Teaser Class In Session!


Lookin’ good around the schoolyard – let’s see if Officer Kitty  needs help…..

Everything good here at the door – students inside commenting!

Students!   Welcome – if you haven’t COMMENTED yet – you’d better do it NOW!

After you do THAT, please have a seat in your desk and settle down.    We have another one of our “WHERE ON EARTH IS THAT???”  types of Teasers for you today so you will need all the energy you can muster to devote as much brain power as possible to figuring it out.   How’s THAT for a challenge?????!!!!

“Well if I wasn’t nervous about class before – I sure am NOW!”

Oh you all are seasoned students of mysterious photos by now………….you’ll be just fine…………we’ll show you the RULES and the BADGES then get down to business.   You will notice we have a batch of NEW badges for your badge collectors……

Now for the MAIN EVENT……………….the Teaser photo.     First of all this is a GUEST TEASER photo……..we’ll let you know who sent it in and WHERE the true location is but in the meantime you have to figure out the WHERE part and make a guess.

“We’re a little nervous about the Teaser…..you make it sound TOUGH!”

Well it is tough – WE even think it’s tough.    Now if we can get our Teaser Photo Guard to bring the photo in we’ll get started!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

SEE?   Did we tell you it would be a toughie?   Well we think it’s tough but it is on Planet Earth and who knows – a lot of people are into hiking and trail walking and somebody might recall this incredible view from the overlook.    Now – get to work!

Cheer Team?    I see a lot of students in class with their mouths wide open with stunned expressions and I think a cheer from you girls might do them some good.

Ok students we have to agree
Your Teaser challenge photo makes us want to flee
It’s a landscape you could see in any place
At least you know it’s on Earth and not in outer space!
Hopefully you all can figure out this puzzle
While we go to the pub and our beers we guzzle!

Gosh ladies – you aren’t very supportive of the students today – seems you have the pub on your mind!    Go ahead – enjoy yourselves and please do NOT overdo!

Your Friends are waiting for you!

Everyone else – let’s go eat lunch.   Might be a little lunch will get your brains in gear and you’ll be inspired with the RIGHT GUESS to make for Teaser.

You ALWAYS say that…..and eating never helps us guess right – just makes us sleepy!

Hello students…..time for lunch……hope you enjoy it!

Our Menu:

See you all back at school tomorrow for the TELL ALL!! 

Your Professors

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    • HAHAHA…..it’s tough isn’t it. I know it is but it’s also fun watching to see who is ON TOP of things and right there when we go live….LOL It’s also almost impossible NOT to do other things most of the time – you can’t just sit at the computer and stare at it! 🙂


  1. Now for sure that is a toughie of the toughest…yikes!

    Maybe I need some sustenance…maybe some of that bacon carbonara pizza might help…bacon, ya know…and a cherry smoothie…and a double order of all, in case Mr Frank stops in…that teaser is so tough, he’ll want to feed his brain cells, too.

    Oh, I forgot the best part…may I please include lemon tart in my order?? Mmmm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA…..stoned guess huh? Isn’t it a little early for that????? Nevermind – it’s never too early for that……..as for your guess – we’ll see what the Professors say tomorrow shall we?????


  2. Salmon cakes and lemon tart? YUMMY. Girls, your outfits are, um….noticable. That’s a good thing. Right?
    I’m gonna guess the Country. Germany?


    • Hi Titch! So happy you are giving the Teaser a “go” ! This is a tough Teaser but I just bet you’d like to wander around in this place wouldn’t you! Tomorrow we’ll tell everyone WHERE it is so tune in and find out! Meanwhile have a happy day……

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Teddy, that’s a toughie, but I asked Google and it says it’s Shrubland, so that must be it…MOL😹 I think maybe somewhere in the Highlands, but I suppose I’m far from right. Good Luck to everyone and can’t wait for the answer tomorrow😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day o all of you🐾😽💞


    • Hi Dear Binky! I do see a lot of shrubs and a lot of rocks so maybe it’s shrubrockland??? Just kidding. I guess we’ll have to find out tomorrow where this is! Have a wonderful day!

      Love, Teddy


    • That’s the best time to walk when it’s this darn hot and humid. We will be at 101 today with humidity added in to our heat. YUCK. I will take Ted out but I’ll be in the SHADE on the front porch rockin’ away while he probably falls asleep in the bushes. LOL

      Hugs, Pam


  4. What makes you so sure that place is on Planet Earth? That looks an awful lot like the green cheese the moon is made out of. Did you know the Apollo missions were secretly building a prison on the moon? You know why Apollo 13 never made it to the moon? Because the man eating otters brought along for the moat got loose in the spacecraft. Houston we have a problem, indeed….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gosh that would be a problem if the man-eating otters destined for the Moon prison moat got loose in the spacecraft…..how’d you like to clean up THAT mess??!!!! Especially with zero gravity!


  5. The dog were thinking of the green bean casserole but I told them that is wasn’t green beans (they love green beans) but moldy French Fries left over from March.


  6. We could not get Mom up this morning…Jo Jo stayed out until 2 am and Mom did not get to sleep until then…We only tried once, Mom needs all the beauty sleep she can get now that she is old and wrinkly! We don’t know where that lovely view is either..But it does look a lot like views around Sundre Alberta.


    • HAHAHA….my Mom couldn’t possibly get enough sleep to remove her wrinkles but she sure tries – I on the other hand try to make her wake up 100 times a night so she can pet me and I can try to eat her hair. HAHAHAHAHA That’s my latest thing – she’s going to start wearing a shower cap to bed. Aren’t I AWFUL???????????

      Hugs, Teddy the Pain in the Neck


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