Teaser Tell All Class!


Greetings Students!   It’s TELL ALL Class!   

Clowie’s crack crew says “GO FOR IT PROFESSORS” as they have checked the school grounds and found them to be clear of any introoders so let’s get going shall we?

FIRST of all, we did NOT have SIX First Commenters yesterday (for which the Cheer Team was mighty grateful).    We had THREE……..much more manageable for the Cheer Gals and it didn’t send them into orbit for a change.

“You Have Our Attention Professors!”

Our THREE First Commenters yesterday were:

Carole, Katty and the Weims, and Sharon !!!


Each of you ladies get a copy of the FIRST COMMENTERS badge:

There were THREE First Commenters on the Teaser Post of January 12, 2021 and I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!

As you may remember, the Teaser photo was supplied to us by our Graphics Department.    The Graphics Department will be closed for business NEXT week and we are giving all of you a WEEK OFF FROM SCHOOL – We will have our next Teaser class on Tuesday January 26th!    I know you will miss Teaser Tuesday – but we all need to take a break once in a while and our HEAD GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT LADY (actually the only Graphics Department Lady) is having surgery Friday and won’t be able to help us with class next week.     YOU GET A BREAK!

Now let’s move on shall we?    Let’s talk about the Teaser photo and WHERE it was taken…………….

Here’s the photo.    We had some interesting guesses – and really this could easily have been any number of places but it actually is one of the walkways around the Tallahassee Museum near Lake Bradford in Tallahassee, Florida!    This area is part of The Florida Trail.    Here’s a link to some info about the museum.    Looks like a good spot to climb trees (unless of course that’s swamp those trees are poking out of!).      CLICK HERE

Wanna know who guessed it right first??????????????????????????????????


Ingrid was our First Right Guesser!!!!


AND here is your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of January 12, 2021! YAY FOR ME!

As of the time we crafted this post, there were no other CORRECT guesses but in case someone else posted a correct answer before midnight last night here’s a RIGHT NOT FIRST badge for them:

I was a RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of January 12, 2021 but I was NOT FIRST! DARN!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG, you get a copy of this badge of your very own:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 12, 2021 but I still got a badge!

Congratulations Winners (and losers)

Cheer Team?  You got a little break this week since we did not have SIX First Commenters…………………..so let’s see what you put together:

Another Teaser in the books
Now don’t go giving us dirty looks!
We’re here to tell you who won what
So keep your ears open and your mouths shut!
First Commenters we had THREE
All were SHES not one was a HE!
Carole, Katty and Sharon were our FIRSTIES this week
Leave it to the ladies to be first to speak
We were beginning to wonder if someone would be FIRST RIGHT
When finally we got one who was out of sight!
Miss Ingrid to the rescue with her right guess
She figured it out before all the rest!

Thanks girls – you get a week off too because no Teaser Class next week!!!

Yeah I thought that’s what you’d say you would do next week!!!

Well everyone let’s hit the lunchroom and have ourselves a bite to eat shall we??????????????????

Well, we’re ready for you kids to choose your lunches.  We’ll miss you next week but enjoy your little “mini-vacation”!

Our Tell All Menu:

We will miss you next week but we’ll see you January 26th for the next TEASER class!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

51 responses »

  1. concats sharon and carole for being super fast and concats miss ingrid for finding da right place!!!! well at least we were in da right country and it even was the same continent and the same planet hahahaha


  2. Congratulations to Katty, Sharon and Carole for being faster than fast! And congrats to Ingrid. At least initially I was in the right state. Well done Graphics Department! I see Miss D has Grouper Francaise on the menu… very interesting! I have never had that and so that is what I would like today! I am pretty sure it is going to be delicious! I am sending all kinds of positive thoughts to the Graphics Department… Teddy’s Mom… for a quick recovery from surgery.


  3. Concatulations to everyone, Katty, Sharon, including MEEEEE who were Firsties. I’ll have a double cheeseburger, strawberry shortcake and iced tea, please. And I will be there for you on YOUR cheering team for next week Teddy Mom.. XO
    Katie Isabella and Mom Carole


  4. Congrats to Miss Ingrid and all the speedy guessers. Enjoy your vacation ladies. I will be praying for Teddy’s mom to have a quick recovery. XO


  5. Hooray!! I was late, but being a first right guesser made it all A-OK!! LOL!

    I have friends who go there on occasion, including later this month. Hope they get to see sunshine and not the endless clouds we have of late, here.

    And I got up early today, for nothing, as my ladies group was cancelled…at least but found out just as I was getting ready to go out the door…

    Yawn…my arm hurts too, from the Modernas vaccine, but I feel OK otherwise.
    One of those yummy milkshakes might go well with my lunch/brunch. Please??!

    See ya!


  6. Congrats to all the winners! I was on the right track but got distracted and forgot to come back and try and find exactly where it was.


  7. HURRAH Aunty Katty!! You were so fast…
    An HURRAH Miss Ingrid fore gettin Teezer rite.
    Teddy at leest LadyMew was on rite contynent! 😉
    Missus Dee yore lookin lovely today. May wee pleese have a meetball pizza! An 2 peecess of Carrot Cake an 1 glass of Icey Tee fore LadyMew!. Thanx Miss Dee ….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


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