Teaser Tuesday Class


“Welcome Students – come on in and comment in orderly fashion please!”

“All is well on campus – let’s tell the Professors then have breakfast”

Happy Tuesday Students – MAKE SURE AND COMMENT then have a seat!

Our wonderful Security team – from the front door greeting with Kitty the Cop to our grounds security with Clowie and company say all is well – so let’s get this class started shall we?     I know that you all know the rules by now but we always like to show them just in case we have a new student attending school………..

“New students?   The more the merrier I say!!”


The badges you might win today if you’re a lucky duck (or cat, or dog, or human, or BIRD, or WHATEVER!)

So now you know what you might be able to win – one of our (according to some of you) SCARY badges!!!    LOL    Seriously though, we hope you are able to guess today’s Teaser because it is absolutely one of the TOUGHEST Teasers we’ve ever had AND it’s a “GUEST TEASER”.


Well let’s see what you all think – and we have THREE photos of this place to give you as you figure out what to guess……………..

See what we mean?   Could be just about anywhere – and it’s your job to narrow it down to WHERE.     Tomorrow we’ll see how good your investigative skills are AND we’ll tell you who sent the TOP photo in – the bottom two we added to give you some extra assistance in figuring this one out!

Holy Smokes – this is a real toughie!

Cheer Team?  You’re needed ASAP – our class looks dazed and confused………………….can you help?   Give them a rowsing cheer so they will get some EXTRA “Guessing Energy” for this one!

Holy Mackerel this is a doozy
Just looking at the photos makes us woozy
Where could this be we have to wonder
Could be summer at the north pole or maybe “down under” !
You all are smarties though and we all know it
So be real BRAINIACS and don’t be afraid to show it!
Tomorrow we’ll be back with winners of this TEASE
So you all stop crying and get to work pretty please?????

Even the Cheer Team thinks you all need extra encouragement for this Teaser………………I can see by your faces that you DO need it!

Yep – that expression says it all!

Now maybe is a good time to go to the cafeteria and get some lunch to sustain you through the process of figuring the Teaser out…………….so follow us – and get a hearty lunch to help you have the energy to get your guesses in before class tomorrow.

Come on in students and Professors – nice and cool in the cafeteria and we have some good lunch choices for you today!  

Today’s Lunch Goodies:

Good Luck Class!!

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    • We should have a badge for the first person who guessed no matter if it’s right or wrong…..you are the first to make a guess AND HAHAHA on missing a season – the one with the hikers could be Summer OR Spring (double duty photo…hahaha). Might be Vermont but we’ll just have to WAIT AND SEEEEEEEE!


  1. I see three seasons, but where is spring??!

    I have an empty head of ideas…though I am going to say, I think its in North America, somewhere…LOL!

    May I please have some Bacon Avocado salad, Key Lime Pie, and a Cherry Smoothie?? Good noms to have just before I go to the clinic to check on my detox progress…Hmmm…

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  2. We are going to have that juicy Honey Mustard Chicken and some Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp to kick our brains in gear but honestly it could be anywhere. We think it is at the Grand Canyon of PA also known as Pine Creek Gorge in Watson Township PA USA. One guess is as good as any we suppose. Thanks Professors, Staff and Friends. We cant wait to see the answer!


    • It’s probably the toughest Teaser we’ve had – it’s VERY VERY “Generic” and we gave some thought to saying you just had to guess what country it was from (if you thought it wasn’t USA) or what State it was (if you thought it WAS in the USA) but went ahead with the usual rules. Might be a NO GO this week……but the day is young!!!!!


    • No Firstie – we had FOUR students comment in the first minute we went live (7:37AM EST)………have to be during that first minute to be a FIRSTIE. Then you can be a FIRST Right Guesser if you guess the Teaser right. We’ll let everyone know who guessed right tomorrow.


  3. Our guess is The Ozarks, Arkansas, USA
    We are all having key lime pie. We’ll check back later for lunch.
    XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  4. ‘morning, all. Hmm…let’s see…someplace in the woods! Yup, that’s it. I know I’m right this week! LOL No clue, beyond ‘the woods.’ Since I’m donating platelets later this morning, I’m going to just stick with liquids so how about a nice banana peanut butter smoothie?

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  5. I’m here! Well I am not really l am in hospital since Sunday morning. I had a TIA. I also had one on Friday but thought that was just a funny turn from bending over gardening. Having lots of tests and waiting on MRI scan.

    Liked by 3 people

    • JACKIE! Oh NOOOO! Gosh I’m so sorry – TIAs are so sneaky…..my Mom had several before anyone including her recognized it as something “unusual”. I hope your tests don’t show anything that can’t be fixed easily. My prayers are with you. You’re so sweet to write and let me know – I wondered where you were since you weren’t at Teaser this morning………….Gosh – wish I could give you a hug. Just know that I’m hoping to hear good news from you soon. RELAX….as much as one can do in a hospital.

      Love, Pam

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  6. Here, but hobbling with an infected lymph node in my leg that is keeping me from even being able to think straight (Not that my train of thought isn’t usually skewed anyway).

    Summer: Mrs. Wartnose’s middle school juvenile delinquent class takes a field trip to the Thomas Midgely Nature Preserve, which abuts the Serenity Acres Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary, where a riot and subsequent mass escape is currently going on.

    Autumn: The amazing Fall color distracts the search party of Deputy Fife & Co. as they look for the missing class. The trees appear to be well fertilized.

    Winter: Deputy Fife carries on the search, patrolling the frozen tundra even after his posse has long since abandoned the cause.

    The missing Spring photo would show the man-eating otters of the nearby river digging up the remains of the lost class. Unless the deputy is still hanging around to shoo them off with his one bullet…


    • OUCH on the lymph node! I trust you have been to the doc??? As for Mrs. Wartnose – I think I had her in grade school before she specialized in juvenile delinquents. I am SO glad to hear that a descendent of Barney is on the case of the missing class of Mrs. Wartnose although I’m hoping Deputy Fife of THIS generation is a bit more – well – “equipped” to perform search and rescue than his ancestor “Barn”. Or is it THE BARNEY FIFE??????? I mean he’d be older than dirt now wouldn’t he???????????????????????


    • Hi Savvy! Nice to have you visit my friend……….hope you girls are feeling well and happy. Tuesday Teaser is a pretty popular thing apparently AND it’s a lot of fun to do – lots of work (!) but lots of fun. I’ll tell everyone where this photo was taken tomorrow on the blog at “TELL ALL CLASS”…..hope you stop by to find out if you’re close!

      Love, Teddy


  7. Unless you’re looking for ‘mixed pine and deciduous forest’ I’m lost in these woods! I’m going to say that somewhere in Canada is probably correct though, as I think I’m seeing maple leaves in that foreground tree in the first picture. Subtle clue maybe? Oh, and, aha! Long-sleeved clothing during summer foliage! So, Canada, or far northern US!


  8. Sigh…we could not get Mom to wake up this morning. As a matter of fact, we LET her sleep until 7:45 AM! That is the latest we have let her sleep since Christmas time! Mom was thrilled. But we never got her to get on the computer to visit until 5 PM. She said it as almost like having a day off! We Think it is Finland! But exactly where, we don’t have a clue! We hope you guys had a marvellously happy day (Mom did).


    • Our Moms need a day off once in a while – nice that you let your Mom sleep in – she obviously needed it!!!!!! Not Finland but could have been – especially that winter photo.

      Hugs, Teddy


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