Teaser Tuesday Class


TIME FOR TEASING!!   First you’d better COMMENT!

“Security Team reporting in Professors – all secure!!”

Thanks Clowie – you and your team sure look SHARP in your  new head gear!

Class, today we have a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT photo for you to examine and figure out where it was taken.   Yep – and we’d better get right to it because our Graphics Department is super busy with appointments and stuff and doesn’t have as much time as USUAL to spend prepping us for class.

“Well……then let’s get goin’ !!”

Here are  the rules and the badges up for grabs today!!

ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!!    Let’s get our photo security guard to bring the photo in – shall we???

“So hurry up – I’m hungry for lunch!!”

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken??????   

Now it’s your turn to study it and figure it out and guess!    While you’re studying, the Cheer Team will CHEER FOR YOU!

Yes we’re taking the Harleys out today
Don’t worry – well be back tomorrow we don’t plan to stay.
We’re riding to the mountains for some nice fresh air
And feel the breeze blowing through our hair (well…fur actually)
Your job is to figure out where the photo was taken
We hope you’ll be right and NOT mistaken!
We’ll see you tomorrow when can cheer for the winners
Come on now students you’re experts not beginners!

You girls better bundle up – it’s COLD out there!!!    You may be “hot chicks” but the weather is going to cool you down mighty quick.     See you tomorrow – and be careful!

“Hey girls – Can I ride along????”

No you may not ride along Seymour.  You are supposed to be studying the photo and participating in class!   Park that bike outside and get back in here!!!!

Now – who’s up for lunch????????????????????????????

WOW – look at all those hands!   We’d better head to the cafeteria!

OK Students!   Head on down the cafeteria line – we’re ready to fill your plates!!

Today’s Menu:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors

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  1. One thing I am sure of, it is not local to me! I am not sure what that is in the background between the trees, maybe a raised walkway. That makes me think it is a National park. Going by the vegetation somewhere fairly hot, possibly a Southern state. Maybe Florida. I don’t really know but will try harder when I have finished my lunch.


  2. You know that old saying “You can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way.” Well, you can’t see the prison in this Teaser because the trees are in the way! Seriously, who was entrusted to take the photo this week, one of the photography class dropouts? They certainly could have got a better shot…. but because I can’t see the facility, I’ll have to just say I don’t know where this prison is supposed to be.

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  3. Nice cheer ladies, but I wish you would give up the motorcycle riding, it is so dangerous. Not a clue as to where this photo was taken. Have a great day! XO


  4. After last week’s stellar performance, I forgot that today is Tuesday. Very cool photo. Looks like someplace Cat Scouts would have Summer Camp. Thought you cheer girls were getting some new uniforms. Guess I better read the post to see what happened. Warm hugs, Janet and Kitties Blue Crew


  5. I have to agree with Charles Huss that it’s The Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.
    Hope we are one of the right first commenters.
    We going to the cafeteria now for some good food. Yum. I think we’ll try and have one of everything MOL, LOL.


    • We’ll be finding out tomorrow if Charles and you and some others are right or not right but in any case, there’s only ONE “First Right Guesser” and it’s whoever guessed the location first.


  6. Oh-Oh!! I kind of forgot what day it was….working last night didn’t help. LOL!

    So of course I slept in…

    Look at all those cypress trees…old ones, newer ones and looks like some used to be ones, too. And are those ferns?? Humongous!

    I am going to guess:

    Lake Bradford, the Tallahassee Museum in Tallahassee, Florida. Its part of a National Park system.; The Florida Trail…I think.

    Now I have to run off, they are having a ‘get the jab’ clinic at my work today…so I am off to get jabbed.
    See ya tomorrow!

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  7. LadyMew sayss thiss iss a SWAMP inn Alabama, U-Ess-A Teddy….
    When shee iss so connfydent mee knowss shee iss wrong, mew mew mew…
    Missus Dee may wee pleese have 2 orderss of Crabby Cakess an 1 order Crunchy Friess an 2 peecess of yore deelishuss Irish Mint cake?? Thanx!!
    Lunch iss mee faverite subject of THE day! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


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