Teaser Tell All Class


Welcome to the Tell All Class!

Hello students.    I know many of you expected to come back yesterday to the new Ding Dong Fish School but of course construction takes time.    Things are moving along SWIMMINGLY (hahaha) though so by next Tuesday we should be moved into our new classroom in the new school.

In the meantime, let’s talk about yesterday’s Teaser.    Seems we thought it would be tough and it wasn’t because fairly soon after we went live not only did we have FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS (eek but better than last week’s 7) but we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER.

“I wanted to be a First Commenter but I missed the bus yesterday!   Mom’s fault!”

Let’s start by letting you know who the FAST FIRSTIES were……………………..can we get a drumroll please???



WOOO HOOO for the Fasties!

Each of you gets a badge:

WOW – I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser post of July 20, 2021! We’re FAST!

“I was FAST but not the right kind of FAST!!”

Then we showed you the Graphics Department photo that was HOPEFULLY going to be a toughie but wasn’t…………………

There was a HINT in this photo that our Graphics Department didn’t see which MAY have helped figure this one out – there’s a German flag on a balcony.   OOPS.    So this photo is of a most interesting place – a “spa town” – called BAD KREUZNACH in Germany!   VERY interesting place and if you’d like more info just CLICK HERE.

And WHO was the lucky duck who figured out WHERE this photo was taken first?     Another drumroll please…………

Ingrid (yes….again!)

Congratulations Ingrid and this badge is for you!

Well I managed to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (again!) on the Teaser post of July 20, 2021. YAY FOR ME!

If you also got this right – and several of you did – you also get a badge…………….please feel free to copy this one for YOU:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser post of July 20, 2021 but I was NOT first. Maybe I’ll be FASTER at guessing NEXT week!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG – well – you know – you get this one:

I tried….I really did….but I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo of July 20, 2021. I’ll do better next week I’m SURE!

“I plan to get a FIRST RIGHT FISH badge next week!”

And you know the Cheer Team in their…………well…………….interesting cheer costumes are here to cheer our winners:

These costumes aren’t gonna make the grade
They’re more sour than lemonade!
Next week we’ll have some with more class
They’ll have a lot more sass!
For now let’s talk about the Teaser
There were FIVE FIRSTIES which was quite a pleaser!
Ingrid, Sharon, Jackie, Janet and Timmy
If we had spangly costumes we’d do the shimmy!
She keeps her winner’s crown in her dresser!
Ingrid struck it rich with being RIGHT
Her Teaser Award collection is quite a sight!!!

Congratulations to all our winners and even to our losers……………..we are always happy to see you in class every Tuesday to see the Teaser photo and make a guess and HOPEFULLY win a badge.    Next week we’ll have our new school, new Cheer Team costumes, a new cafeteria, and a new classroom!      For now though – let’s head to the CURRENT cafeteria for lunch shall we?????

We will miss this cafeteria and kitchen but the new one will be wonderful – enjoy your LAST lunch in Ding Dong Sheep School Cafeteria!


Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. Wow, mama says she could do with a spa town right now. I hope it’s not in the flood area. We are so worried about that part of Germany. Lovely little canal flowing through it. And the word SPA set mama off into nirvana in a virtual kind of way…


    • A spa visit would be wonderful wouldn’t it – no cat spas around here although the place I will go when Mom and Dad have vacation in October is ALMOST like a spa. It’s PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL and they know me and treat me like a little Prince!!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


      • Oh I wish we had one of those for when mama and papa go after Italy because I can’t travel any longer but I think mama was thinking more about as far as where she sits in hot water and goes in the Nirvana I’m not sure the Paws Awhile would take her…


        • Oh I think they might not have a little “spot” for her at Paws A While….but there are plenty of people spas around. I know you would like Paws A While though Loulou….some kind ladies who are nuns take care of us and spoil us rotten!


  2. Hooray for me…and a pat on my own back…wait, I don’t think I can reach far enough back there…I am not bendy enough anymore, LOL!!
    And now I know why its awfully hard to get that one dresser drawer open anymore…

    Concats to my fellow firsties and to my fellow right guessers as well…and yup, the German flag was a good clue, tee-hee!

    I love stuffed peppers, May I have an order of those please? And maybe some lime punch, followed by the peaches and cream pie…that one is home made, right??! I shall have to reach through to Tuesday’s post to grab the yummy onion rings…LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. **APAWSS APAWSS** for Miss Ingrid! been tite Guess an HURRAH fore THE Fab Five who were 1st Commenturss!!!
    Yore all so pawsum!
    Teddy an Miss Pam wee was on RITE conntynent at leest 😉

    Missus Dee may wee have 2 Seafood Chowdurss an fore ‘ssert hhmmmmm….wee wuud like 1 servin of Hollyday Trifell ’cause it lookss so-o guud! Thanx Missus Dee! Yore THE BEST!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew


  4. Concats to INGRID (twice!!!), SHARON, TIMMY, JACKIE and JANET! At least, I was in the right country! But I could find the German flag only on the fifth attempt! OMG!!!


  5. Congrats to all us firsties and double congrats to Ingrid. I only saw the German flag when I blew the photo up but it didn’t get me any closer!


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  7. Big Firstie Congratulations to Ingrid, Sharon, Jackie and Janet and, oh yeah, ME! Alright Toby you got Dad up and Rumpy you pushed him out of bed and Einstein you went Mew Mew Mew all the way to the breakfast dish and Miss Fitz you, er, you did something and we Got It, WOO-HOO! We also give a Big shout out to Ingrid for getting the Teaser Top Trophy, Again. Sheesh she is smart. Sorry we are late checking in but it slipped our brains after our power outage. No wonder Ingrid has the big trophy MOL


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