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Welcome to Tell All Class Students!

Officer Kitty reported that yesterday just before school opened, all of you waiting to get in were very orderly and considerate of each other and hardly anyone got into a fight over who was in line and who wasn’t.    We Professors want to thank you AND to tell you we all appreciate all the positive comments on the new FISH SCHOOL building and features.   It’s a nice place and we hope to be in it for many years to come!

NOW – let’s get down to business shall we?

“Yeah – let’s get on with the show – we just wanna know who gets a badge – oh – and have lunch too of course!”

Well thanks for putting us in our place Rodney.   Just don’t expect a gold star today for being polite in class!

When the doors to Fish School opened yesterday we had THREE (not seven or eight but THREE) students who arrived during the first sixty seconds school was open.    WHO?

“Did you call me????????????”

No but thanks for showing up anyway.   May we have a double drumroll as we announce our THREE FIRST COMMENTERS?


Congratulations ladies – you each get one of these:

WOW! I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of July 27, 2021! Goodie for me!

Now for information about the photo from yesterday.     Our GUEST TEASER was Frank Girolami whose blog Beach Walk Reflections HERE is a most enjoyable and relaxing as well as thought-provoking blog.     He’s also a great photographer so we’re happy to have contributions from him from time to time!!!  Before we forget, let’s give him his GUEST TEASER badge…….

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of July 27, 2021!

Here’s his wonderful photo:

This is the Grand Canal in Trieste, Italy

Here’s what Frank said about this beautiful place:

“Trieste has an interesting history. It was the main port for Austria-Hungary for hundreds of years. It was given to the Italians at the end of WW1. After Italy lost in WW2, the Yugoslavs wanted it, but they were tied to the Russians, so the UN created a Free Territory of Trieste that would be policed by the Allies.  In his Iron Curtain speech (1946), Winston Churchill stated an Iron Curtain would descend “from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic.” Therefore, some say UN establishing Trieste as a free territory was the start of the Cold War.”

Now would you like to know who was the FIRST to guess this city/country?    Let’s have another drumroll please………….


Congratulations to you and here’s your badge:

I was the first student to guess the Teaser photo CORRECTLY on July 27, 2021. YAY FOR ME!!!

AND – if you guessed right but weren’t FIRST, here’s your badge:

Gosh I DID guess the Teaser correctly on July 27, 2021 BUT I was NOT FIRST!

Were you WRONG with your guess?    YES there’s a badge for that:

I tried but I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of July 27, 2021. I’ll try HARDER next week!

“Boo Hoo Hoo…..I never win…..maybe if I studied once in a while I’d win???”

Absolutely right Malcolm – you just need to crack open a book once in a while and learn about the world and you’d win something too!!     At least you WIN a Wrong Guesser badge.

Now let’s bring on the Cheer Team for some cheer shall we??

Thank you Frank for a Teaser that was swell
We had FOUR students who did very well.
Three were FAST and FIRST and ONE was RIGHT
All four of them are now high as a kite!
Our FIRSTIES were three ladies isn’t that swell?
Ingrid, Janet and Sharon rang the WINNER BELL!
Then our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER showed up at the door
Miss Csilla has been FIRST RIGHT many times before!
Everyone did well for the first FISH SCHOOL Teaser
Thanks to Frank for a real TEASER PLEASER!

“Anyone who is overly depressed they didn’t get a badge, please stop by the dispensary”

So I guess all we have left now is to head to lunch – ready?   What a dumb question – of course you are – let’s go!

Day Two of Fish School….you know the routine – bring your try up to the line and enjoy a fabulous lunch!

Great Class everyone!   See you all NEXT Tuesday for more TEASER FUN!

All Aboard!   

Your Professors

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    • Oh yes we sure can – your Mom had the right continent and the right planet AND she got nice presents for Neilson for his birthday too! I’d say your Mom is a KEEPER!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Wow, Frank, you sent in a great picture!! I thought maybe it was you since it was in Italy…but that place is way on the other side of where you hail from, so you traveled around! Italy sure has lots of cool places to see and to marvel at, as well as really interesting history…and great music too!

    Anyways, congrats to Miss Csilla for getting the first right guess,and to me and my fellow commenters who got to be the first students in the new school!

    And now to make things right:
    I have found a nice table for two…a seat for me and another for Frank…he thought I snubbed him at class, and lunch, but no, we had a misunderstanding, LOL!

    I’d like some of those yummy onion rings…again…along with some peaches and cream pie, followed by a berry banana smoothie. Make that a double order please, so Frank can just come and sit down…bypassing the line, Tee-hee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You were just minutes behind Csilla so WELL DONE YOU too. Nice of you to get a table all set for you and Frank when he arrives – you got lots of yummy stuff too from the Fish School Cafeteria to share. Enjoy!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • On my over to the table … I almost also got a double-order of onion rings, which would have put us on overload. Meanwhile, you are right that Trieste is far from the northern Tuscany region of both sides of my family. The rest of the story is that I was born there during the Free Territory period.

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  2. Hey, Venice is right next door! What a beautiful place. We have friends who live there but we have never been there….maybe in our futue, I hope.

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  3. Congratulations Firstees and to Csilla for winning the Teaser.Thanks for the honor of providing the first teaser for the new school. That’s definitely a special moment for me!

    For coffee lovers, Triestines have such of love for coffee, they see their home as Italy’s City of Coffee – which probably fits well with their Austrian-Hungarian ties. It’s interesting post WW2 history is special to me because it is where my parents met and where I was born.

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  4. I knew it but I thought it was a trick picture so to speak so I didn’t try. Too easy! I remember going on down in a gondola with my husband 100 years ago. He had his movie camera out. When viewing the film later after we got back to the States, we saw that for long intervals between scenes was a crystal clear view of his nostrils…the camera was in his lap and running periodically- unknown to him. Makes me laugh still.

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  5. We are a bit late today, just like yesterday for the Teaser. We thought it was somewhere in good old Italia but just could not remember where. Next week we will be early for the swim into school! Thanks friends for the great fun and we are going to grab a few burgers for the road


  6. My search words were “church palaces harbour boats Italy” – somehow I had the feeling that it’s Italian, we have only to imagine the scenery in bright sunshine 🙂 I’m VERY proud that I was the first winner in the new school!!!

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