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Have a seat students……………….we will enlighten you as to the location of this “next to impossible” Teaser photo AND tell you who it was that sent in this WHOPPER of a Teaser.

BUT FIRST…………….we must let you know who was the lucky one who was FIRST COMMENTER yesterday.    Know what?   We only had ONE FIRSTIE – compared to FOUR last week.   Needless to say our Cheer Team was rather pleased about that.


I can’t wait to hear………………….!!!!!!!



CONCATULATIONS MISS JANET AND HERE’S YOUR BADGE (which you don’t share with anyone!)

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of August 11, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

Now perhaps you would like to see yesterday’s photo again AND know who our Guest Teaser was????????????????????????????????????????

This beautiful photo was sent in by one of our students – yep – Miss Ingrid sent this baby in and said she thought it would be a whopper and boy was she right!    Here’s what she said in her email when she sent in the photo:

Its Eugenia Falls, in Grey County, Ontario, which is near Flesherton Ontario, and very close to the village of Eugenia.It is part of the Bruce Trail, which runs from Queenston in the Niagara region to Tobermory,  where it juts into a peninsula, where Lake Huron and Georgian Bay meet. I think its part of Eugenia Falls Conservation Area ( A small park as compared to a provincial park which are much larger). (In Tobermory you have to get on a ferry to go any farther!)   Some other info…The Bruce Trail is a hiking trail in southern Ontario, Canada from the Niagara River to the tip of Tobermory, Ontario. The main trail is more than 890 km (550 mi) long and there are over 400 km (250 mi) of associated side trails. The Bruce Trail follows the Niagara Escarpment.

Well Miss Ingrid you stumped EVERYONE – nobody guessed it so we thank you for giving our students a SUPREME CHALLENGE!!

I sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on August 11, 2020 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!


Thanks for the beautiful photo Miss Ingrid!    Sounds like it would be a wonderful and very LONG hike!    Seeing the falls would be your reward though wouldn’t it.

So that means that with NO “RIGHT GUESSERS”………….everyone who guessed gets a GREENIE – so please help yourself to a copy of this badge.

I got this badge because I guessed but was wrong on the Teaser of August 11, 2020 but know what? EVERYONE IN CLASS WAS WRONG!

Well Cheer Team you have an easy job today…………………………………………….GO FOR IT!

Here we are with the winning news
Just about everyone is singing the blues.
We had a FIRST COMMENTER in class and she did well!
Miss Janet from Kitties Blue really rang the bell!
Then the guessing began and it was clear
It would be a long day for our students so dear!
Golly gosh Miss Ingrid sure fooled you
That’s a RARE occasion – so tough to do!
Usually SOMEONE guesses and gets it right
But this Teaser photo was truly out of sight!
There are a bazillion waterfalls around the world
Enough of them to end your brain in a swirl
But we know you tried and did your best
Now it’s time to have lunch and give your brains a rest!

PHOOOOOOOEY!   Well, we tried!

We know you tried – it was just a very hard Teaser photo.    Anyway, thanks to everyone for giving it a try…………………now let’s go eat some lunch – THAT will cheer you all up I bet!

Step right up and have some lunch – full tummies are happy tummies!


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  1. Yippee! Stumped them all…MOL!

    I used to live south of there, Flesherton is way up north but along the same highway (Highway 10), that runs through the city I used to live in (Brampton, Ontario)…a friend of mine took that picture, and allowed me to send it in for the Teaser.
    The Niagara escarpment is SO long and has much to wonder over and admire the beauty of it all. My sister lives in Milton, and not too far from there is more of the Niagara escarpment, and more conservation areas to hike in and enjoy. Rattlesnake Point is one of the best that I have been at. Not to mention Niagara Falls!

    Oh, I see onion rings! YUM!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gosh LouLou what a very sweet thing to say! Teaser is fun – we all learn something I think – mostly my Mom and Dad have learned this is a HUGE WORLD full of wonderful places to visit and we hope one day soon – EVERYONE will be able to travel again!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Congrats to Miss Janet being the one and only first commenter. Congrats Teddy and Miss Ingrid on stumping everyone.
    I didn’t get back to try and find it, but it is most unlikely I would have anyway.
    We have been doing a lot of redecorating and had to get new carpet in the afternoon. I was dreading going into a large store for the first time, so we went on a very hot day hoping everyone would be at the beach. It worked, it was deserted!


    • GOOD FOR YOU figuring out what kind of day is best for shopping….that’s what I do too. Sometimes there is nobody in the grocery – in fact most days – I go at 6AM when everyone else is asleep!!

      Fun to redecorate…………….!
      Hugs, Pam


  3. Concats to the quickest of the quickies, Miss Janet!!! Could the Profs lend me a huge, soft towel, please? I’m just soaking after having visited about 1000 waterfalls in the US!


    • Miss Csilla we think a lot of students got well soaked yesterday while searching through gallons and gallons of water! It was more than a challenge wasn’t it…..it was “dreaming the impossible dream” !!!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  4. Mom was pretty excited to be the ONLY first commenter. That doesn’t happen too often. Not surprised nobody guessed this. Mom thought by the trees that it was N.America, and it was. Bravo for Ingrid stumping everybody. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • It was a really TOUGH photo – there must be a quadrillion waterfalls on Planet Earth and there was no way to know where this one was unless you’d SEEN it! Fun to have a stumper once in a while.

      Hugs, Teddy


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