Tuesday Teaser Class Time!

“Well Team – looks like everything is secure and safe in the school yard so let’s give the Professors a PAWS UP to start class!!”

Welcome Students!   We got the all clear from Clowie so let the class BEGIN!

(Special Note:  The lady who is in charge of setting the time clock for CLASS START forgot to change the time from our usual post at 3AM to something for Teaser class…..SOOOOO, Teaser posted at 3AM this morning and we DID get our FIRST COMMENTER – Miss Ingrid! – sorry for the error – the lady in charge of time might be fired!)

Right up front – first thing – we want to tell you that we have another Guest Teaser today and we agree (and even Miss Dingleberry, Sarge, Marge, and that nasty Superintendent of Schools agree) that this might be the toughest Teaser EVER.    How’s that for a lead-in for class today?

“Well you sure got MY attention!”

Yep – no doubt about it……………so let’s move along and get to the photo so you may begin agonizing over this one.     First we’ll show you the RULES again (in case new students are observing class today) and the Badges that we have available for today in honor of FALL!

Good luck earning one of these badges everybody!

“My motto is NEVER SAY NEVER!!!”

“I’m READY Profs – GO FOR IT!”

Let’s bring in our Teaser Photo Security Guard with today’s WHOPPER shall we????    Our regular Guard is on vacation but we have our substitute here today:

Howdy Everyone! Here’s your Teaser photo – all safe and sound!

We weren’t  kidding when we said “TOUGH” !!!!!   Please let us know where you think this photo was taken (without getting any eyestrain!).

“You MUST be kidding us!!!!”

Nope – this is for real – just do your best………………………this photo probably has the fewest clues of any Teaser EVER……..We have ordered several extra cases of GREENIES for tomorrow.

“Cheer Team to Teaser Class – STAT!”

The Cheer Team will attempt to cheer you all up and get you fired up enough to try and figure out the Teaser……….from the looks on your faces you need all the help you can get!


We can see by your faces that this class is depressed!
You’ve seen the Teaser photo and are NOT impressed!
Well we’ve seen it too and we think it’s a whopper
A real mind bender – a real show stopper!
But know what else we think is true?
If any class of students can do it, it’s gotta be YOU!
You’re a lot smarter than you might look
Now get to studying – open that geography book!!!!

“Did you actually say that we’re a lot smarter than we look????”

Now, now…………you know the Cheer Team was just trying to get you all fired up – so relax and begin figuring out this photo OR take a little break and have some lunch then return to studying.   OK?   OK!

Greetings Teaser Class…..time to have a good lunch so you will have the energy to work on the Teaser!

Today’s Menu Selections:

See you all tomorrow for TELL ALL class and – GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

94 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser Class Time!

  1. Well you certainly fooled us all this time. I couldn’t believe it when I turned the computer on just now and saw the Teaser was up!


  2. Well, I went back for another look, biggified the photo as big as it would go and am still no wiser. It looks like houses or buildings of some sort through the tree across the river and meadow, but that hasn’t helped me at all. I am admitting defeat!


    • Well if you take a peek at the actual post (vs. your link to see it on your Reader) you will see we added a note this morning telling everyone that our official TIME KEEPER/CLOCK CARETAKER here at the school FORGOT to change the regular post time of 3AM to something DIFFERENT for Tuesday’s post. DUH. We think we may have to fire her except for the face she doubles as our Graphics Department. Anyway, it posted at 3AM because she forgot to change the time. Nice to be able to blame someone other than the Professors!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Not your fault you’re late – it’s that pesky Graphics Department/Time Keeper lady – she didn’t change the posting time from the regular/normal daily post time of 3AM to something JUST for Teaser! She’s getting old you know….we have to cut her some slack.


  3. Well congrats Miss Ingrid. Now on to this teaser. It could be anywhere so we say somewhere in PA. We have trees like that. Cheer team and Clowie thanks. Mss D amazing as every. Now we are going to get back to sleep. *Yawn*


  4. Gonna study hard and have some mashed taters…no wait…BLT! 2!! See you all tomorrow! By the way, the cheer team is looking good! Suzie is especially lively (of course).


  5. I’m late today because I never imagined you’d be around so early!

    That photo could be almost anywhere! I hope someone tracks it down but I don’t have a clue at the moment.


  6. Looks like it’s time for the warden of that prison to get those trees trimmed! I pity the poor inmates who can’t even get a good view of the man eating otter infested moat from the prison deck during the cell block barbecues. Next thing you know, they’ll try to take away the hot water in the communal shower…

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Well, this is just darn impossible. We don’t think we can figure it out even if we pool all our brain cells. We are heading to lunch…probably never to be heard from again. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  8. Mew mew mew this ISS one tuff Teezer! LadyMew sayss it lookss like a Lookout spot on backroad up past Wireton, Ontario lookin at THE Escarpment. …..which meens it iss purrobably inn Tanzania or sumwhere else xotick Teddy!!
    May wee pleese have 2 Rolly Lobsterss an sum Iced Tea fore lunch!Thankxx Missus Dee!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


  9. We know it’s somewhere in PA. Our wild guess is that place where there are cabins where you can go and stay watch the elk for hours on end. So we’re guessing Benezette,PA.
    Hope we got it right
    Crystal And Daisy Mae


  10. Wowwzers! That looks just like the Frazer River right across from the apartment is the sky! (or so Queen Penelope tells us). But Wes thinks she’s wrong (don’t tell her that though)
    Marv, Jo Jo, kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie


  11. Mercy, but that is a difficult one. Anyway, i am finally home for the day and wondering if you’ve ever considered having night school for those of us who work. And please pass the roasted veggies and such, if you have any left, it’s time for my supper!


    • HAHAHA……….you never know WHAT you’ll see in the Teaser photo every week……..we should occasionally give a hint when it’s extra tough but then – well – we enjoy watching the WRONG guesses as much as the RIGHT ones!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

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