Teaser Tell All Class


Greetings Students!   Let’s get right down to it and TELL ALL!

“I’m gonna be late for class!!!!!”

Now class, yesterday we had a really super Teaser but not because it fooled EVERYONE – rather the opposite!    But we’ll go into those details in a second.   First thing we want to do is tell you who our FIRST COMMENTERS here at class were yesterday morning.

“ME ME ME ME ME I was early!”

We had FOUR First Commenters yesterday when we went live during the first 60 seconds………………….WHO?????????????????????????????????


Drumroll please……………Oh – and we have some NEW drummers joining our Teaser Orchestra this week!!

Our First Commenters Were:

Ingrid, Katty, Sharon, Frank !

WOO HOO and you each get one of these:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 29, 2021 – pretty good huh? Yeah!

“Obviously I wasn’t a FIRSTIE!”

Now about the Teaser photo – here it is in all its’ glory………………

This pretty photo is a church that has several names: St. Anthony’s Church, Annunciation of St. Anthony, & Biserica Sfântul Anton are all accepted names BUT the fact is it is a church located in BUCHAREST, ROMANIA and THAT is what we ask for in our Teaser Rules – the name of the city/town in the State (if in USA) or Country (if not in USA) !   We didn’t need the name of the church…..

Here’s some more information on this beautiful church if you’re interested provided by our Guest Teaser………..

Church’s website (which includes a virtual tour) St. Anthony’s Church – Old Court (biserica-sfantul-anton.ro)

Located in Old Princely Court … Wikipedia page Curtea Veche – Wikipedia


So WHO guessed correctly first???????????????????????   Another drumroll please?


INGRID!!!!!!   Our Frequent First Rightie!   Congrats Ingrid!


This badge is for you Ingrid!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 29, 2021! YAY FOR ME!

If you also guessed right – AND there were quite a few of you who said BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – you get one of these badges of your very own:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of June 29.2021 but I was NOT FIRST! I’m still proud of ME for being right though.

And if you guessed but were wrong – well you too get a badge – after all you tried right?

Well I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 29. 2021 but at least I TRIED!!!!!

We must thank our GUEST TEASER too who sent in this great photo which really got a lot of us scratching our heads about all the guesses which were RIGHT but carried different names for this pretty church!    Who was our GUEST TEASER?

FRANK – one of our newer students!   

A thank you badge for your photo………..

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of June 29, 2021!

Thanks everyone for a super duper Tuesday Teaser class……………………….you all ROCK……………….

Now – who would like to go to the cafeteria for a celebratory lunch???????????   Let’s go!

Students, we’re ready for you to bring your trays to the serving area – we’ve got good selections for you today – COME AND GET IT………..

Our menu:

See you all next Tuesday for another FUN Teaser Class!  Your Professors

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  1. Hooray, I was right!! And Mr Frank, you sure have been in some neato places!
    No badge for me???? Hmmm, shall I recycle a previous one, LOL!?!

    Congrats to my fellow firsties at the doorway…and no Mr Frank, I didn’t shove nor kick you in the shins…And congrats to all the others who guessed right alongside of me:)

    I saw onion rings!!! Oh, those are my undoing…may I please have a huge platter of those, then ,maybe a Banana Berry Smoothie for afters…after all those onion rings I will be too full for anything else…besides I am still full from all the goodies I gobbled up here, yesterday…I might need an order of Tums or Rolaids too…

    BTW, we here are still hoping for a miracle for Sawyer to get back home. And praying, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ingrid please forgive our Graphics Department for forgetting to post your BADGE – it’s there now!!! WHOOPS. A huge platter of onion rings sounds like a good reward to yourself for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and one of the FIRST COMMENTERS YET AGAIN! Double congrats………..

      Hugs, The Professors

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the fix up, Miss Pam! And those are the cutest drummers ever!! LOL, LOL!

        Did you know I collect drummers?? Except they are all in military garb…one of my ancestors in The Netherlands was a drummer in the Dutch Army of his time…he must have been just a teen, as older dudes would have been pressed into service. I think he was my 5 times over Great -Grandfather.


        • WOW what wonderful family history to be aware of. No wonder you collect military drummers – that’s very cool. A fun thing to look for as a souvenir when you travel too. Mom and Dad have seem drummer ornaments and figurines in the Williamsburg, Virginia shops.

          Hugs, Teddy


          • I don’t know the exact number (!!), but last time I actually counted them theyre were over 300…a lot of them are in display cases, and many are on constant display. Some are tiny, some are almost life sized…they are a bear to dust…I keep thinking about the not in cases ones, maybe I should keep most of them in boxes and rotate them. Only a few are really of any worth…I have been collecting them for about 40 years, now. OMC!
            I think most of them are either little tin soldiers or larger nutcracker styled ones.
            I have been working on a needlepoint one…but its just sitting in a bag about half finished…its such a painstaking work. Maybe when I have time…hah!!


          • WOW! That’s some collection! No wonder you can’t display them all but it must be fun keeping an eye out for them when you travel – souvenirs! Years ago when we first began traveling we had a “thing” that we’d always hunt for a Christmas tree ornament from every place we visited. Well, soon we had enough ornaments for 50 trees so we “rotate” them every year.

            Hugs, Pam


  2. double concats ingrid!!!! the trick is to be fast and right… and you made it!!! wooohooo!!! the mama was half fast, that is a progress… so the half of an ice cream jar, right? …let’s say we give her the lid ;O))))


  3. Well, it is a lovely church, with an Italian touch… and those piggies are darlings!!! For some reason I can only see the top half of my comments in this box. I’m calling my guru to fix this. My comments are under water, haha.


    • That really is a weird thing with the comments box deal you are experiencing – and this is the only blog that happens with? DANG! That’s not fair….maybe your guru can help. FYI nobody else has reported that as a problem to me. Seems unfair YOU are the unlucky recipient of “comment box shrinkage” !

      Hugs, Pam


  4. Woo hoo … a big day for me! Thanks for bringing out the new drummers for the celebration. Congratulations fellow Firstee winner and Oh-My – Ingrid’s determined approach in searching. I love Onion Rings – which will go well with my Chicken Fried Rice, Chocolate Pound Cake, and Cherry Smoothie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds like a wonderful brunch to me……I bought a big bag of cherries yesterday at the grocery and will attempt to make my own cherry smoothie this morning. I’m an onion ring person too although I have tried to cut down to maybe TWICE a month having them!

      Hugs, Pam
      p.s. we have a few MORE new drummers on board – next week

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  5. And, me, to stop being sad about being late yesterday to guess; I’ll have a burger and fries..with a side of onion rings and…bean with bacon sup. I’ll bust wide open but it’ll be worth it. Oh and a cherry smoothie.


    • Oh that sounds like what Mom and I want for breakfast this morning………..!!!!!!! Don’t be sad – it wasn’t all that easy this week but next week – guess what – A SUPREME TOUGHIE! So you need to “bulk up” while you can Katie and Mom!

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


    • We’ve had a great recruitment effort at Ding Dong Sheep School this year and have a crowd of new drummers – you’ll be seeing more of them in future Tell Alls! HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLORIDAAAAAAAAAOOOOOO!

      Hugs, Pam and Mr. Boop

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  6. OMG, this means lots of concatulations! So a simple portion to Ms Katty and Ms Sharon, and a double portion to Ms Ingrid and Mr Frank! It was a GREAT teaser, I could solve it but to the success, I needed hard work! Nom-nom!!!


    • It was a bit of a toughie wasn’t it………….wait until you see the WHOPPER we have next week! Make sure you are ALERT when you come to class and ready to do some major searching!

      Hugs, Professor Teddy


  7. Thanks so much for your kind words when I left for the bridge it meant so very much Friends. I may say it again and it is because you mean so much to us. Sammy says hi
    Love from us all
    Timmy Tomcat and Family


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