Tuesday Teaser St. Pat’s Style


“OK Team – lookin’ good here – let’s tell the Profs to GO TO IT!”

“Top-o-the-Mornin’ to ye students!  Have ye commented yet??”

I know it’s a day early but we just HAD to get in the mood of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.   One of our favorites.   We orange tabbies look GREAT in green right?

Yeah we sure do!  All critters do!

Today we have another attempt by our Graphics Department to fool everyone………..whether they succeed or not remains to be seen but we wish them all the LUCK OF THE IRISH!

Here are today’s RULES for guessing and the St. Patrick’s badges you might win if you are LUCKY!

You know you want one of these for your collection of badges so make sure you STUDY hard before you make your guess on today’s Teaser!  Tomorrow we’ll see how well you and everyone else did!

“Trust Us – we’re gonna study up before we guess!!”

Let’s bring in our Security Guard – he’s got today’s TEASER photo and you can begin figuring it out ASAP!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where was this photo taken?

“No eating of lepracons – oops I mean leprechauns in class!”

Cheer Team?   Come on down and entertain the troops!

Here we are to give a cheer
Then to the pub we go for green beer!
Meanwhile you all will be hitting the books!
Don’t you be giving us those dirty looks!
You’re in school to learn and that’s for sure
Maybe a nice GREEN lunch will work as a cure?
We wish you all luck as you pursue your goal
You look for a badge while we let the good times roll!

Thanks ladies…………I’m not sure if you made everyone feel better or worse – only time will tell…………..meanwhile we suspect a nice lunch will go a long way to making the students get smart enough to make a guess.    You all have fun at the Pub – just don’t get TOOOO carried away – we need you back here tomorrow!

Greetings Students!   Tomorrow is our IRISH FEAST day but today we still have some great choices!

The Menu:

Good Luck!   Professor Sammy

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  1. Top of the morning to you! Don’t we look great in our new hats! 😀

    It’s already been guessed, I see. I’m joining in the chorus to say it’s Carlingford, Ireland.


    • Never heard of Skyline but have always loved that old song. LOL Yes the cafeteria will have green beer but the students can’t drink during class…….the cafeteria servers will be partying in the kitchen though and the green beer will be flowing!


  2. I love the first commenter badge, I am obviously not getting one though. Great cheer ladies and you all look lovely in green. No clue as to where the photo was taken though. Have a nice day. XO


  3. Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick didn’t drive the snakes out of Ireland. He merely rounded them all up and threw them in prison…. this prison, to be exact. Clover Hill Irish Penitentiary and Gaol. Over a thousand years later, it’s still used to house regular inmates… though the ghosts of those snakes Pat sent down the river still haunt the facility. Rumor has it that Bubba isn’t the only snake you’ll have to worry about sneak attacking you in the communal shower…

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  4. Top of the morning! Not first and not 100% sure of my guess but more than ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ All that said, I’m guessing it might be King John’s castle at Carlingford, County, Louth, Ireland. ☘️ Erin go bragh. ☘️

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  5. We were only 2 hours late this morning! Nice to see there is only one firstie, the cheerleaders will be oh so happy! And We also see that so many have already guessed right! We got our Greenie on our blog already for this week! Now we would LOVE to have some corned beef! Mom went to 7 different stores in 4 different towns to see if she could get some to cook and everybody was sold out last week! But she did get some deli corned beef… Thanks for the nice things about our Dad and have a marvellously happy day!


    • My Mom was able to get a corned beef tip roast and all the “stuff” so we will have those Irish smells around the house tomorrow. Corned Beef from the deli is FABULOUS – you could make HUMONGOUS Irish Sandwiches which are just as yum as the roast. Yes – Cheer Team was really happy about only one First Commenter. In fact, they were thinking of having an extra Green Beer to celebrate tomorrow!


  6. I have missed a few days blogging! Lovely weather, yes you heard me correctly! Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri all sunny days! Welcome to Scottish summer!

    No idea but I like it!


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