Tuesday Teaser Class


“Another quiet morning at Ding Dong Fish School – let’s report in!”

“Greetings Class – you’d better COMMENT now before we start – HURRY!”

“whaaa…huh….what???  Comment? I’m busy having my last pre-class nap!”

So to those of you who are awake – welcome.    Before we get started today I have to let you know that one of your Professors (Professor Teddy) is going to be helping out in the school kitchen today along with one of your classmates – Miss Ingrid!     Why?    Because Miss Dingleberry is absent and rather than call in a substitute Professor Teddy and Miss Ingrid offered to fill in.     As most of you know, my brother Professor Teddy is somewhat famous as THE KING OF BACON.    Miss Ingrid sent in a fab recipe which she and Teddy made on Ted’s Saturday bacon post.    It was a big hit.   It’s going to be available on the cafeteria lunch menu today too!

Let’s have a hand for Miss Ingrid and Professor Teddy doing a good deed for our school !

“Thanks Class!!”

Let’s review the rules and badges before we bring in the photos – and the Graphics Department is still working on new badges – maybe next week!!

Now let’s get on with Teaser…………….today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER…….you know that USUALLY means a toughie right?   Well we think this one is pretty darn good.  Hope you do too.    We’re going to do something we RARELY do for Teaser today – give you TWO photos from the same place.    It may help you figure out WHERE the photo was taken.

Security?  Please bring in the photos for today!

“Here they are Professors”


“Wow…that looks higher than my cat twee!”

I am sure it’s higher than your cat tree Arthur.    Cheer Team – everyone in class looks stunned at the photos – perhaps you can cheer them up with a CHEER!

IT’s Fish and Chips Day at the Grumpy Cat Bar
After our cheer we’ll be leaving in our car
Hate to CHEER and RUN but we have our priorities
After all your Cheer Team is a special sorority!
The Teaser should be easy as you got TWO hints
Just don’t fall over the edge or your legs will be in splints!!!!

Thanks ladies………..I suppose that counts as a cheer……….sort of.

“Next time there are cheer tryouts, I wanna give it a go – that Pub sounds nice!”

OK gang – let’s head to the cafeteria – we’ll see Professor Teddy and Miss Ingrid whipping up Miss Ingrid’s cauliflower recipe AND you can give it a taste test on the cafeteria line!

“Hi Students!   Ready for lunch?   We’re ready too!

TODAY’S Prof Ted and Miss Ingrid’s APPROVED LUNCH MENU:

Good luck students – we’ll see you tomorrow for the Tell All !!

P.S.  Anyone wanting the recipe for the Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Stuffed Cauliflower can get it from THIS POST.

P.S.S.  Teddy’s Aunt Carol has a blog and there’s info about her books AND her quilts if you’re interested!!  CLICK HERE

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  1. Cheers to the assistant chef – well, even though she didn’t fix my Irish Mint Chocolate Cake.

    The guess – oh boy – someplace rocky that I haven’t been. But I’m guessing Rio di Janerio, Brazil.

    I’m taking it easy today … Taco Salad, Onion Rings, and Irish Mint Shake … hey Ingrid …. where’s the table?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, MY! I think those mountainous pics look mighty hard…all that swirly fog and rocks…sheesh, don’t a ton of mountains look like that?

    OK, I shall have to indulge in some of my own bacon cauliflower concoction…and some onion rings on the side…and maybe they’ll still be room for some Lemon meringue pie, Mmmm. Then some watermelon tea might fill in the gaps while quenching my thirst.

    Maybe put the whole lot on a big tray, so Mr Frank can join me when he gets here. I shall save him a seat…he missed last week, I hope he’s OK.

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  3. We are going to have meatloaf and that really interesting Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed cauliflower .Thanks security, Cheer Team and Professors. This sure was a toughie and if we dont have it right maybe our friends do. Have a great day everyone


  4. That was a great recipe. How sweet of Miss Ingrid to help in the cafeteria. Nice cheer ladies- make sure you have a designated driver at the bar. Have a nice day. XO


  5. I’ve searched and searched and can find nothing. I have to make a guess even though I know it is not right and will say Colonial Knob, Wellington, New Zealand.


  6. Wee are goin with Ryejevik, Iceland Purrfessor Teddy!
    Missus dee wee sure missed you. May wee have 2 servin’ss of THE Bacon stuffyRapped Cheezy Cauliflower an fore ‘ssert an 1 piece Lemon Meringue Pie an sum Icey Teas an a little filtered water with a ice cube. Thanx Missus Dee! Yore grate!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita (LadyMew)


  7. In the background with the rainbow halo, that’s St. Freddy, the patron saint of man-eating otters. No doubt, he’s enjoying watching another grisly feast from his lofty perch over the canyon. St. Freddy is also the patron saint of little purple zebras everywhere….

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    • One BIG meatloaf and an equally BIG order of friez comin’ right up! Starting tomorrow the cafeteria at the school is servin’ breakfast AND lunch! Oh boy! Get in trouble? I can do that – easily. Just ask my Mom.

      Hugs and stuff
      Ted O Nator


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