In Purrrrsuit of Flavours


Hello Friends!    We know we give you a recipe every Saturday but today we’re joining someone else’s recipe share – our buddies at Canadian Cats AND Easy Weimaraner.     It’s a Blog Hop so if you’d like to share a recipe (this month’s recipe is supposed to be something EASY TO MAKE and LIGHT for the Summer), just click on the badge above and add your blog address to the LINKY FORM!!

My suggestion for an EASY PEASY and incredibly refreshing summer meal is a FRESH TOMATO SALAD…………………doesn’t get any easier than this.    Mom uses either regular sized farmer’s market tomatoes OR even the little tiny tomatoes which have even more concentrated tomato flavor.    My Mom will often have just THIS for dinner.   Yes she’s a tomato freak.


4 medium tomatoes cubed (OR a big handfull or two of tiny tomatoes if you prefer)

1 clove crushed garlic

Thinly sliced onion (however much you like)

2 Tablespoons chopped fresh basil


Mix everything together – stick in the refrigerator for a while as it “marinates” the flavors and VOILA – the easiest meal EVER!!!!


Hugs, Teddy


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  1. Awesomely refreshing and tasty! One of the good things about living in good old Floridaaadoodaa is tomatoes that are delicious year round. I just can’t keep from adding a tiny bit of Wishbone Italian dressing though. I have no idea where those little bit bigger than a golf ball tomatoes come from, I will have to look. Good Morning!


    • Hellllooooooo! So you’re another tomato lover eh?? I’ve always enjoyed a bowl of fresh tomatoes and yes – sometimes with a bit of dressing (bleu cheese yum). I hate to say this but those little “Timy Tim” tomatoes are yummy with a sprinkle of (gasp) sugar on them too.

      Hugs, Pam

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  2. OH YES! I love those maters and onions and love the idea of a bit of garlic and basil…wouldn’t have thought of that. Let me AT them!


  3. Delicious and simple!!! The grandgirls bought ONE small tomato plant and it has produced hundreds and hundreds of cherry tomatoes. We are going to pass this recipe along to them.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Oh, mama grows tomatoes and is hoping the weird weather this summer doesn’t damage the plants.
    Mama makes pasta alla romana with four tomatoes, two garlic cloves, a handful of fresh basil, a few sprigs of mint, a handful of grilled almonds, a half-cup of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper to taste, all whizzed up in the bowl of a food processor, not too much and then tossed with any short pasta and thin slices of parmesan. Mama sometimes uses mozzarella di bufala cut in small pieces.


  5. Well, the Human says this sounds pretty tasty (though she’d definitely add a balsamic vinaigrette — that’s why your Human is so svelte and mine is . . . well, not–ha ha ha!). Honestly, I think it sounds absolutely repulsive! Where are the chick-hens? or the toonas? I mean….is this even FOOD?


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