Teaser Tuesday Class


It’s That Time Again!    Clowie and company say GO FOR IT – so we’re going for it!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED??????

“OK Gang….duty done…all is well….let’s get inside where it’s WARM!”

Here we are again…………it’s Tuesday and time for Teaser.    GUESS WHAT………………Graphics Department is getting a break today and we have a GUEST TEASER for you to agonize over instead of something our BIONIC Graphics Department came up with!     It’s a doozie too so get ready for that in a few minutes!

Before we do that, let’s review rules and badges shall we??

As you see we have WINTER-ISH badges for you to win this week……………………………..So good luck capturing a badge for your collection if you can!

“I like those wintery badges….I don’t like winter but I like the badges!”

Security Guard Guy?   Would you please bring in today’s TEASER photo?????


This is a doozie if ever there was one…………………….so good luck figuring this one out everybody – hope you’re WIDE AWAKE and ready for this challenge.

“I’m speechless………..”

We told you it was a doozie!     Now let’s see if the Cheer Team can get you PUMPED UP shall we????

Holy Cow it’s mighty chilly
We wore our long johns instead of our undies that are frilly!
No riding our Harleys to the Pub today
Icy streets are not much fun so it’s the hot tub for us today!
Do your best to guess the Teaser now
Then we’ll call out your name tomorrow WOW WOW WOW!!!!

Your hot tub awaits ladies………………………..I saw Sarge in his earlier.    Guess it’s just one of those days isn’t it.

“WHADDAYAWANT?   I’m relaxing here!”

Girly Territory for those Cheer Team Chicks

So I think you students have your work cut out for you………….we’ll meet back here tomorrow for TELL ALL CLASS.    Make sure you’re on time – Sarge will be all PRUNEY from soaking in the water all day so he’ll probably be grumpy.    We don’t want a GRUMPY SARGE!

Now who’s up for lunch?     Let’s go – single file………no shoving, tripping or harrassing in line!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Welcome Students!   Time to have your lunch then off to study or head home.


See you all in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!   GOOD LUCK!   

Your Professors

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  1. Oh my …. a feast and my favorite … Irish Mint Cake, then the Bacon Apple Pie, then some fritter (but not too much because I have to save room for dessert) … then some Bacon Apple Pie, and for dessert … hmmmmmm …. a piece of Irish Mint Cake. … No milkshake today, so I’ll go with Iced Tea. … unsweetened, please


  2. Looks as if Timmy is correct with his guess of golden Leaf dome of the secession Building in Vienna. Sure is pretty. Never heard of is previously. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

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  3. Hi! I don’t know where that photo was taken.

    Everything is secure, so I’m off to play in the snow with the security team. We’ll check the perimeter again soon.

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  4. 2 things:
    1.I’m late for a very impawtant date..today was Baker’s Dozen day a Panera. BTW we don’t eat 13 at one sitting..they freeze nicely
    2.I don’t have a clue where the photo shoot love all the gold…leafs
    Hugs Cecilia


  5. Question: If you’re in charge of a maximum security penal institution, and there aren’t man eating otters available to stock the moat with… what’s the next best way to ensure none of your esteemed guests can ever escape?

    Answer: Surround the facility with carnivorous, man eating plants, of course! Both practical AND pretty, this Better Joints and Hoosegows idea is Martha Stewart approved! And of course, she knows a thing or two about how to beautify a prison…

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  6. Mee-yow wow wee made it Teddy! So wee puzzled over this foto….LadyMew sayss it iss a place inn Northern France. (that sure narrowss it down, mew mew mew….)
    Missus Dee mee thinkss wee will get Lunch rite! May wee have 1 Roasty Salmon an 1 Irish Pub steak an 2 peecess of Cherry Pie? Thanx furry much!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


  7. The Golden Cabbage!?!!? Who knew? We did NOT have a clue when we looked at it…It looked kind of Spanish, and then we read the comments…The Golden Cabbage made us laugh out loud! (Yes coffee did come out of Mom’s Nose). And can we go and sit in the hot tub with the cheerleaders? Its cold outside!


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