Teaser Class In Session!



“School Ground Secure!  Let’s report in gang then go get some lunch!”

Welcome to Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED  YET?

Here we are again…………ready for another exciting Teaser Tuesday class.     As we did last week, we have another REAL WHOPPER of a Teaser for you.    This is another GUEST TEASER too.     We hope you’re rested up and ready for teasing.

“I just had my third nap of the morning and a diaper change and I’m READY!”

Uhhhhh….well that’s good – thank you for that news update Bobby.

Here’s a little review of our TEASER CLASS RULES…………..make sure you read them – the most important thing is making sure you give a complete guess according to the rules.

AND, here are the Spring Badges – all shined up and ready for you to win tomorrow!

You could be the proud owner of one of the above badges – all depends on how you do with the Teaser and we’re about to show you today’s WHOPPER………….Photo Security?  Please report to TEASER CLASS:

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

See what we mean?   Definitely Whopper material……….how many rivers/lakes/woodsy places are there on Planet Earth huh?   Lots.   It’s your job to figure out where THIS ONE IS!


No it’s not……it’s a real photo and your job is to figure out where it was taken – before midnight tonight!   Now take a deep breath and study the photo.     Cheer Team?  I think your services are especially needed to pump a little life into the shell shocked classroom today.

We see why you’re all upset
This Teaser’s as hard as it gets!
But we think you’re up to the task
Just take a swig out of your flask (haha)
Take your time and scrutinize
Study, stare and analyze
We’re SURE that you can do it
So we’ll shut up now so you can GET TO IT!

Thanks ladies – I’m sure you cheered everyone up a whole bunch.     If THAT doesn’t cheer them up – maybe lunch in the cafeteria will work????????


Welcome to the cafeteria students!   No shoving in line – we’re ready to serve!




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  1. Mom says that just thinking about trying to figure out where that photo was taken makes her head hurt. We think we will have to be content with being one of the firsties. Good luck everybody. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

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  2. We are going to have to dig deep to find this Teaser. This is HARD. We better get a few BLT Supremes a Bacon Wrapped Chicken and a Seafood Gumbo. Yep I have my appetite back. Thanks staff and Professors for a bending our brains around the corner this week. If we can figure it out we will post! Stay safe everyone

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  3. I am up early today and thought I had a chance, but I guess I need to get up earlier. 🙂 Not a clue about the photo. Great cheer ladies. Have a nice day. XO


  4. I’ve been staring at the menu …. Bacon Chicken, mashed potatoes … how about a bit of that mushroom sauce from the chicken on the potatoes … and Oh … and the Irish Mint milkshake. …. As for my guess, I’ll concur with Ingrid when she guesses.


    • HAHAHAHAHA…….one thing at a time – you just enjoy that delicious lunch of yours and you can just hope that Ingrid makes some sort of guess…….THEN tune in tomorrow for the Tell All!


  5. That is a lovely photo but I have no idea where it is. I have seen many similar places, maybe one of the Baltic or Scandinavian countries. Finland does come to mind but that is as much as I can guess for now.


  6. I’m late but I had a very impawtant date!! As you know, I promised the bday boy I’d get up at 0’Dark Oclock to to to Panera to pick up our delicious breakfast we took an hour walk around Shelley Lake. In fact, if we had been there at sunrise…today’s photo could have easily have been snapped there
    Hugs Cecilia

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  7. Dr. Fuller Schittenstuff, Ph.D is what you might call a myth buster. Using science and good old fashioned field study, he’s proven many widely believed phenomena to be incorrect. He was able to verify that there is no monster in the Loch Ness, the refrigerator light does in fact shut off when you close the door, and his most fascinating busted myth that the Pope isn’t Catholic at all (he’s Rastafarian, mon). And so it was on a mid summer’s evening that the good doctor found himself just outside the grounds of Up The River State Penitentiary and Shootin’ Gallery in an attempt to prove once and for all that there are no such thing as man-eating otters. Hogwash! Nonsense! Just part of the demented imagination of a certain Teaser player. And Dr. Schittenstuff managed to bust the man-eating otter myth! We think……….. he never did return from this expedition.

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    • Hmm……now that’s interesting. Perhaps Dr. Schittenstuff was NOT a man????? If the otters are man-eating, they wouldn’t touch anything BUT a man right? He may have looked like a man but otters can tell the difference even if much of the time WE can’t. Furthermore, I daresay this possibility never even entered the thought process of a certain Teaser player who might want to consider changing “man-eating otters” to “humanoid eating” which ought to cover everything on this planet. Maybe.


  8. Well, looks like campers in the background. Maybe a fishing lake? Absolutely NO IDEA!!!! Yes, rolling in mulch is so, so much fun, and mama grabs be before I enter the house and gives me a good ruboff. I like that too.

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    • I’m with you – in fact sometimes I roll in the dirt just so I can get a nice massage/brush out before going back inside. We have our “ways” of getting what we want right Loulou?

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. That’s a pretty picture! I have no clue as to where.
    That doesn’t look like a very safe place for that guy to be standing though, if he slipped he’d be in some rough rapids.


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