Tuesday Teaser Time



“Professors – all is well on the grounds – but your Security Crew feels underdressed for Pre-Ween!”

Yep – here we are – but we’ve got our Halloween outfits on and decorated the classroom too. We know it’s “Pre-Ween” and we have 3 weeks to go but why not get in the spirit (as in ghost) of the fun a little early – right?

Today’s Teaser is another Graphics Department gem.    Well, we hope it’s a gem and not a DUD.     At any rate, we’ll see how you do in just a bit when Photo Security brings in today’s challenge.

MEANWHILE…………….I see some of you are already deciding to wear your costumes for “Pre-Ween”.     Makes things more festive doesn’t it?!

Looking Good Everyone!    When we have class on October 27th we’ll ALL wear our costumes – if you want to send them to us we’ll make sure our Graphics Department gets everyone’s photos “updated” and we’ll let you “strut your stuff” for Halloween!!

Now, let’s show you the RULES for the Teaser and the available badges to win!

Now any questions ??

“Can I dress up as a mad baby for Halloween????”

Well, aren’t you ALWAYS dressed up like a mad baby Seymour?????????????????

Graphics Security Guard would you please bring in today’s TEASER Photo?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken???

OK class – that’s your stumper (hopefully) for today.   Now get to work figuring out where this is!     Our Cheer Team will cheer you on while you get your brains in gear!

Halloween will be here soon
You can dress up as a magician, clown, or big baboon!
Make sure and follow our rules or you’ll get in trouble
Marge will throw you out of class on the double!
Tell us where you think this photo was taken
And we hope you’ll be RIGHT and not mistaken!!!

Thanks Cheer Team!    I do believe I see everyone wide awake in class – must be those outstanding costumes of yours…………………….

These chicks are totally groovy.

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch?    Then you can study the Teaser photo here in class after you eat OR you can hop on the first bus for home to study.    Whichever works for you!

Happy Pre-Ween Teaser Kids!   We’ll give you a good lunch then you can hit the books again or go home!

Our Menu for the Day:


Your Professors


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  1. I love costume contests! We will send you some photos of my crew. Great cheer ladies, but not a clue as to where the photo was taken. Have a great day! XO


    • We are gonna use the photos people send as students in class that day BUTTTTTTT we could make it a costume contest easily! We did that several Halloweens ago in fact – I think way before Teddy arrived! Send photos!


  2. I am here at last. I recognise it but see it has already been guessed. It was on a Med cruise and I knew it was somewhere between La Rochelle, France and Bilbao Spain. I was going to look through my old Captain’s Logs to see where we had stopped between there, but I saw the previous comment and know that is right.


  3. Sunburn Island didn’t seem like the most logical place to put a maximum security prison. Not even 100 feet offshore of a popular tourist beach and with no man-eating otters to protect the premises, it seemed like prisoners would be escaping in droves. But there were the rumors that the forest on the island was inhabited by magical wood nymphs who didn’t take kindly to anyone leaving their island. That didn’t stop three prisoners, who we’ll call Moe, Larry and Curly to protect their families from potential embarrassment, from attempting the seemingly simple task of wading from the island to freedom on the mainland beach. Wood nymphs, really? Who would believe something so silly? Those three probably still think that’s a bunch of bunk now that they’ve had sap running through their brains for the past 15 years after the wood nymphs ambushed their escape by turning them into trees. Three trees that now serve as a warning to any other inmates of Sunburn Island who don’t believe in that fairies exist, and that they are working for the state correctional institute….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Magical wood nymphs? Wow…..the prison system sure has a lot to deal with between wood nymphs and man-eating otters (and too much soap). I’m now eyeing the trees in our backyard with suspicion……they could be escapees from the downtown jail.


    • Hi dear Cupcake…..no such thing as Pre-Ween unless you’re a student at Ding Dong School! WE love that photo of you – hope you don’t mind us using it for the shot of the students in today’s post! We are having a costume contest for Halloween though – details tomorrow!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Yikes…late again, getting into my old habits, MOL!

    Hubby had to have his MRI…now we have to wait what the doc says/suggests.

    That looks like Biarritz, France, a rather ‘furmouse’ spot, and I think I would love to visit there…but only after I get to be able to visit my own family in Canada. Sheesh:(

    Meanwhile a double order of those delectable onion rings will suit me just fine, Mmmm! Please and Thanks!!

    And I shall have to find the masked bandits, um, hooligans and of course Pipo needs to join in too…will send them in!


  5. Here wee go Teddy! LadyMew sayss thiss iss inn Majorca, Spain!
    Mee lovess how connfydent shee iss…usuallee meenss shee iss wrong, mew mew mew….
    Wee not hungry today…may wee have 2 Vanilley milkshakess pleese Missus Dee? Many thanx!
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  6. I like Kismet’s buffet…..I’l ask if I can have a taste.

    This is a resort for unruly felines in Italy. I’ve been there but only a couple of times. The therapists make us wait on them, while they enjoy the beach, and we can’t sy diddly squat or we have to stay longer.


    Liked by 1 person

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