Teaser Tell All Class


Good morning class!   It’s that time again!

Time for us to let you know who did what yesterday in class (as far as guessing that is).     Seems it’s becoming downright impossible for us to fool you guys for long……OR you are becoming EXPERTS at searching in cyberspace with your clues!

“Yep – we’re happy smarties when it comes to Teaser!”

Let’s get started shall we?    First up is FIRST COMMENTERS.     Well we had FOUR again this week – FOUR of you were ready at the “off” and chimed in during the first 60 seconds of class – congratulations go to:

Timmy, Ingrid, Sharon, Janet

Congratulations Fast Fingered Foursome!  

You each get one of these:

Four of us were FIRST COMMENTERS this week on the Teaser of February 23, 2021.

Here’s the photo from yesterday – one we didn’t think would be as easy as it was for you to guess!

This is Trakai Island Castle in Vilnius, Lithuania!

It wasn’t long before we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………….and know what else?   HE was also a FIRST COMMENTER so he gets a DOUBLE AWARD (he’s had a DOUBLE before too!!!)



WOO HOO TIMMY – This badge is for YOU:

I was not only one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of February 23, 2021 but I was also THE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! Double Win! YAY!

If you were ALSO right with your guess – and there were SEVERAL of you who also got it right, you all get one of these badges below for your very own!

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of February 23, 2021, but I was NOT FIRST!

AND if you were WRONG with your guess on the Teaser – you get this badge:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of February 23, 2021. Darn, Darn, Double Darn!

Congratulations everyone!    Now you might be happy to know that our Cheer Team wasn’t upset when we told them we had FOUR First Commenters – perhaps that’s because when we told them, they’d been at the Grumpy Cat Bar for a while.    HAHA

You all are getting really good
Four First Commenters in the neighborhood!
Janet, Ingrid, Sharon and Timmy
If we could dance the Charleston we’d wiggle and shimmy!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a double smartie
Let’s hear it for Timmy – clap loud and hearty!
We’ll see you next week for another chance
For you to win a badge and kick up your heels and DANCE!

Thanks ladies!    We’ll be seeing you next week for sure…………………….and everyone else?  How about going to the cafeteria for lunch!

It’s about time – my tummy’s been growling since I got here!

TIME TO EAT!   Step right up and make your choices!

Today’s Delights:

See you next week students!!!!   Your Professors

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  1. Congratulations to the winners. I have never been there but the castle was shown in the tour itinerary for a Baltic cruise we took. Lithuania was changed for neighbouring Latvia at the last minute so we never got to see the castle. I can’t remember why they changed it. I think they may have been having a lot of protests but that could be wrong.
    We had salmon last night so I think I will have nice warming Irish stew, thank you.


  2. Concats to Timmy, Ingrid, Sharon, Janet – and to Timmy again!!!! I might have beaten him if I had arrived in time. My magic formula “island castle brick” yielded immediately the correct answer!


    • They are so delish……Mom makes that for her and Dad once in a while when she can get them at the grocery. Used to get it at restaurants but she says she’s starting to forget what a RESTAURANT is! HAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. OhMyGosh, I love the thought of the kitty about stopping and letting the happiness catch up! Congrats to all the winners and double congrats to Timmy. I thought I had missed my chance at Grouper but look what’s offered today… Grouper Francaise for me, please!


  4. It was a beautiful photo
    The drumming dachshund..OMDs
    The cheerleaders well done.
    “We’ll see you next week for another chance
    For you to win a badge and kick up your heels and DANCE!”
    I’ll have on my dancing shoes and hopefully my speedy running shoes to be in the firsties
    Hugs cecilia


  5. Well, I might have been a firstie, but then I was a no guessie!!

    I had to go to an appointment, and then I got busy and forgot sll about the computer, I got back on after midnight…so here I am now once again, and may I please have some cherry pie?? Mmmm!

    Concats to my fellow firsties and a double concats to Timmy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Woo Hoo we are Over the Moon happy with our Double Win! I must say Dad has mad query skills and “Orange Castle on Island Peninsula” did the deed. Go Dad. Thanks Professors for the great class, Cheer team for all your hard work, Clowie for the protection and of course Ms D for the grub. We are going for 2 Irish Stew, Salisbury Steak and 2 Veal Cutlets. That everyone? Dad overslept so he will have coffee with extra creamer, when he gets up, Ha Ha Ha. See you in class


  7. Mom says that if she can’t be right, first is the second best thing! Is that some kind of silly riddle? Anyhoo, that sure looks like a gorgeous locale. Congrats to the other firsties and especially to double winner, Timmy. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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