Teaser Tuesday New Years Class


“Well team – today and tomorrow will be our last patrols of the OLD YEAR!  Let’s report in!”

Greetings Class!   Hope you all had a nice Christmas – it’s time to buckle down and get serious as today and tomorrow are our final classes of the year 2020!   

Did You Comment Yet?


Yes we have managed to get through an entire year of classes without any problems and of course are looking forward to a brand new year starting next week.    So let’s get started shall we?

OK class – the parties will be this Thursday night NOT TODAY IN CLASS!

Let’s remind you that we have RULES for guessing the Teaser photo and some special New Years Badges for those of you who participate in guessing where today’s photo was taken.

The Teaser photo today was the last one from our Graphics Department this year.   No doubt the Graphics Department will be busy again NEXT YEAR but remember – you can submit a photo to us that we can use here in class to see if maybe YOU can fool all the students here at Ding Dong Sheep School.     Just email it to us and we’ll let you know when you will see it here in class.    It’s very cool when it’s YOUR photo people are figuring out!    

The Cheer Team will even add your name to our Cheer if we use your photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken????

WOW – it sure is BRIGHT!!!!!!

Cheer Team?  Maybe you should cheer this crowd up – they look like they don’t know where to start for guessing purposes!

Here we are all cute and perky
Ready for some New Year’s turkey
We’re ready to party and that’s no lie
Our champagne’s cold so we can get high!
First we have to say good luck to you
This photo’s a toughie and we have no clue
There are special badges to win so you’d better TRY
Cuz if you don’t, you’ll just break down and CRY!

So we’ll meet back here tomorrow and see how you all do……..in the meantime – who’s up for lunch?    Let’s do this!!!

OOPS….we didn’t get the cafeteria undecorated for Christmas in time for class!   Oh well…..Enjoy your lunch anyway!


GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL of who gets what!   

Your Professors

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  1. Looks like a kind of Legoland!! I just hunted for colorful city; aerial view, and Europe, and came up with Reykjavik City, Iceland. Who knew! But…well its already been guessed! Ahhh…MOL!

    I am in major yawn mode, and not hungry…yet…so maybe a milkshake to get things rolling…and do they come in coffee, or caffeinated versions? Please and thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I said I think we saw those colors before. Toby said it looks like Svedersland in Sveden. Rumpy says its all a model and we are faking the picture like he would. Einstein says its a quaint little place like Conshohocken USA. Fitz said if we didn’t stop being silly the Whaps were coming.
    So with no consensus lets thank Ms D for the Pizza and take a nap till we find out tomorrow. Hurry up 2021.
    The (almost) last you will see of us this year! Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Fitz, Einstein and Dad


  3. Someone’s gotta do it…. but I’m calling FAKE TEASER!!! I mean, just one look and that scene is so obviously not real. If it were real, there’d be a prison in it somewhere. Or at least a man-eating otter…. oh wait, I think I see one in the FAKE STREET there…. but it’s STUFFED! Even the otters aren’t real!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We were hoping YOU would make a comment about the non-green greenie although there IS green in the badge! We GUESSED RIGHT! We’re the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER when it comes to “WHO COMPLAINS FIRST ON THE FINAL TEASER OF 2020??”!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It looks as though I may have solved the issues I was having. 😀

    You can get rid of any extra comments you find floating around from me!

    I don’t know where the photo was taken.


  5. Good Morning! We could not get Mom up this morning…she kept mumbling something about Cinnamon and evil deer! And middle of the night…We LOVE Tilt Shift! It makes places look like us cats could be MONSTERS Stomping through! We want to finish the year as a winner (even if we is not first). We Love Iceland! Reykjavik is on Mom’s bucket list! We think that this is Reykjavik, Iceland!
    Happy New Year Week! Purrs
    Marv,, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb


    • YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!! You got the Teaser correct so you get a RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge……..concatulations! We don’t know about Tilt Shift – might have to look that one up!!!!!!

      Love and Happy New Year
      Teddy and Mom


  6. Good Morning from Wyoming ☀️ We think it’s Reykjavík, Iceland 🇮🇸 Great cheer ladies. New Year’s must be a favorite holiday. We’ll be celebrating quietly or snoring loudly. 😂🤣 There is lots of leftover rum for more eggnog. Does anyone else ring bells 🔔 at midnight?


  7. Wee ARE truelee puzzled …Teddy!!
    LadyMew said Amsterdam an mee said it iss a panorama fore a train set.
    Mee thinkss Lunch will bee easier fore us.
    Pleese Missus Dee may wee have 2 Meatyball Pizza’ss with Cheeze?? And fore deesert sum Irish Minty Cake?? Yore Irish Minty Cake iss THE BEST Missus Dee!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an THANX LadyMew


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