Teaser Tuesday Class Begins!


“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood Team – let’s let the Professors know all is well!”

Hello Teaser Students!   Have you COMMENTED yet?  Better do that NOW!

Then have a seat and get comfortable for class to start.

Yessirs – wide awake and READY!

Today we have an interesting Teaser photo for you.   We actually don’t think it’s that hard of a teaser but then when we think it IS hard, it isn’t………and when we think it’s EASY it’s hard.  So what the heck do we know?  Not much apparently.   But we DO know that it’s your job to figure out where the Teaser photo was taken and maybe win a badge.   Here’s our rules for guessing and the badges you might win if you’re on the ball!

Now that you’re all set to go – why not GO?    Let’s bring our Security guy in with the photograph for today and we’ll get started shall we?

“Attention – would The Teaser Photo Guard puleeeeeze report to the classroom??!”

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

EEEK!  Where the heck is this place????

“What planet is this?????”

OK everyone – the Cheer Team will send you off to the study hall then to lunch with a rousing cheer……………………ready?   GO!

We’re getting ready for The Bunny
It’s coming soon now Honey!
Baskets of eggs and fun
For kids and everyone!
But right now you need to study
By yourself or with a buddy
This photo is a whopper
A genuine Teaser show-stopper!
It looks like it’s from outer space!
A rather frightening and confusing place.
Good luck to you – the smarty pants class
If we got a free trip to that place we’d all PASS!

It is a rather – well – daunting scene wherever that is….not so sure I’d be in there poking around either.   Anyway, GOOD LUCK CLASS – now who’s up for lunch???

Alrighty then – let’s go!

Time for lunch class……The cafeteria staff and I wish you a yummy lunch with us today!



Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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      • She got her first Pfizer vaccine 2 hours ago!!!! First the doctor wanted to send her home without vaccination because she is under chemotherapy and neither her GP nor her oncologist gave any document about her vaccinability. But in the end, she managed to convince her. It was not a nice experience…


        • Oh I’m so sorry it wasn’t a nice experience….especially since your Mom has plenty to deal with otherwise! It’s good she got her vaccine though – I get my second one on April 4th and my husband goes Thursday for his first one – also Pfizer (mine was Moderna). Hugs to your Mom !


  1. That cave can get to 136f with 90 to 100% and if you look at the people in there they are wearing protective suits and helmets. Without suits people can only be in there for 10 minutes. Thanks to the professors and staff. We are going with the burgers and hot dogs with fries Ms D. What a fun time today everyone

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  2. Good morning! Gosh! A place I know about and I’m late! I remember a National Geographic special on this cave. Its like being inside a giant Geode. Can you imagine? The Crystal Caves in Naica, Mexico is on beautiful but deadly place. Now we think we will go back to sleep for an hour. Have a marvelously happy dday We got a busy day to get ready for Cinnie’s birthday tomorrow.

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    • We’re excited about Cinni’s birthday. Also this Teaser location is TOTALLY WEIRD and I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in this place……no thanks!!! It really does look like a giant geode!

      Hugs, Pam


  3. That is an extreme close up of some of the white mold that can be found on most of the food in Miss Dingleberry’s buffet line. Notice all of the tiny guys in orange jumpsuits climbing around on the spores. They are all convicted felons working off community service sentences by being shrunk down to microscopic size so they can gather penicillin for the local V.D. clinic. If they’re lucky, they won’t run into any man-eating amoebas during their hunt…

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  4. So LadyMew stared at THE foto fore 20 minuttss……She said it iss a cave sumwhere inn Outer Mongolia….
    Mee thinkss shee iss teein mee….iss there such a place?
    Let’ss move on to lunch Okay?
    Missus D may wee have 1 servin of Chick-hen Corn Chowder an 1 servin of Groupurr Fishie with Friess an 2 Raspberry Tartss pleese??? Many thanx Missus D…..yore THE best!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew


  5. Here! I completely forgot it was Tuesday. I was waiting for an important phone call which came earlier than scheduled, then didn’t go back on the computer until tonight.


  6. If you will pass some of that tomato salad so i can have supper, i will think about it, i know it’s a mine of some sort underground, but i’d have to research it, and you can’t do research until you’ve had a bite of supper.


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