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Another Monday rolls around and we look for a little something – a thought, a message, a mantra to start off on the right food this week. SPARKS was started by Ann McGuffy whose blog (MCGuffy’s Reader) was hacked some time ago and Ann has not returned to regular blogging – BUT that hasn’t kept a lot of us from carrying on her idea.  Sharing a Spark to start off the week – a thought to keep us going on a positive road to the next weekend…….or maybe a message that we need to take to heart and learn from – it’s never too late to learn after all!

My SPARK for today and this week is a little different……………….It really is something that spoke to me when I found it and the more I thought about it the more I realized IT IS ME.   It really is ME……then I thought a little more and I realize that it’s not only ME but I’m thinking it’s a LOT of people but maybe they haven’t really THOUGHT about it before.    So it became my SPARK for today because I want you to think about it…………….!!  


I think when we get down the road of life and there’s probably less time ahead than we have behind us, these sorts of things pop into our head – we think about our past and what we learned or should have learned from it.    I admit to making a lot of mistakes but without them – I would NOT BE ME.    And honestly – I like ME!

Have a great week!

Hugs, Pam

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  1. Oh yes, I agree! We face the obstacles life throws at us and don’t know if we can overcome them. We do though, and that makes us stronger.


  2. I liked the spark today because it applies to me as well. xx . I depend on the source of my strength. We change so much as we get older and gain experience and learn what is vital to us as we leave frivolities behind. Not fun and cheer. Just foolishness.

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    • Yes and I sure had plenty of foolishness – at least I am mature enough (and then some!) to recognize that but in the end it’s all gone into who and what we are TODAY. And in the moment, I’d say in spite of being silly when I was young, I still see my life as a happy adventure and seem to handle the “lumps” better and with more patience now then I did then.

      Hugs, Pam

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  3. An absolutely true Spark that is packed with relevance for me. I relate to each bit of wisdom in this Spark, especially in the last two and a half years. All kinds of “stuff” has happened all through my life but I think the “stuff” becomes more challenging as I age. We just bounce better when we are younger 🙂
    Very true about doing more thinking about our past, present and future when we realize that our time is shorter. I think about making every minute count and making life choices that make those minutes worth counting. It’s “okay to be happy.” Hugs to you Pam… a very profound Spark.


    • Hey my friend – I’m no surprise this one “made sense” for you like it did for me…..birds of a feather and all that stuff! 😉 We do bounce a lot better when we’re younger and can still bounce when we’re older but it hurts more sometimes. LOL Yes it is ok to be happy – and if we want to really enjoy our later years we work a bit harder to make the right decisions and live in the moment.

      Double Hugs! Pam and Mr. Boop too


  4. Oh yeah. That Spark tells exactly how life marches on. We do it all and either crash from it or grow from it. We try to make the right choice there.

    Love and licks,


  5. I love this quote and 100% agree. As a young woman, I often thought ‘what if this or that had happened’ then as I got smarter/aka older, I realize all that mad me who I am.
    Kismet cracks me up
    Hugs Cecilia


  6. I made lotsa mistakes along the road too. They were innocent mistakes cause I didn’t know more than my own way of doing things. This is how I learned that other people may feel way different than me about the same situation. Then I looked into the why of it? Learning was constant and fun. I found the more I learned, the more I accepted people as themselves. I will never learn enough and so each day is a classroom.



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