Teaser Tuesday Time


Happy Tuesday Security Team – are we ready to start class??

Yes Professors!   School yard SECURE!!

Good Morning Class! Have you COMMENTED YET? You’d better do it NOW before class starts.    Last week was a super duper busy week with Halloween and our costume contest but this week will be back to our usual routine.    

“Usual routine??? What the heck is “usual” around here??!!!!”

Well, we mean we have no special stuff going on this week in class.    Just guessing where the photo was taken.    OK?    OK!

Our Teaser photo today is a GUEST TEASER photo.    It’s a great photo though and we hope it is just a little bit difficult for you to guess.    Before we do that, let’s review the RULES and show you the badges up for grabs today!

“GRABS or CRABS?????”

Are you ready to see today’s photo?    Are you sure?     Everybody fully awake?    

Alright – Mr. Impatient – bring on the Photo Security Guard please!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


Where was this photo taken??

We’ll give you the scoop tomorrow and tell you who sent the photo in……………if you have a photo you think would be a challenge for Teaser class – just email it to us!    We’ll notify you before we use it.

Now who would like to hear from our charming Cheer Team??????

Alright!   Everyone’s hand is raised!

We’re coming to you via Zoom from our favorite place
To welcome you all to the Teaser race!
Competition for FIRST is a big priority
We’d like to think among our students it’s a majority!
Study the photo and you just might get it
We’ll be back tomorrow to give you credit!
Meantime we’re heading inside for some liquid cheer
You all are too young or we’d invite you here!

Thanks ladies………….we’ll look forward to hearing your cheer tomorrow with all the winners names in it.    Hopefully you will be here in PURRRRRSON though!

“Those Cheer Chicks are soooo totally groovy!”

Now is anyone in class ready for lunch?     I hope so because we Professors sure are!     Let’s go!   



Greetings Class!  We have some “international” dishes on the menu today along with other choices!  Enjoy!

Today’s MENU:

See you all tomorrow for class – GOOD LUCK!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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      • I had to go get some breakfast. Umm, don’t know about the photo but I love a water view. Wasn’t THAT kind of day. Had Xfinity here trying to see what is causing us to get bumped off the internet every 20 seconds. I think they fixed it and we had other worker bees here that were doing noisy things and I can’t think straight when noise is going on. Lunch menu looks very good. I’m thinking about ravioli!


        • Thinking about ravioli? Well I just bet ravioli is thinking about YOU too! 🙂 Glad to hear it wasn’t THAT kind of day but noise and internet problems are a pain in the tushie so I “get it”. Hope it’s finally fixed and hope all the other projects are DONE. I’m sure you and SSNS would like to just plain RELAX in your house – period.

          Hugs, Pam


          • You would be so right about us just wanting to relax and enjoy. I will email, just nothing super exciting or super frustrating. The weather was beautiful here yesterday and even more beautiful today. We are so thrilled with the small birds that are showing up in the Preserve that backs up to us. Birds from MO! Little titmousers and chickadodees, lots of warblers and wrens. We missed those birds.


          • Oh how nice that your friends from MO are visiting! I love little birds best….we have LOTS of chickadees here and they are my favorites. I think the thing I’ve enjoyed the most this Fall is that the chipmunks have returned. We hadn’t seen them in a couple of years for some reason. They are everywhere this year. I think all the hawks and owls were catching a lot of them but for whatever reason they’ve moved on or stopped or whatever. I have two bird feeders and somehow the critters have worked out that one is RESERVED for birds only and the other is RESERVED for squirrels and deer.

            Glad nothing BIG is amiss with the house though………………….!!
            Hugs, Pam


  1. Well we still cant find it even knowing what Da Phenny says so lets EAT. How about Irish Stew and Pub Steak, German Feast with a side of Cheeseburgers and Tiramisu and Fried Ice Cream for dessert. We have five hungry cats here! Zoom to the Cheer Team, Thanks to Clowie and as always Professors it has been great fun. Lets see tomorrow what shakes out. Have a nice, if cool, Tuesday


  2. Not a clue as to where the photo was taken- nice rainbow though. Great cheer ladies, but hold off on the liquid cheer until noon. XO


  3. Bubba was so close to freedom after years in the pen for not paying a parking meter fine. All he had to do was cross the river and into the city of freedom! The rainbow was surely a good sign, he thought, as he jumped into the water and swam to the other side. But alas, there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for Bubba…. just a swarm of hungry man-eating otters waiting for dinner to swim by. Make that magical, rainbow colored man-eating otters!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yoo Hoo, Teddy and classmates, I’m not sure if I’m late, but here I am and I think this is Rotterdam, de Erasmusbrug, also knows as De Zwaan. Granny has biked there almost her entire lifetime 😀 I’m so excited if I’m right….Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday to all of you…toodleloo🐾😽💞


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