Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday and as you know it’s a THANKFUL Thursday – a day we can express what we’re thankful for and share it with everyone else who has things to share in the “thankful” department.    If you’d like to join in the Blog Hop just click the badge above and LINK UP.

The BIGGEST Thankful today is that all of us who know Sawyer from The Cat On My Head and have been wondering WHERE  OH WHERE he had gone (he’d been missing over a month after escaping his home) has been found.    Sawyer is now back where he belongs and we couldn’t be happier.    We are SO THANKFUL he’s safe and sound and home again.

I’m also thankful that my Mom and Dad had their first eye exams in three years – Mom knows she has cataracts but the doctor said she could decide when she wants to have surgery to fix her eyes and she’s thinking this Fall maybe.   No hurry but you shouldn’t wait too long to do it (so says her doctor!).    Dad’s eyes were unchanged – he wears reading glasses only.

Another thankful is that Angel Sammy’s poetry post arrived in my email – he never lets us down does he.   No matter how busy he is at the Rainbow Bridge, he writes his poem every week and shares it with us AND gives us another photo to use as inspiration for the following week.   Thanks Angel Sammy!


Happy Poetry Sharing Day!

My favorite day – not just because I get to communicate through my brother’s blog to stay in touch with him AND with all of you but because I really do have fun writing poems based on photos.     If you wrote a poem based on last week’s photo that I gave you – just let us know in our comments so we can visit your blog and read your poem.    Alternatively feel free to write your poem in comments and we can read it there.    If you’ve not done this before – don’t be afraid – everybody can write poetry and it can be as short as a 3-line haiku or as long as my tail (hahaha).

So here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for this week’s poem AND my poem follows:

“Dune Walking”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©July 21, 2021

Walking in sand is a challenge for sure

Achy leg muscles you’ll have after your tour

I hope there’s an oasis just over that hill

And be sure your water supply you don’t spill!

If I had to travel the desert my choice would be

A super fast dune buggy to get me from “A” to “B” !


I can’t imagine walking through the desert by choice.   Now if you were stranded for some reason – your jeep ran out of gas or your camel went on strike – that’s one thing but walking around in the desert “just because” isn’t my idea of a good time.    I thought this photo was interesting and would make for some FUN poems.    Hope you wrote one!

Now here’s your challenge photo for next week’s poetry get-together………why not try to write a poem based on what you see or feel when you check out this photo below:

Is this not a gorgeous place?  My Mom and Dad saw this place – the Trinity College Library in Ireland – when they were there some years ago on vacation AND saw the stunning Book of Kells – AMAZING to see in person and oh so old (older than my Mom and Dad even………HAHA).     Anyway, this photo conjures up all sorts of ideas for me in the poetry department and I hope it works its’ magic on you too.   We’ll find out next week!

Meanwhile please stay happy and healthy…………..

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Angelic Hugs, Angel Sammy


Oh Angel Sammy I bet if I was walking around in that huge library I could find some mice to chase – what do you think?   I suppose they probably don’t allow cats in there though – we might scratch the furniture!!    See you next week.

Love, Teddy



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  1. The desert is hot…
    this sand is hot
    I wish I was not.
    Don’t know how I got
    At least I won’t rot
    I’ll burn and dry up a lot
    Finding me will be a naught.
    And my last thought
    will be…
    It was HOT.

    Sorry I am not too poetic tonight…long day behind me…but what a relief that Sawyer was FOUND!
    Those who do not give up, will be rewarded!! And it happened…thanks to the powers that be who guided him and his pawrents back together again.

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    • I know what you mean about Sawyer…’s a minor miracle that things aligned just right – someone finds a cat and posts a photo – someone sees the photo and remembers the posters – Sawyer’s family goes to the area where he was seen and coaxes him out of the woods and HOME AGAIN. A happy ending. Also just want to say your poem really made us HOT (hahahahaha) – you captured the feel of the uncomfortable desert purrfectly!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy

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  2. Well, my poem is somewhere, but short. I sent it long ago I think as in last week….YAY YAY YAY for SAWYER’S RETURN!!!!!! We are all teary about this.


    • Yes I remember your poem last week for this week’s photo – it was fabulous as ALL your poems are!! Everyone is really ELATED about Sawyer’s return – a minor miracle that he’s OK!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. The desert doesn’t appeal to me, but that library in next week’s photo has sent my imagination into overdrive! It’s an amazing place.


    • He’s lost some weight and has matted fur but he’s home again – vet appointment today to check him out before he rejoins the rest of his kitty family and he will have a locator on his collar now!!!!

      Hugs, Pam

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  4. Sawyer being back home is the very best news!
    I also would want a dune buggy if I had to go into the desert!
    I have to go back to the opticians today and see the head optometrist for another eye test. The new glasses I had a month ago are not right. They are perfect for distance, but reading and computer is not right and giving me a headache and light headedness. I get that often enough after the TIAs so I definitely don’t want them adding to it!
    I was told I have a very small cataract 12-15 years ago and it has never altered. Hopefully it never will.


    • Oh dear on the NOT RIGHT glasses…..I’m fairly certain new glasses are in my immediate future after two days of eye tests. We HAVE to have our eyes so I try to take care of mine – will be happy to get cataract surgery after vacation too. Interesting that you have a small cataract that hasn’t changed – I didn’t know that was even possible. That’s great. Mine have become progressively worse over the past three years although I’m used to the “clouds/fogginess” by now. Hard to imagine NOT having that! 🙂

      Hugs, Pam


  5. The first thing I read this morning is that Sawyer is home!! I am so happy, I mean beyond HAPPY. I enjoyed your thankfuls and I am in the same place as you with cataracts. I am sure next year or possibly before for me. Your poem about a desert dune walk… I think I will stay out of the heat and sun, too! The library is awesome!


    • Say – we can be “CATARACT SISTERS” ! I admit I’ll be happy to see properly again but so far I’m not having any problem driving or getting around – just those irritating clouds and fogginess (!)…..I’m told to expect colors to be more brilliant – that will be nice………….like being in a nice cool HUGE library (isn’t that a wonderful photo????)!

      Hugs, Pam


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  7. I don’t follow Sawyer’s blog but so many of many of my blog friends do. When I heard about it I wasn’t very hopeful but this is great news! Reunions of lost pets always make my day whether I know them or not! As for the cataract surgery, I would say not to worry. You will have the option of having different lens inserts to make your vision sharper. It’s like a miracle!


    • I actually am very excited about the cataract surgery but I thought since my doc wasn’t “pushing” me to do it now, I’d wait until after Maine vacation in October! Finding Sawyer after him being missing for a month – especially since he has a seizure disorder and takes meds 3 times a day – was nothing short of a miracle. Hope you’re doing OK??

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      • I’m ok. Injuries weren’t serious, just annoying and the nagging aches and pains are taking their time. For me cataract surgery was wonderful. I was having issues after another eye surgery and was referred to a doc in the “big” city. He looked and said “that cataract has to come out then we’ll see what vision you have.” Turns out the cataract was the issue and I opted to have the other one removed although I could have waited. The difference of a few months doesn’t matter. Sawyer was a miracle. Most cats creep away to die. Wonder what he was thinking. I bet he’s being lavished with love.

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        • Oh I’m glad your big city doc knew your eye issues would be solved with the cataract surgery. I really am rather excited to have it done…..I will try to have it in November! Yes Sawyer was a miracle….social media played a big part but mostly it was daily searches and passing out flyers by Sawyer’s Mom and Dad. They were relentless in searching for him. He’s at the vet today getting checked over after his long time away and off his seizure meds. He sure is being lavished with love and I imagine having regular food on a regular basis is a nice treat too!! Glad you’re feeling better and better and thanks for the insights (no pun intended) on cataract surgery. I’m definitely UP for it.

          Hugs, Pam

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  8. I am sorry your mom needs cataracts surgery, but then she can see you more clearly. Excellent poem and I would not want to walk there. Next week’s photo is nice with all those books. Have a great day.XO


  9. Cute poem! And interesting photo for next week! We are SOOOOO happy that Sawyer is home! We had a similar situation in our little town; some residents’ cat went missing in mid-May, and was found just a few days ago. She was 20 miles away, and they suspect she may have been in a nook under the family car, because they were in that area the day she went missing. We’re happy for them, too! Here’s the link to my blog post with my poem today:

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    • Cats can go missing for incredibly long periods of time and one day just walk right up to the front door of their home again. It’s quite a homing instinct. We figure with Sawyer’s seizure disorder and no medication for that long he may have become pretty confused and not able to get home. Hard to say – just so happy someone saw a poster and it led eventually to bringing him home. Good job with today’s photo poetry fun!

      Hugs, Pam

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  10. MOL @ the camel on strike!!! Our paws hurt just looking at that photo.

    We are super happy that Sawyer is home and hope his vet visit goes well so he can hang out with the Kitties Blue asap!!

    The Florida Furkids


  11. CATacat surgery is easypeasy and afterward you’ll be so happy! PAWS UP with joy about Sawyer’s homecoming. We’re having Zoey week, and she’s just shared some old “poetry and pose” of hers today …
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  12. ted o nator…..sum grate nooze two day bout sawyer for sure….and we hope yur momz doctor will tell her….noe knead for sir jerry mizzuz ted….see ewe next yeer !!

    sam oh bacon thiz weekz poem ewe rited iz grate….we hope thiz dood doez knot see sum snakez….him wood have a time oh it runnin !!! 🙂


    litter box oh sand
    sew manee spotz to pix frum
    dont pee ona snakez !!!

    😉 ♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA…..I wondered about snakes out there – you couldn’t run fast enough to get away from them and they have a funny way of traveling across sand – it’s FAST! No thanks on the snakes! I do like you poem though – it would not be a good idea to pee on a snake…it could be your last pee EVER!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator!


    • Someone saw the poster – and a “found cat” report – and they met in the middle and it was Sawyer – Janet had to capture him where he was hiding out but she did it and he’s now HOME SWEET HOME!


  13. Yes, Sawyer being home is the best thankful this week. We’re still doing the happy dance.

    Cataract surgery is painless and the results are amazing. I couldn’t believe all the colors that returned to normal. It’s amazing.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥


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