Teaser Tuesday Class Is Back!


We’re BAAAACK!   Have you COMMENTED on the post yet?

“OK Team….looks like all is well on the school grounds – let’s report in!”

“Welcome Class!  Did you enjoy your little break while our Graphics Department recovered a bit from surgery???    Good!”

You’ll need all your energy for today’s photo.    We tried to find a colorful and tough one all rolled into one.    You will see it in a few minutes after we take care of business.

First item of business is to see that all of you are in regular school clothes now – no costumes for the holiday celebrations – we are BACK to learning!

“Well most of us are anyway”

Let’s go over the rules for Teaser then we’ll show you today’s fabulous photo from the Surgically Altered Graphics Department!

Now – here are the badges you might win if your brain hasn’t turned to mush while we were away last week!

Ta Da!     So good luck with your guesses today everyone.

“Somebody wake me when it’s either lunch time or they show the photo!”

Mr. Security Guard – will you please bring in today’s photo??????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

What City/Town/Village and Country/State was this photo taken in??????

Remember the rules…………….and good luck!

Now perhaps the Cheer Team which spend their time off sunning their buns on the beach would like to come and CHEER everyone up???????

That break from school was just the thing
To everyone’s faces a smile it did bring!
Now we’re back to the same old stuff
Being back is just a little rough
But the sooner you guess and someone is right
The more fun the Cheer Team will have when day turns to night!
The Grumpy Cat Bar is waiting for us
So hurry up and guess, have your lunch and hop on your bus!!!

OK Team…………….I can see where YOUR priorities are!!!!     Glad you showed up today.    We’ll see you tomorrow when we have WINNERS!   Now who’s up for lunch?????

WE ARE!!!!!!

Welcome back students from your break!   Have your lunch then get to guessing the Teaser!

Lunch Goodies:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL! 

Your Professors

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  1. Wow so many great suggestions on the Teaser today. We have a fully awake class. Now lets get the Cheer Team to the Grumpy Bar right after we have a big Bowl of Beef Stew and a Burger with Fries. Its a Beef Tuesday! Thanks Professors, Cheer Team, Security and Ms D. See you all tomorrow

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      • My mom had a CT last Friday. We cannot get in touch with her doctor because her phone only rings and rings but nobody answers our call. We know only partial results from our GP. Hope you won’t run into similar problems and will have your (good!!!) results quickly.

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        • Oh Csilla that is inexcusable that nobody answers the phone! CTs are crucial information for her GP……I’m so sorry – things are MUCH better here. I really felt like royalty in the hospital and the place was staffed with wonderfully caring (and CAREFUL) people. I hope your Mom is OK.

          Love, Pam

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        • That is very wrong! My oncologist had a phone consultation with me last week and requested my next scan which should be due mid February. As soon as he gets the results he will send a letter with a date for another phone consultation. It is not the same as face to face, but in these times it is probably much safer. He is very good at keeping in touch and I have a phone number to ring if I am worried about anything.

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          • We could reach the oncologist today! Since the hospital where she works is taking only covid patients recently, the oncology department has been moved to the university clinics. It might be the case that the porter connected my call to a neighbouring office yesterday. But the health care system is quite bad in Hungary – thousands of doctors and nurses left the country and have gone to Germany, Sweden, England, Austria, etc in the last few years. Of course, the pandemic made things even worse; the whole system collapsed and there were really terrible conditions in hospitals (like in Bergamo, for example). But we have the results of the CT and it turned out that my mom’s belly is OK, but there are some problems with her lymph nodes. She got an appointment for TOMORROW and will have a mammography.


          • Csilla I hope your Mom is OK…I’m glad she’s having a mammogram – lymph node involvement of course needs to be followed-up. I am sending BIG PRAYERS for her…..

            Hugs, Pam


        • Glad you are doing better. He has requested the scan and is hoping I will get it by mid February.
          I felt a gallstones attack starting before I left home. It is not as bad as some I have had so I am hoping it hasn’t messed up my blood results. I know the big one is on the way. I have had milder attacks of one a week for the last three weeks. It scares me knowing they can’t do anything!


          • Oh Jackie I’m so sorry. You have my prayers and I keep hope alive that your gall bladder will stop being a problem. I know it’s a constant worry for you. I know you eat right and do everything right yet it persists. I hope your blood work will be alright AND I hope you can have your next scan without problem. You know I send you hugs and lots and LOTS of HOP!!

            Love, Pam

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  2. Nice to see you ladies. I missed you, but I haven’t gotten any smarter in your absence because I have no clue where this photo was taken. Have a great day! XO


  3. When the state of Old Hampshire (State motto: We were here before New Hampshire!) commissioned the engineering firm of Butts, Krak and Wedgie to design their new Almost Maximum Security penitentiary, they made a slight miscalculation that caused the moat to actually wash up against the facility. Of course, this gives the inmates the rare opportunity to reach through the barred windows and pet the moat’s man-eating otters. A few fingers and hands have been lost in the prison petting zoo, but it still managed to raise prison morale. Oh, if you do decided to feed the otters, it’s against the regulations to feed them food from the cafeteria due to the fact that it’s actually poisonous…

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    • Oh I think Butts, Krak and Wedgie is world-renowned for their refreshingly creative and slightly dangerous designs. A petting zoo is a charming idea to pass the time and I’m sure the man-eating otters appreciate the daily snacks as well. I guess Old Hampshire is a pretty small State? I couldn’t locate them on any map at school but then the school doesn’t exactly have state of the art teaching material……….or teachers!


  4. So glad you are back! I know where it is – it is Bruges, Belgium. Was there many years ago with my late husband. They are noted for their beautiful lace work and chocolate. I love chocolate!! Thanks for bringing back good memories.


  5. Well, we certainly weren’t anywhere near first. We sorta thought Mom Pam would be taking another Tuesday off. Wow, are we dumb or what? This looks like a previous Teaser photo. It really is cool, but absolutely no clue, except to say Amsterdam, Holland. Probably not specific enough. Love and hugs to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  6. Hi GUyS! We made it to school! As always, we are HOURS behind the firsties! Since Mom retired, she sleeps in. We, of course are still up and at em at 5 am! We are so glad we don’t get detention for being late to Ding Dong school! And we think that this is Bruges, Belgium! We are so happy that Your Mom is feeling better and we hope you guys have a marvellously Happy Day!


  7. Hello again, we thought we would come back and guess after going back to sleep 😴 It’s so cold and snowing here. We’re going to go sit by the fire and crochet. Our guess is Brugge, Belgium.


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