Teaser Tuesday Time!


Happy Chilly Tuesday!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Clowie and her team did a quick perimeter check – after all who wants to be out there for long when it’s this cold right?   Even Pyrenean mountain dogs need to be warm SOME OF THE TIME!

“All is clear team – let’s go get warm INSIDE!!!!”

So it’s time again to figure out a photo’s location and we know sometimes it’s tough and sometimes it’s easy – this time we’re not sure WHAT you will think of the photo but our Graphics Department came up with it.

“Gee….the Graphics Department comes up with some goodies – I’ll give it my best shot!”

Here are the rules for guessing the Teaser – AND the badges you might win if you’re sharp as a tack!

The front row of glasses-wearing students looks READY to rock the Teaser!

Let’s do this………………….can we have our wonderful PHOTO GUARD bring in the challenge of the day please?



Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken?   Remember to follow the rules!!

No the answer is not “Zebra Land”……….just thought we’d tell you that right up front.

“Interesting place…….not exactly bustling with humans or critters is it?!”

You all just do your  best to figure this one out and maybe you’ll get a badge out of it.      Cheer Team?   I think you will find the students ready for a BIG CHEER to get them going on this Teaser today.

Stuck in a cold spell no Harleys to ride
Can’t even use the playground since there’s ice on the slide (brrrrr)
Guess we’ll just relax and watch you all study
Remember no cheating with your study buddy!!
Study the photo and give it your best try
Now if you’ll pardon us now it’s time for us to fly (not literally of course).

Thanks a bunch girls – sorry it’s too cold to go motorcycle riding but maybe in the next few weeks winter will slowly die out and Spring might come early????  Maybe??????    At any rate, go grab some lunch – we’ll see you there.


Yes let’s head on over to the cafeteria and see what’s to eat……………….tomorrow we’ll meet back in the classroom to see who wins and who loses………………We Professors with you tons of luck though!

Happy Tuesday students…………time for lunch!!   Enjoy!!

Today’s Menu Choices:

See you in class tomorrow gang…….!    Your Professors

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  1. Now that truly is a Zebra wannabe!! Sure looks like an interesting and unique place.
    While I think, May I please have some of that banana-peanut butter smoothie! I need me some protein!
    I am going for my second vaccine this morning…pray I don’t have a bad reaction like some have with the second shot.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thats Rila and Monastery. Told you we were tired. Now lets listen to our classmate and have Cabbage Rolls all around with Grouper Francaise sides for all. Did I hear someone say Strawberry Shortcake? Now lets lay back and watch that Cheer Team do its thing. Thanks Professors and staff and as always Ms D. Stay warm and safe everyone

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  3. Forgot again that today is Tuesday, and this didn’t show up in Mom”s in box. What a gorgeous locale. No idea where it is, but we suspect someone has already guessed correctly. We’ll have eight strawberry shortcakes, please. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  4. Good Morning ☀️ We are going to guess Rila Monastary in Bulgaria near Rila Mountains. It’s so cold here. It’s -7 degrees out now. It’s been cold 🥶 and will be all week.
    Have a great day. See you tomorrow.


  5. We think that that Timmy and Dad are going for a Tuesday Double again! Would that make it a Double Double?
    Wait…that’s a Canadian Joke Marv, Nobody would know that Double Double is a coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugars except a Canadian!
    We KNOW it is a Monastery in Rila Bulgaria!
    You guys are awesome! We always have so much fun visiting you guys and your awesome Tuesday figuring our where the photo is from! Have an amazing day!


  6. We’re not first? Bummer. This is a weird picture. One right away thinks of someplace with Zebras like Africa….Kenya to be specific. However Ifeel it must be a sanctuary for little ones like small injuried animals and a libary about said animals. .



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