Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello!   Welcome to Thursday.    Thursday is THANKFUL DAY and it’s also the day we play around with poetry with Angel Sammy.     First up we must be very thankful because we were extremely lucky with the Tropical Storm that blew up the coast yesterday and day before – we had a whole lot of rain but no tornadoes or damaging winds.    Many were not that lucky so we SHOULD be very thankful.    Hope all of you were that lucky too.

Angel Sammy’s email is below and he shares not just the poem he wrote for this week based on last week’s photo but gives us all a photo inspiration for NEXT Thursday too!     Ready?


YAY – It’s Thursday – Time For Poetry!

Hello friends…………..greetings from the Rainbow Bridge.    We Angels have been keeping an eye on things down there and it seems there’s a whole lot going on that we are unable to help you with.   Particularly that nasty virus – you all will have to just do your best to follow the rules because some things we can help with and others you must help yourselves………OK?

Now let’s talk poetry.    Last week I gave you (and me) a photo to use as inspiration for a poem and below you’ll find MY humble effort.    I hope you wrote one too and if you did, tell us that in comments so we can read it and enjoy it.    Poetry is a lot of fun and particularly if we’re all looking at the SAME photo and seeing different things – imagination is a wonderful thing!

“Lady In The Mist”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell        ©August 5, 2020


The hounds guard the lady from every direction

Her gown moves in the breeze with sheer perfection

She waits in the mist for her love to arrive

The anticipation is building and the woods are alive

In the distance the sound of hooves faintly heard

Her heart beats so fast as she whispers one word

“Antonio” she says as her heart skips a beat

His black stallion arrives and their eyes and hearts meet…………..


Yeah kinda “mushy” isn’t it.    Well I couldn’t help myself – even a cat has romantic feelings and thoughts you know!    I found out that back in “the day” royalty would always ride with dogs alongside to provide protection.    I thought these dogs in the photo were keeping an eye in all directions for danger.   Very cool.

So I have another photo for you to use as next week’s poetic inspiration………… it is!


Another bit of nostalgia……………..thought this one might be a fun one and bring back some memories to some of you too (like my Mom!).     So we’ll get together next Thursday and see what we’ve come up for this one OK?   OK – it’s a date!

Have a good week until then………….stay safe………………….do the RIGHT things for YOU and for those around you………………..

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Hugs, Angel Sammy


Always makes me happy to hear from you Angel Sammy.    Thanks for the poem and for visiting all of us every week.    I’m sending you and special hug from me and Mom!

Love, Teddy

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    • Glad you liked the photo of the milkman AND the poem that Angel Sammy did for this week’s poem fun – maybe you will join us in writing a poem for the new photo? Every Thursday we share poetry based on the photo of the previous week. The milkman photo will make for some FUN poems!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Oh, that lady is for sure looking in anticipation…but worried a bit that perhaps something bad will happen before *he* gets there…no wait those dogs will help!

    The next picture sure brings back memories for petcretary…yup, a horse pulled wagon carried the milk…later in another area, the milk was brought to the little cupboard in the wall…and he would take the empties back. and when *she* was seven, at her Oma,’s home; the milk vendor brought the huge can to the door and filled her vessel with the milk and the cream, too.

    At her Aunt, the milk was delivered by a small van…and *she* got to make the rounds with him…imagine even thinking about that these days…

    I wonder if the milkman in the picture is going to have as cool glass of milk with the baked goods he just got as a reward for good service!


    • Maybe the lady will give him a “THANK YOU” glass of cold milk and a donut???!!! The photo that Angel Sammy gave us of the lady on the horse was just so beautiful – brought to mind so many possibilities!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. We still have a milkman deliver in our village – he must be one of very few remaining!

    My biped says that when she was small, the milkman and the greengrocer used to deliver with horse-drawn carts. The milkman’s horse knew the route and would move along on his own while the milkman was taking bottles to different houses. But one day he saw the greengrocer’s cart along the road and trotted along to it. When the milkman came back the horse was busy munching carrots on the greengrocer’s cart at the other end of the road! 😀

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    • That is a FABULOUS story! I love it…….the horse just knew where a snack would be available didn’t he. I think it’s really nice that you still have a milkman in your village. These days here people are having EVERYTHING delivered to their home instead of shopping in person due to the virus so in a way – I suppose the milkman and greengrocer ARE delivering to homes now out of necessity!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  3. Angel Sammy, you hit it right again! You always do. Teddy, again…that orange bowtie is so perfect on you! You are adorable. I mailed at Dianna’s comment above. I am prone to do that too. I get in too much of a hurry.


  4. Angel Sammy, that is quite a lovely poem. Who knew you were such a romantic cat? Well done! I remember when I was little and we had a milkman. When SSNS and I lived in St. Louis milk delivery became a thing again and our milk was delivered in bottles in a cooler. So much better than out of a carton.


  5. Good Morning ☀️ We loved your poem Angel Sammy. Thanks for sharing it with us. We like mushy too. I grew up on a farm and the cows only came to the barn, Mom brought it the rest of the way. 😆 😎 My cousins had milk delivery like that. It was delivered in the early mornings though.


    • I THINK I can remember visiting my Grandma and the milkman leaving the milk in a silver colored box on the front porch – I think it was insulated too. It was SUPER early that he’d deliver it because it was always there even at unbelievably EARLY hours.

      Hugs, Pam

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  6. ted o nator….we iz buzzed happee ewe N yur famleez safe frum de hurricane…thatz gotta bee scaree stuff….we hope thiz seezon iz a mild one & noe mor pazz thru….stay safe & healthee

    sam oh bacon; grate poem thiz week dood….ewe haz roe manze on de mind ♥♥♥ & bak in de dayz oh yore, de milk man AND de bread man used ta dee liver….funnee how that STOPPED and itz bak in style again huh ~~~~~~~

    sew heerz a haiku for thiz weekz snap shot

    hay ewe dalmations
    de fire house iz THAT >>>> way
    best get ther pron toe ♥♥♥


    • HAHAHAHAHA! Great Haiku guys – the dalmations look like they are confused what direction to go in that photo don’t they? Yeah I think Angel Sammy might have had romance on his mind which is OK I suppose – after all those who are at the Bridge have more on their mind than flying around for fun – I think they deserve a little “hubba hubba” don’t you??????????????

      Hugs, Ted o Nator


  7. You have a wonderful way with words and are so good at capturing the spirit of a photo.

    Mom remembers having a milkman when she was a little girl. But she didn’t like the yucky cream at the top of the milk:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  8. That is a lovely romantic poem, Angel Sammy.
    I remember when milk was delivered in pint glass bottles. My mum used to leave a small glass for each milk bottle along with her empties. That was for the milkman to put over the top of the milk to stop the birds pecking the foil and drinking the cream at the top of the milk.


    • What a cool story about the milkman visiting your Mum and the little glass for the top to protect the milk. Hadn’t thought of that!!!!! Glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem too.

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Oh we LOVE LOVE LOVE your poem!! It is funny – totally (although I expect saddle sores aren’t funny if you have one…haha). Yep – we made it without damage but have had worse storms that took down some of our huge oaks in the woods – a tornado came through here some years ago and it was MEAN!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • We are all fine here and hope things are doing OK at the hospital for you! Glad you liked the poem this week – that photo of the milkman is so TOTALLY COOL and I bet we get some wonderful poetry from people for it!

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. Mee-yow wow what a furabuluss poe-em ‘angel’ Sammy!! Wee were goin to rite a poe-em butt purr usual thingss went haywire here. An wee a day late vissitin youss….bettur lat e than nevurr rite Teddy?
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  10. We thought we commented on your Mom’s talent as a poet here….but maybe we failed to save it?? Well, anyway, we give her an A!
    P.S. We had some trouble logging into WordPress just now–maybe we messed up the other night.


    • WordPress can be a little mean……we have problems commenting on some blogs including WordPress ones! Weird….the internet is a strange place!

      Hugs, Teddy
      p.s. Mom says thanks for the compliment on the poem!


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