Tuesday Teaser In The New School!


It’s Tuesday and Time For Our First Class In the New School!

Looks like all is well on the grounds – let’s report to the Professors………….


So here we are in the new Fish School – and a mighty beautiful building it is.    Our Security Staff says we’re good to go and Miss Kitty said there was not a pushing/shoving crowd at the door this morning.      Everything is spick and span and squeaky clean and new.    We think it looks wonderful and it’s so much bigger than the Sheep School was.    They’re still working on the school grounds and plantings, etc. but probably in the next few weeks everything will be all settled back in.

MEANWHILE, we’re here for Teaser Tuesday so let’s get things underway shall we?

“I’m still staring at the new classroom – it’s PAWSOME!!”

Here are the rules and the badges for this week:

“Did somebody mention badgers???”

“No guys – they said BADGES!!”

So today’s Teaser is a GUEST Teaser.    Our Graphics Department has plenty to do these days with the new school and everything so we gave her them a break and went with a Guest Teaser today.    Are you ready to see it???    Let’s go for it!!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN????   Remember the rules – must have town/city and either state (if USA) or country (if not USA)!

“WOWZERS….lookit all the boats!!”

Now the Cheer Team will debut their BRAND NEW outfits – these they like – they designed them on their own without any interference from any students or School Administration and we think they did a good job.   Anything is better than those orange fish suits they had LAST week – right?     Ladies – take it away!

Hip Hip Hooray!
We’re swimming by to say
We really like the new school
It’s totally fabulous and cool
Now try to win today’s Teaser
Be the FIRST to be a Fish School Pleaser!
Give it all you got
FISH SCHOOL Students are HOT!!

Nice cheer ladies……..you obviously like your new outfits and we must admit you look very ladylike and pretty in your fish scales and fins.

“Pretty?  I think they look HOT!”

So what do you say we march off to the new cafeteria and enjoy lunch in the new Fish School Cafeteria????     Meanwhile, remember you have to come back to class to work on the Teaser so don’t overeat and require a nap!

Hello Students!   What a beautiful new cafeteria we have…..enjoy your FIRST lunch!


Good Luck Students!!!!   See you in school tomorrow for BADGES!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

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    • Good choice…….and Miss D’s hat is actually a “loaner” from the Cheer Team – they accidentally ordered an “EXTRA LARGE” and Miss D’s new outfit hasn’t been completed yet. LOL


  1. Look at all that water…but while I think that’s from Europe somewhere, I do not think its Venice…LOL! It does look Italianate, though…there are domes in the background;, and lots pf arches, too. Hmmm

    The Fish School is so spiffy!
    No comment of Miss D’s hat…though for some reason they look cute on the cheerleaders. LOL!

    Onion rings and strawberry bacon salad sound yummy…and your Bacon Upsidedown cake, oh yeah!
    Please bring me lots!! Nah, I am not greedy I am just thinking there might be another student at my table…
    And some glasses of the Irish Mint Milkshakes, yuppers!!


  2. The new school is so cute. We love the cheer team’s cute outfits and headbands. We are all going to have some of that delicious maple bacon cake Teddy made on Saturday. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  3. ‘Morning everyone. I’m earlier than usual but still late as usual. Not sure about the teaser but love the new building. That blue is most beautiful. I’m pretty sure the teaser is not Venice (there’s some sort of hilltop behind the Doms. Is there a badge for knowing where it’s not located? Happy Tuesday. Off to battle rush hour traffic on the road to my dad’s house. Have a super day!


    • Drive carefully – it’s a jungle out there on the roads! I think the school is a pretty blue too – another shot of that school it looked GREY and it was in the daytime so maybe it sort of changes color????

      Hugs, Pam
      p.s. If we awarded badges for not knowing we’d have about a million of them in circulation by now (hahahahaha)

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  4. Love the new school and the new cheerleader’s uniforms. Not a clue as to where the photo was taken, but it reminds me of one of the poetry prompts. Have a great day. XO


  5. Main Street in Venice takes its parking regulations VERY seriously. Anyone parking their gondola or boat at an expired meter, in front of a fire hydrant (which is only for the dogs, since you don’t need hydrants in Venice), or double docked will get a ticket from Rita the Meter Maid on her Sea Doo. Said violator will be immediately summoned to the courthouse (that big building on the left), where they will be tried and convicted by a loaded jury of the judge’s peers. Upon being found guilty, all parking violators will be sentenced to defenestration (that’s being thrown out a window), where they will be chucked from five stories up into the Main Street Canal to be “dealt with” by the man eating otters. This, of course, makes for great entertainment for the prisoners in the penitentiary (that big building on the right), who enjoy watching the bad parkers get dumped into the canal while they enjoy free cable TV, gourmet dining, and free soap for committing heinous crimes against humanity…

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  6. That is an impressive new school! I didn’t forget. It is Ivor’s 70th birthday today and our neighbours took us out for a lovely lunch then a leisurely stroll to walk off the big meal. Then back to ours for drinks. A lovely day.

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