Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday Hoppers!    This is the day we get to strut our stuff.  Not that we shy away from “starring” in our other posts of course but Sunday is SELFIE day at The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to be involved and share your pawsome selfie, click the badge above and find the LINK so you can join us.

I’m afraid I’m letting you down AGAIN on a new photo of yours truly – it’s not that Mom didn’t have her camera – she had it alright – but the battery is dead and she didn’t go out to get a new one!    Sorry about the flashbacks lately.   I’ve told Mom she’s gotta get with the program!

Here’s a photo of me from about this same time in June of 2017 which was my first June with Mom and Dad after they adopted me from the shelter.

OOPS – June 8, 2018 must have been a napping kind of day for yours truly.    Looks like I passed out between Mom’s office and the upstairs hallway.    Sorry Mom didn’t decorate my personal area with a leaf or something but hey…..I’m a LET IT ALL HANG OUT kind of guy!

Did I dress this one up with Lunapic?   OF COURSE I DID!

WOWZERS!   This is one of the new art effects on Lunapic called YARN!

We like it – sure does look like yarn doesn’t it?    And before you ask – YES I made a puzzle for you puzzle peeps!    Good luck – this one might be a bit tricky.


Just click on this mini-sized picture of yours truly for the puzzle!

Happy Sunday!!


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  1. Teddy, you have that relaxed kinda personality! I think gingers are like that. What do you think? Yarn has some BIG BOLD colors. I like it!!! I think this will be a tricky puzzle but I will give it a try this afternoon when it is too hot to do anything but stay inside. Potato pancakes for breakfast this morning!


    • OHHHHHH! Potato pancakes! My Mom is meeting her sister-in-law from Florida for breakfast this morning and the restaurant has potato pancakes on the menu – I have a feeling Mom will just HAVE to have some. Wanna bet????? Stay cool……..

      Hugs, Teddy

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        • Well guess what – they didn’t have potato pancakes on the menu! OH THE HORROR! But I DID have biscuits and gravy…..with a side of potatoes. Now that was DELISH and a half!!!!! It was a wonderful visit and I haven’t laughed that much in ages. I needed that!

          Love, Pam

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  2. You remind me of Frankie in that photo, Teddy. There is nothing wrong with flashbacks. I have been doing that lately too because I have been busy and have not taken many good photos lately.


  3. You look so happy and contented there Teddy. I LOVE the yarn look in your art work. Seriously That is the newest one I have seen.


  4. Very cute flashback. I love that tummy, very snorgleable. I didn’t know Lunapic had new effects, I like that one. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


  5. Teddy, that is a cool art effect. Mom will have to try it. We ginger tabbies definitely like that belly up position. New or old photo doesn’t matter to us. We are just happy to have you hopping with us. XOCK,, your ginger pal Cooper Murphy and all my fursibs


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