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What? It’s MONDAY again? Already? Time is so messed up – don’t you think??    Well let’s just grab it by the horns and start a great week for ourselves shall we?   We’ll start with a SPARK – for ourselves and to share.     This was Annie of McGuffy’s Reader’s thought when she started the Monday SPARKS posts before her blog was hacked some time ago.    She is working on coming back but until she can we are carrying on the “Monday SPARKS” tradition.     It feels good to be a light at the first of the week!

I have a wonderful quote that is from Maya Angelou who has said more incredible things more eloquently in her life than anyone I know.    Almost every quote of hers I identify with it.     I’ve known this quote for YEARS and every time I read it – I get a tear in my eye – really.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I’d actually used this as my SPARK before but I didn’t find it in my SPARKS file.    I truly love it.    I hope it speaks to you too.     I have known a lot of people who quite obviously don’t give a darn HOW they make other people feel – I try to avoid them like the plague.

Have a special and positive week – we’ll get together again next Monday and put some SPARKS in the air OK?

Hugs and Smiles, Pam

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    • She was an amazing woman….when reading through her quotes you realize how she really did speak for so many of us! Things we feel but never said……Maya wasn’t afraid to put it into words.


  1. I have not read this before I don’t think…but it is the absolute truth. I may remember all three but how someone made me feel will be uppermost and first and the longest lasting.
    Katie’s Mom


  2. This is one powerful Spark! How people make us feel and how we make others feel can change our life. We need to not allow people to have the power to make us feel small or bad and we need to have an open heart to enjoy the happiness that people bring to us. Sort of comes down to kindness… being kind to others and ourselves. Thanks for this Spark this morning, you were in my head this morning!


    • I really think Maya Angelou was an incredible woman – she was so articulate and after reading through so many of her quotes I realized that she had a wonderful way of saying what many of us FEEL but have never expressed out loud. She was remarkable. Words are VERY powerful!

      Love, Pam


  3. That is a great spark and so true. I have just recently started reading Maya Angelou’s work and I am enjoying it. Have a great day! XO


  4. Mom remembers this quote from when she was a teacher. It’s a super great Spark for all people and for teachers especially. With content testing breathing down their necks, it’s important for teachers to remember that school is more than facts and figures.

    Love and licks,


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