention, I don’t think we ever had much indoor time (TV didn’t come to our home until I was 13!) the kids “made” their fun!


  6. sam o bacon….nother awesum poem thiz week dood….de gurl sayz thoz WERE de good ole dayz…when sum thin az sim pull az puttin a playin card in de spokez oh yur bike tire sew it made a noiz… waz grate fun !!! ♥♥♥

    ted o nator…..we dinna noe dogz waz livin in yur woodz….we hope they bee awesum dawgz like bull dawgz ore german shepherdz 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥


    • Oh yes! Cards in spokes – Mom says she forgot about that one but that was fun too. My Mom had an English bulldog named Reggie when she was a little girl. He was SO STRONG – he would take HER for a walk rather than the other way around. He was a big baby and loved to sit in laps even though he was WAY TOO HEAVY for it!!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


  7. We have had a couple of really nice days too. The heat and sticky humidity is back for the weekend:(

    Your poem brings back many fond memories to Mom of her younger days playing marbles with her brother, and always getting beat:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  8. Terrific Thankfuls! Mom had to go set up the hall for the polling place todat and it was as hot as it was earlier this summer, but it is supposed to cool off tonight and (yippie!) RAIN!!! Mom used to play marbles, but she was not the best, and her cat Tiki, loved to play with her marbles, he would open the bag that they were in, fish them out and roll them around on the hardwood floor. Mom’s Mom used to get really mad when she accidentally stepped on one – Tiki would get quite the talking too! Thanks for the wonderful memories! Have a marvellously happy weekend!


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