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Happy Monday!    For quite a while those of us who knew that Monday Sparks would hopefully be as uplifting to others as it has been for us, kept posting a message of hope, love, and positivity on Mondays even though Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blog – who began Sparks – wasn’t blogging due to having been hacked.    Well we got a big surprise a few weeks ago when Annie blogged again and we are sincerely hoping she will be able to continue!    It was a brilliant idea she started – and we’re carrying on with it as we have been.    Annie – we’ll look forward to your permanent return!

I was recently telling someone about how I believe I have developed arthritis in some of my joints……it’s only fair after all – I’m “of an age” where things sometimes begin to get extra “achy-breaky”  but she said at the end of our conversation “stay strong”.     After we hung up I thought about it and I absolutely don’t FEEL strong.    I feel like complaining about being uncomfortable is FAR from being strong.    Anyway, I searched for something to inspire me to not complain and keep on working on getting into shape to the extent that I can and found this GREAT quote from Ghandi.

All I had to do was think about some of the other health struggles I’ve “conquered” in my life and I realized that maybe I HAD been strong in the past – and if I could do it then – I can do it now.   So that’s my plan.   We actually ALL can do it – we’ve all developed strength in various ways.    As we age we need to call on that strength – either that or have some good friends to keep you “pumped up” when you have a down moment or two!!!

I wish you strength!   Hugs, Pam

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  1. Oh, how lovely to hear that! But we also liked your forthrightness of complaining that you didn’t at that moment feel stong! Those moments happen to all of during COVID times, and it’s okay to feel sadness, grief, or just plain, “DAMN this thing!” But then…the strength must be found to have another day, feed the kitties, water the flowers, clean the tub….thank you for your lovely Ghandi saying and I hope so much your arthritis stays minimal. Exercise, moving the joints, is a good start. That and a nice glass of white wine in the evening…
    Someone told mama that red wine is not good for arthritis, but what the heck…..

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    • Hi Loulou!! We all have our moments – I think sometimes we don’t ADMIT that we have them but we do. Mom says things could be a lot worse and that’s something to remember and make us feel lucky. We’ve heard about red wine not being good for arthritis too – Mom is a Prosecco fan so maybe that’s a good thing??????

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Lou Lou said above, and I echo her as I say I like your forthrightness as well. That is what attracts me here from the start. That, and the orange goodness that is like a warm blankie for me. I have strength, but only because I have help. I can’t always do strong things without that help. 🙂


    • I think people who blog often develop a symbiotic relationship with their followers – we put out some energy but get it back many times over thanks to our blog friends!!!!! I believe we can do anything that we make our minds up to do (or at least try). Friends help give that little push!!

      Love, Pam


  3. Oh yes indeedy Uncle Arthur seems to come when we least expect him. I now wish I had listened to Mama when she said don’t sit with your legs under your but you’ll wear your knees out. LOL
    We’ll they aren’t worn out but they do creak as do my back. But as you said for sure there are folks way worse off.
    Hugs Cecilia


  4. Dad here and it seems that when you are that “certain age” it sure can be challenging. I have found that the wrist, thumb. shoulders, etc. do get a bit better with time so we hope the same for yours. Love the spark. Strength, as in sports, takes practice.


  5. Strength does come from within. We have struggled much in our lives for jobs, to keep jobs, for money and just plain living. Struggling with one’s health can be very difficult. There is no clear cut path that will assist you to the inners circle. Trial and failure is your guide. Therefore practice makes for perfect.


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  6. Yup, that achy-breaky stuff is going on at this den too, even Pipo…
    Petcretary thinks those sore joints may well be her undoing as far as her job goes, but on the other hand/paw, if she keep working she stays more limber and agile…so she just keeps on keeping on.

    When she was on chemo and her lags hurt so bad deep in the long bones, she still told herself to keep walking…so she did, mostly a two mile walk around the country block here, and she always had Angel MJF with her. I, Pipo and AngelMinko cuddled with her a lot during that time to keep her warm and well rested after those walks…and now she sometimes puts in 11 or more miles a day at her work(!)…
    Like the saying goes…Never Ever Give Up. That is strength, plus God helps us stay strong through these trials, whatever they may be. (Just read through many of the Psalms.)

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  7. FAB SPARK Pam!! I too have survived the BIG “C” so I will soldier on with my Fibro/Osteo-Arthritis/Skeletal Hyperostosis….
    For me fighting & surviving illness that come to an end is easier than to live with ongoing pain/deterioration/mobility issues. So I find your SPARKS uplifting & inspiration. I am sorry you now have arthritis…I’ve had mine since I was 25….a very long time.
    Strength does come from surviving; I DO believe that!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  8. I needed this. You are one of the strongest people I know with your positive attitude. Getting older really is difficult, and I am trying to come to terms with this right now. You know, we are here for each other whenever one of us needs a pep talk. To strength! Hugs, Janet


    • Hello!!! Glad you stopped by – we kept “SPARKS” warm for you…..there are SPARKS all over the world because of you. Take them and let them be your “energy source” for continuing your voice. We have missed you.

      Hugs, Pam


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