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YEP – WE GOTCHA yesterday – probably the toughest Teaser in a while that we’ve had wouldn’t you say students?

On top of THAT we had that whoopsie with when the post went live yesterday morning – we were amazed that Miss Ingrid was UP at 3AM but considering her job maybe it’s not so strange – she was just lucky she checked her email because it allowed her to be our FIRST COMMENTER!!!!


Here’s your badge Madame Early Bird:

I was the First Commenter on the Teaser post of September 22, 2020. YAY FOR ME!

“You had us all confused yesterday because you started class EXTRA EARLY – NOT FAIR!”

Well we explained that yesterday on the blog – our Time Keeper/Graphics Department person forgot to schedule the Teaser post for something other than the REGULAR post time of 3AM so it went up at 3AM.   Amazingly bunches of people commented at that time AND Miss Ingrid was the FIRST.   SO THERE!


Oh alright – let’s just move on shall we????????????    We had a GUEST TEASER photo yesterday and when we saw it we just knew it would NEVER EVER EVER EVER be guessed.    It’s good for us to really challenge you smarties once in a while and this one “fit the bill” perfectly.

Here’s the photo:

This photo is of Eagle Marsh Wetlands on the border of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Here’s some information on this location if you’d like to read up on it………. CLICK HERE

OR  HERE  (the main page of the site for the Wetlands)

AND this fabulously tough photo was sent to us by our good friends ……………………….

Da Tabbies O Trout Towne!    (HERE)


Here’s your badge for being our Guest Teaser:

One Spoiled Cat featured my photo for their TEASER post of September 22, 2020! I fooled everyone!

That means we have about a bazillion GREENIES to hand out to all of you who guessed – so if you were one of the students who stepped up and guessed – please take a GREENIE on us!

I guessed on the impossible Teaser of September 22, 2020 and got this badge for TRYING. It was a TOUGHIE!

It doesn’t happen often that we fool everyone though – very rare occasion!

Oh don’t be so dramatic…..it’s not THAT rare!

Cheer Team?   Anything to say?

We’ve only got one name today to put in our cheer
Congratulations Miss Ingrid for being first to arrive here!
That was a tough Teaser to be sure
For “impossible Teasers” we have the cure
Hop on a stool at Grumpy Cat Bar
Get a Shirley Temple so you can drive your car
We know how painful it is to lose
It’s bound to depress you and give you the blues
The Grumpy Cat can cheer you up we guarantee
So have your lunch then meet us here and set your blues FREE!

Before you head home to enjoy this pretty Fall day – why not stop by the cafeteria for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry has yummy stuff on the cafeteria line for lunch today!!    After that, hop on the bus for home and we’ll see you NEXT Tuesday (not at 3AM though) for class!

Lunch is served students!   

Today’s Menu:

ALL ABOARD FOR HOME SWEET HOME!  See you next week students!  Your Professors


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  1. Well done Teddy and Tabbies! That was an extra hard Teaser.
    Congrats to Miss Ingrid for being around at the right time and being the one and only first commenter.


  2. Hah! Those Tabbies!! MOL! Concats to them for stumping the lot of us all!
    And to think I looked up English-Hurdle styled cedar fenced paths in American Nature preserves…in three search engines. Sheesh, not specific enough…but I sure did see a lot of nice places in my searches.
    And a wee pat on the back for me, cause I worked Monday eve, and was about to go to bed to be able to be up early enough for the Teaser…um…well, you know what happened, MOL!

    I have some meetings and errands, but those onion rings look yummy…maybe a good helping of those when I get back, please. OK?!


    • We couldn’t believe it when you “checked in” as the FIRST COMMENTER at that hour of the morning BUT we know you work weird shifts so maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised! CONCATULATIONS AGAIN!


  3. We guessed wetlands, just in the wrong state. One Greenie, please and thank you. Hardest Teaser ever! We believe we will just have some flan for now and join y’all later for lunch. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  4. Big Pup & Cat Congrats to Miss Ingrid for being so very first commenter and Yay to those Tabbies of Trout for a super hard Teaser. We had no idea. Honest. Thanks professors and friends for all the fun and now Miss D lets Eat!


  5. ted o nator !!! we had FUN; thanx for uzin R foto 🙂 and thanx for de badge; itz on R side bar now !!!

    may we pleez & thanx haz sum sghetti dinnerz….we best knot take em ta go, sew letz all find a nice picnix table in yur bak yard N chow down 🙂 thanx again ♥♥♥


  6. Terrific Teaser! We were half a continent off! The Tabbies did us in! They had a great shot!
    Congratulations to Ms Ingrid for being FIRST!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie


  7. LadyMew was so upset shee did not recognize this place…as shee was there many yeerss ago!! Cuud wee have to Hammy an Cheezeess with Friess pleese?? May mee have a wee bowl of milk an LadyMew wuud like sum watermelon tea too! Many thanx Teddy an Missus Dee.
    **purrss** BellaDharma


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