SPARK on Monday

Happy Monday!    Time to share a thought for the week ahead – a little SPARK in our lives maybe?  For quite a while those of us who knew that Monday Sparks would hopefully be as uplifting to others as it has been for us, kept posting a message of hope, love, and positivity on Mondays even though Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blog – who began Sparks – wasn’t blogging due to having been hacked.    Well we got a big surprise a few weeks ago when Annie blogged again and we are sincerely hoping she will be able to continue!    It was a brilliant idea she started – and we’re carrying on with it as we have been.    Annie – we’ll look forward to your permanent return!

My SPARK this morning is a simple one.    It’s about one of my favorite things in life – friendships.    I treasure the ones I have – past, present and future.   To me, this little simple poster says it all.   Those million little things make life worth living…………don’t they?!

I’m grateful for my friends and if I look back at my long life I can remember some of my very  best friends and how important they always were to me.    Still are……………..

Hugs, Pam

44 thoughts on “SPARK on Monday

  1. Boy, is that true, or what, Pam? And in these distant times, we find ourselves writing more, chatting more, video-calling on what’sapp more….Makes the day have a bright spot and a warm spot in the heart. Thank you so much for your Monday Sparks and lovely thoughts about life. Coraggio…as the Italians say, for this thing requires courage, for sure. And please vote. We’re just reminding our friends.


    • Ahhh….yes….never fear – this year more than EVER people MUST vote! Interfacing with people SOMEHOW is important too. Friends get us through the worst of times and celebrate with us during the best of times!

      Hugs, Pam


    • I think this virus has made us zero in a little bit more on just how important our friends are to us……we are supporting each other, encouraging each other and THERE for each other even though we sometimes can’t PHYSICALLY be there.

      Hugs, Pam


  2. You know what? The Human met her BFF when she was three years old and her friend Pam was four. They have stayed BFFs for all their lives and now they are 70 and 71 years old. The Human is more grateful than she can ever say for having such a friendship in her life.


    • That’s a WONDERFUL thing – life-long friends. My Mom moved every two years with her Dad in the Service and it was tough to form lasting friendships…..she has friends NOW that she’s known for some years and remembers a few from the distant past who were important…..friends are “HEART FAMILY” !!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. You are a wonderful and special friend to many, Pam. Our mom totally appreciates your friendship. It is often one of the things that gets her through the day. On her behalf, we say, “thank you!” 😘😻 XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • That is an incredibly kind and sweet thing to say – friendship is very important to me too and I LOVE my friends. You are special to me as well and I know that one day we’ll be able to do the HUG THING in person again instead of virtually.

      Love, Pam ❤


  4. Here! We are going out today so I thought I would get in early. We have rain forecast from tomorrow for the next week so we are going to make the most of today. I have our picnic all packed and ready and Ivor is putting the fold up recliners in the car and we will be off. I will comment on the right post when we get home 🙂


  5. That is so true about friendship! I have friends that I don’t see/speak to in ages, maybe even years, but we can just sort of pick it up like there was no time in-between when we do meet up again…and a few of those friends are sort of like extra parents to me, cause they are almost as old as my parents might have been…

    And such little things as kindness and empathy make the bonds so much stronger.


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