Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to join the selfie Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head.  You can join in too if you like – just click the badge above and link up with us!

Now let’s get hopping!

I’m doing a FLASHBACK selfie today – mainly because Mom totally forgot to take her camera outside with her when she escorted me around the yard this week.    I’ve done way more photos INSIDE than OUTSIDE since I’ve lived here.     My favorite spot is ANYWHERE OUTSIDE though.    Let’s see what we have in our photo files from this same time of the year in the past…………

Ah ha!    I did a Selfie on November 26, 2017.   That will do!    Here it is:

I appear to be a FEW pounds lighter back then……………….oh well…………..JUST MORE TO LOVE RIGHT??????    Now I know you want a puzzle from this little gem right?   I bet I did one back then but I’ll check Jigsaw and see……if not I’ll make one!

Well whaddayaknow!  I did do a puzzle back then – it’s a whopper at 170 pieces but you can change that if you like.    Here it is and I wish you GOOD LUCK!

Click the MINI-ME photo and get the puzzle


Happy Sunday Friends!   

Love, Teddy


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  1. Teddy, that is the exact position Flynn used to be in seconds before he got the zoomies!
    I checked the puzzle and I did do it before and it took just over 34 minutes. I will probably try it again but I am slower now because my stupid wrist doesn’t manoeuver like it used to.


    • You were one of two who did that puzzle before – and I bet you can beat your time!! Sorry your wrist doesn’t cooperate – Mom has a problem with her THUMB and sometimes her wrist “freezes” up but she cracks it and it’s OK again. What is it with you humans???? You’re all rather delicate aren’t you!!!!! HAHAHAHA

      Hugs, Teddy

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    • Good Morning Floridaaaaaaaaaadooooooooooduh – it’s 29 here this morning and two days of rain arriving tomorrow. At least it’s not SNOW (yet). Hope you are fine and dandy and ready for another holiday to roll around cuz it will be here before you know it!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


      • It is 77 here right now and we have rain tomorrow with a potent cold front that will give us a high on Tuesday of 64 and a low of 42 Tuesday night and said cold front is going to stick around for awhile. I’m excited, that will put me in the Christmas spirit. I hope if you have to have snow, it’s a little skiff of snow and then gone.


        • Hi Miss Pix! We had HEAVY HEAVY rain all night and will have it more of today AND tomorrow. Not snow – but we also might have high winds and possible tornados so I suppose I’d PREFER snow. Anyway, we will stay inside and maybe Mom and Dad will get that tree out of our basement and put it up in the library so I can begin my annual Christmas Napping Under The Tree routine. I hope that you DO get a shot of cold – it really does make it more like Christmas doesn’t it?????!!!!!!!

          Huggies, Teddy Boop


    • You are TOO kind dear Cupcake……Mom says she can remember playing with me when I first came here and she was able to pick me up and TRY to hug me……these days I am just too big for her to pick up as often. I am still the same “little kid” who came here in February 2017 to join the family but just about 20 lbs. bigger (hahahahahaha).

      Love, Teddy


  2. Teddy I LOVE kitties that have a little “extra” lol!!!! Roary is going to stay small (which is somewhat disappointing because Cody, while he gained weight at one point was a smaller cat as well)….I love the big boys! Love your photo too!!!! xoxo Please thank your Mama for her incredibly beautiful comments, going to do my best to be reading as many blog posts as I can again! (inbetween cleaning woofie pee and poop! lol)

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    • Oh Miss Caren we are so very overjoyed with your adorable new family. The BEST thing is that they are growing up together and are best friends like Cody and Dakota were. We hope you will be keeping us up to date with photos of them and news too. Most of all we are happy FOR you. Mom says she knows the heartbreak and the best thing to heal that is “starting over again” !!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  3. Mom says your ginger coat reminds Mom of the color of Jack O’ lanterns and pumpkin pie which makes her smile. I was lounging in a paper bag this same time last year. Mom has the photo evidence of it. I think I was getting ready to pounce a feather toy.


    • Hi Valentine!! Mom calls me her HUGE pumpkin all the time…..I’m not sure it’s a compliment – I like being BIG but there’s a downside too. I can’t “counter surf”, I need stairs to get up to the sink for my drinks, and I’m too big to go through my tunnels, and my tent is too small. They should make KING SIZE toys for big boys!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Teddy! You look terrific! And Jo Jo says there is nothing like a floofy man cat!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Mom Barb


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