Tuesday Teaser Class Time


Alright Team!   Another successful cruise of school grounds reveals a clear campus!

Good Morning Class!   Have you COMMENTED yet?   Good – then you can sit at your desk!

Well our Graphics Department is trying again to come up with something at least INTERESTING in the way of a photo for you to examine today.    That doesn’t mean it’s a toughie of course but at least you might have to think a minute before you answer!

I’m DETERMINED to get a badge this week!

Good – we’re determined to hand a bunch of badges out – just got a new shipment in so we’re ready to rock and roll.


Here are the rules for guessing AND the badges you will win including one if you’re WRONG with your guess.   See?   As long as you guess you get a badge of SOME TYPE!

I’m gonna win a badge OR whoever changes my diaper today will get a BIG surprise!!!!

Cheer Team?   Will you please come in here and cheer little Roberto up before he has a WHOOPSIE in class?    After you cheer him and everyone else up we’ll show the Teaser photo for today!!

Alright Roberto here we are
Using your diaper as a threat won’t get you far!
Settle down and get ready to see the Teaser
We had a peek and think it’s a real crowd pleaser!
We wish you all luck and you might need it
Remember the Professors will get mad if any of you cheated!

Thanks ladies……….I think the students including Roberto have settled down and are now ready to see the Teaser or today!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken???????????


It’s up to you all to figure out where this is then tomorrow we’ll get together and find out the answer AND pass our badges to those who deserve them.    SO – now that you’ve seen the photo and are ready to work – who wants lunch???    Might be a good idea to get fortified before you begin studying.    After lunch you can go home and continue studying then TELL ALL CLASS will be TELLING ALL tomorrow.

Well I’m gonna try but won’t make any promises!

Happy Tuesday Students!   We hope you enjoy your lunch today!

What’s On The Menu:

All aboard for home!   See you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!   Good Luck students……

Your Professors

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  1. The photo is beautiful. It makes me want to run along that street and straight up that mountain, not stopping (apart from for a roll in the snow) till I get to the top!

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    • Good luck with your recheck but I bet they will see you have been so far a STELLAR patient!!!!! Glad the storm is gone from there – thanks for sending it here (HA!). We’ve had torrential rain through the night and a bit of a breeze…..didn’t lose power and all tornado watches were EAST of us. We’ll happily say BUBBYE to this storm in a few hours!!

      Hugs, Pam

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  2. I’m almost tempted to say that our Russian hacker pal Boris hijacked another Teaser photo to put a giant rock in the background again. But no… I see what’s going on here. If you look real close, you’ll see a guy standing on the sidewalk. He’s the traffic cop of this town, and he has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to enforcing the running of a red light at the town’s lone stoplight. Everyone he’s ever caught breaking the rules of the road has been sent to the big prison up on top of the mountain for life…. which is why you don’t see anyone else in that photo. The entire town has been incarcerated, but the good news is that crime has dropped 100 percent since then!

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    • All is well here Tabbies and we hope it’s like that where YOU are too! Salmon – good choice – we catch it way before those man and cat eating bears wake up for their breakfast……!!!

      Thanks for visiting us – if you tune in tomorrow you’ll see what a WHOPPER of a pile of winners we had!
      Hugs, Ted O Nator


  3. I’m reporting to the class that we had no electricity from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. I called the power company but they could only tell us that the error must be in the house and not in the network of the company. Fortunately, they recommended an elderly man who was their colleague till his retirement. He came but told us that they have to dig up the area near to the outer power box in order to find the wrong piece of cable… But he found the error and we have electricity again! And he is 77 years old! Unbelievable! Old school repairman!


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