Teaser Class Is HERE


“It’s a pretty day – let’s report in quickly then come back out and play!!”

“Good Morning Students!   Have you made a COMMENT yet??”

That’s your first priority when entering the school house.   Making sure you comment because you might win the FIRST COMMENTER badge.   We know you all love winning badges – right?

“YESSSS – I don’t have a FIRST COMMENTER badge yet – hint hint”

Well we’ll find out tomorrow if you were the first to comment this morning OK?   OK!

We have a Teaser photo that’s just a bit DIFFERENT today.    It actually has a DIFFERENT challenge.     We’ll explain in a minute when we show you the photo.    Before we do that, let’s go over the rules AND show you the badges available to win today:

Now we’ve really gotta hand it to our Graphics Department for this week’s photo.    It’s not only UNUSUAL but has caused we Professors to decide NOT to ask you WHERE the photo was taken – instead of where, we want to know the following:


Ready to see the photo?     Security Guard – please bring in the photo!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!


Interesting photo isn’t it.    Well let’s see how you all do with this “different” Teaser.    We’ll go back to the WHERE IS THIS Teasers next week.     Graphics Department thought you might enjoy a DIFFERENT challenge this week.    Tomorrow we’ll see who figured it out.

“Well I’ll try but let’s just say I’m not HOPEFUL!”

Cheer Team – could you get this class excited about today’s Teaser conundrum?????

That Teaser photo is certainly strange
Definitely out of our comfort range!
We find the photo scary in a weird kind of way
I wonder who who the sculptor was and if he’d had too much to drink that day?
We think it’s truly rather weird and wonder who it is
But that’s for YOU to figure out – it’s none of our “biz” !!!!!

It will be interesting tomorrow to find out that’s for sure…………………….now who’s up for lunch?    I think you all could use extra brain food to figure this one out don’t you????????

Happy Tuesday Students!   Step right up and get your lunch!

What’s To Eat Today:

You can eat in the school yard at the picnic tables OR inside!

Good Luck boys and girls…..see you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

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  1. This is a fun twist. It looks like a very bad sculpture of Lucy selling vitametavegimin. 🙂 Great cheer ladies. XO


  2. I know this one…but everybuddy else does too! That’s Lucille Ball…and that statue of her is in New York and lots of people don’t like it because they don’t think it looks like Lucy at all.


  3. YooHoo…Here I am…not late… huh? That stature must be Lucille Ball goes wrong, or more like the strange rules anno 2021…MOL… and is standing somewhere in New York. Well…I’m not in class yet, so I can’t see if I’m first or last…😸Pawkisses to all of you. On my way to come to dinner🐾😽💞


    • Hi Little Binky! IT’s a very STRANGE statue isn’t it! Tomorrow we will tell everyone what her story is – but in the meantime don’t stare at that statue too long – you might have NIGHTMARES tonight!!! Enjoy your snack in the cafeteria!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. That’s Darla Dingleberry (No relation to anyone we know, of course), long time shower attendant at Rusty Key Semi-Secure Federal Penitentiary. For over 42 years, the other Miss Dingleberry dutifully cleaned the mildew, grime, and…… other unmentionable things out of the facility’s communal shower room. The things she saw in her time….. you can tell by the horrified expression on her face. I think the sculptor who erected this statue of Darla was the same guy who made that hideous bust of Carl Barger that I’ve shown off on my blog numerous times. Either that, or it was cobbled together by a pack of rabid man-eating otters…


  5. Am I first?

    On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 5:08 AM TWO Spoiled Cats wrote:

    > onespoiledcat posted: ” “It’s a pretty day – let’s report in quickly then > come back out and play!!” “Good Morning Students! Have you made a COMMENT > yet??” That’s your first priority when entering the school house. Making > sure you comment because you might win the F” >


  6. Not peeking at previous answers cause I’m so late but I do know this ! It’s the terrible ‘tribute statue’ to LUCILLE BALL – in New Jersey USA I think – I’m not sure of the location but I know that’s the statue!


  7. Not a clue who or what this iss Teddy! Sorry..
    Missus Dee may wee have 1 Lobster Roll an 1 Shrimp Tempura an 2 Punkin cake peecess pleese?? An may wee have 1 Cherry smoothie fore 2?? Many thanx Missus Dee~~yore THE best!
    **purrss**BellaDharma an reegardss LadyMew


    • Yep – apparently a lot of folks knew about this supremely ugly attempt at a Lucille Ball sculpture…..so happy someone who could really “get” the joy of Lucy captured did another one!


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