Thankful and Poetic Thursday


YAY! Time to call out the things we’re thankful for this past week AND combine that with our Poetic Thursday poem and challenge from Angel Sammy.    First up is our THANKFULS.   We have the same BIG thankful that we’ve had for months now which is that so far we have stayed safe from the evil virus.    We remain hopeful that vaccines are in the near future and that we can one day in the NOT distant future wave goodbye to this incredibly scary virus.    If you’d like to join the Thankful Hop at Brian’s – just click his badge above and link up with us – thanks Brian for hosting!!

We got our poem from Angel Sammy as always and I’m sharing it with you along with your challenge photo for NEXT Thursday!   STAY SAFE!!


Happy Thursday Poetic Friends!!

Time to let your poetry shine!    Every Thursday we gather together to share the poems we’ve written based on last week’s photo inspiration and this Thursday is like all other Thursdays in that regard – I can’t wait to read your poems.   

Just a quick note from we Angels………….remember we are doing our best to keep you safe.    We can’t do it all though – YOU need to take some responsibility too and wear your masks, do your social distancing, wash your hands ALL THE TIME and just stay home if you can.    OK?    We love you and want you to be safe.

So below is the photo I gave you to inspire you for your poem this week – followed by MY poem for this week!

“Time Flies”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©October 28, 2020

Seeing this old photo makes all of us realize

People once didn’t feel like sardines when they flew the friendly skies

There was room to breath and move about the plane with ease

No pull down tray in front of you that squished your knees!

The stewardesses were helpful and always had a smile

From boarding the plane to the very last mile

There was a magazine cart, refreshments served for no extra cost

I’m afraid those comfortable flying days have been forever lost!


This photo is what my Mom remembers about so many of the trips and travel she and her family did back when her Dad was in the Air Force and they moved frequently.    Roomy planes, delicious meals, and smiling helpful staff.     These days it’s just not the same on SO many levels!!!     Anyway, when I saw this photo I just knew it would make for good thoughts and fun poetry.   If you wrote a poem, let us know in comments so we can visit you and read what you wrote.

Now, I bet you’d like to see what I found for your “inspiration” for next Thursday!     It’s a simple photo of Fall…..but I’m thinking it’s very interesting in its’ own way.    I hope you do too!

WOW.    Sadly the first thing that came to my mind when I found this photo was the fires out West here in the USA.    But thankfully the bright colors in this photo are provided by the sun and not fire.    I love the single big tree taking it all in.    

SO – have fun writing a poem to share next week…………and until then, please be careful and HAPPY!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light, Angel Sammy



Thank you Angel Sammy – your poem made me smile and I saw a smile on Mom’s face too!    She remembers when her Mom made her wear her best dress, white socks with lace on the tops and her black patent leather shoes to get on an airplane.    That was about 100 years ago I think.    HAHA

Love, Teddy

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  1. Yes, travel in those days was a revered mode to get somewhere…we also had to wear our Sunday best…I went overseas at three months, and my sister was three….and a few years later at age seven we went again…this time with a three year old brother. All in hand sewn elegance….complete, like you said, with gloves and hats…OMC! The wee boy, well, I don’t think he arrived in the same clothes he left with…and us gals were pretty wilted after over 12 hours of traveling. MOL!
    My Mother was brave, but she was determined to show off her children to the grandparents!

    Those were the good old days!! Yup, a hundred years ago:)

    Love that brilliant fall picture!

    And so far petcretary is testing negative…each week, now increased to twice a week…at her work.
    Pawppy has to get tested too, before they’ll allow him to have his surgery. Sheesh, what do they do for emergencies??


    • I’m glad some of us can remember the “good days” of travel. Now it’s more like a cattle car than an airplane. LOL Glad you are remaining virus-free! I’ve also wondered about emergencies but I think probably what happens is the carers do full PPE and handle the emergency PERIOD. Not sure though and hope none of us has to find out!

      Hugs, Pam


  2. That was such a civilised way to travel with ample room instead of being squeezed in like sardines. I am glad though that we can dress more relaxed now to fly. not that I am likely to fly again.
    We are keeping safe too. Even though my surgery didn’t happen, it was good to know both Covid tests were negative.


    • Definitely glad testing was negative – you and Ivor have been super careful and that’s key. I’m so sorry you couldn’t have your surgery after getting psyched up for it. I’m with you – I wonder if we’ll ever travel again but we are still hoping to go to Maine again and also hoping we can do one last trip across the pond for a final river cruise. I think having HOPE drives all of us FORWARD! Love, Pam


  3. Hi Sammy. This is our first meeting. Your personality seems a bit more laid back than Teddy’s. I like your poem. It also reminds me of a time when people dressed up to fly. I wonder why they did that? Oh well, glad you keep us smiling from the land of angels.


    • Hi Mr. Frank….well, we Angels at the Rainbow Bridge become laid back when we make our journey here – we don’t have all the tension and problems and hustle-bustle that you all have. I only transmit a poem to Teddy from here once a week and am a part-time “Professor” with him on Tuesdays so you won’t see me often. I’m actually pretty busy here – We Angels help those who are new arrivals adjust to things AND keep a close eye on all of you as well – that’s almost a full-time job!!! Hope to see you again next Thursday – you should join in the fun of writing a poem to go with the photos I find. Nice to meet you!

      Angel Sammy


    • Things sure have changed with the airline industry! I can also remember the days when there was no little “tunnel” out to the airplane door – you had to walk in the wind/rain/snow out to the stairs and up to the entryway. But you really at least felt like you were getting your money’s worth when you got on board. Nowadays there’s a feeling that you’re just another fare to be tolerated until the plane arrives at its’ destination! Well done on the poem.

      Hugs, Pam


  4. Mom remembers the days of luxurious air travel. Getting dressed up and actually enjoying the flight instead of feeling like cattle.

    Pretty photo for next week. We thought fire too when we first saw it.

    The Florida Furkids


    • I can remember my Mom getting all dressed up to fly – and making sure all of us looked like we were heading to church! It was exciting then – now it feels more like a necessary “chore”…….

      Hugs, Pam


  5. As an airline employee for the last few decades, the poem makes me wince. Our airline tried more room for a little more money and the flying public chose cheaper tickets over more leg room, so what can you do? Happy National Cat Day!


    • You’re right – there are those who just don’t care about things like comfort – they are simply wanting to fly for cheap. I think it’s as I’ve become a woman of a certain age with all the discomforts that come with it that it’s reminding me what the good old days were like…Bless you for being one of the people who TRIED to make the general public happy to be on a plane!!

      Hugs, Pam


  6. Great poem! I agree those days of flying are gone forever. Thanks to your mom for always finding us such great inspiration. Have a wonderful day! XO


  7. my first flight was in such a giant flying salon… and I said to my parents that this is more comfy than our living room… bet all other passengers thought we are the last trailer peeps but anyway it was like being in a flying palace ;O)


  8. Staying safe and healthy is a LOT to be thankful for. We will never get tired of expressing our gratitude for that – for us and all our friends.

    Love and licks,


  9. You used to be able to just walk on the plane. Not now. The last time I flew was 2012 and I caused a commotion because I didn’t catch a dime in my pocket. No need for the way I was treated. I don’t want to put a dime in their pockets (pun intended).


    • My husband frequently has issues getting through Security – it’s ridiculous because they never find anything – it’s always a machine malfunction or someone jerking him around. We always DREAD that experience because they are NEVER EVER nice or patient. I had an incredibly tough time getting through some years ago because I had to take chemo with me and had letter from my oncologist, had talked to Security before we went to the airport and was assured things would be smooth. It took almost an hour to finally get the OK.


  10. Mom says “those were the days”, weren’t they?

    We think the whole world will stand together when that day comes and make one gigantic wave to send that virus VAMOOSE!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  11. Staying healthy is the most important thing our humans can do for themselves and us right now. Angel Sammy nailed what airline travel once was. It is too bad it is such an unsavory experience now. We kitties wrote the poem this week. Here’s the link:
    Teddy, we adore that photo of you at the end. You are such a cutie! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • We need our humans to stay healthy – they are the ones who take care of us and love us and we must help them to be here ALWAYS. Mom remembers flying in “the good old days” but flying these days is just too risky no matter WHAT the airlines are saying. They are motivated by $$ and humans are motivated by staying healthy!!! We loved your poem – GOOD JOB!

      Hugs, Teddy


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