Teaser Class Time!


Looks like we can come in from the heat gang – thorough search finds no lurking danger in the schoolyard – let’s go get a cold drink!!

Happy Tuesday Class!  Have you left a COMMENT yet?   You better hurry!

Clowie and her team have given us the go ahead for class today.   No introooooders to be found.   So let’s get started!

Today we have another Teaser from our wonderful GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.   Your job of course is to figure out WHERE this photo was taken.   Not always easy is it!    Well as you are working on it you must remember the rules we ask that you follow……………..AND if you’re lucky enough to be deserving of a little award then you will win a BADGE!!

Alright!  Now the business is out of the way let’s get going…………….

Hey – slow down – you’re making our heads spin!

Sorry – we’re just excited to get the photo to you so you can begin agonizing over where it was taken.

We’re excited too Professors but it’s (yawn) early!  We go slow when it’s early!

Well maybe you just need a little wake-up music to get you going………………….THIS ought to do it!


Alright now that you’re AWAKE and ready let’s bring in our Teaser Photo Security Guard with today’s photo:

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


Cheer Team – from the looks on the students’ faces, I think you’d better come on in and CHEER them up!

Why do we see shock on all your faces?
You’ve guessed right before with harder places!
You can do it – we know you can
Be a Wonder Woman or a Superman!
So buckle down and think get those brains in gear
Or else we’ll feel like we wasted energy on our Teaser cheer!!

Thanks ladies……………I see some determined looks on those faces now – your cheer worked……………

We CAN do this! Yep!

Good – now that you’re all pumped up………..we can take a break and have some food OR you can stay here and work on your Teaser – it’s up to you…………………We Professors are heading for the cafeteria………….and your bus will be waiting after lunch or class either way to take you HOME!    Back in school tomorrow for the TELL ALL……..and badges !!

Happy Tuesday students…….time for lunch!!   Eat up!!

What’s On The Menu:

It’s a Date!  Good luck students!


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  1. We see the Blue Crew beat us with that Teaser as it is Haystack Rock off Cannon Beach in Oregon. The Goonies was filmed here for some of it anymeow and some other movies I am sure. Now we are going to have a snackeroo of Grouper and Chili Dogs. Well we are all having Grouper and Einie wanted the doggies MOL. Thanks Cheer Team for the encouragement. Thanks Profs lets see if we are right at the Big Reveal

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  2. We are each going to have a snack with a lemon tart and watermelon iced tea. Then Mom says she’s going back to sleep until it is time for our breakfast in 32 minutes. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  3. Good Morning All!
    It is Haystack Rock in Oregon. I sure wouldn’t mind a dip in the water – we are in the middle of a heat wave – yuck!!

    Your menu looks very good today. I haven’t had Chili dogs in years.


    • I think EVERYONE is in the middle of a heat wave……we have had over 90 26 days in a row here and last night had a 15 minute shower which added an overpowering touch of humidity! Thank heavens for A/C! Tune in tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All………………. 🙂


  4. Our internet was off from 12.30 until now so I couldn’t get here. The maintenance was scheduled from 12.00 – 17.00 so actually less than 2 hours so not too bad.
    It looks a lovely place to be and much better than here right now!


  5. In the solitary confinement wing of an unnamed prison in the middle of Siberia was an inmate named Igor Podinski (Known by the nickname “iPod” to his comrades in jail). Igor was a Russian hacker of the highest order who had to take the fall for the scandal when the gang of geeks he belonged to got caught hacking into Mikhail Gorbachev’s MySpace page (Hey, he’s old school, don’t judge). Since even prisoners in Siberia get internet access now, Igor thought it would be clever to hijack this week’s Tuesday Teaser photo and Photoshop a giant rock into the middle of the water. And he would have gotten away with his crime against blog games if it weren’t for the fact that the warden just happened to be a Teaser player (He has an autographed portrait of Miss Dingleberry above the toilet in his private bathroom). The warden was not amused at Mr. Podinski’s attempt to vandalize the Teaser photo, and ordered the guards to feed him to the man eating otters in Volga River. In Soviet Russia, they take their Teaser photos very seriously!

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    • iPod….. HAHAHAHA. OOps – sorry about giggling about this prisoner’s nickname but I wondered where they got that from. This is quite a story and I’m sure iPod is pretty danged sorry he committed his hijacking of the Teaser but I’m glad SOMEONE is looking out for us. It’s also heartwarming to know Miss Dingleberry’s AUTOGRAPHED (!) portrait hangs over the john in the Warden’s private potty room. At least he made sure the otters had a good snack!!!


    • I could NOT resist putting Pharrell’s song up to cheer class today – everyone was grumpy and I knew that song would put everyone RIGHT – it works for me every time!!! One Grouper sammmmich comin’ right up!! Happy Tuesday……..

      Hugs, Pam and Professor Boop Teddy


  6. ted o natorz…may we pleez order sum friez anda grouper samich; heerz de food servizz gurlz charge oh card number : Zero

    we hope yur day total lee rox and ya stay in side N chillax !



    • Hey your Food Service Girl’s charge card # is the same as my Mom’s! ‘Cept hers is TWO Zeros! I’ve got your Grouper sammmmmmiches and fries in a big old box – enough to go around at least once I’d say……enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

      Hugs and Chillaxing, Ted O Nator


  7. Cudd wee pleese have 2 Shrimpie Saladss an 2 Lemony Tartss an 2 Smoothiess??? Thanx……

    An now fore our (reelly LadyMewss) guess: Either off coast of Australia or New Zealand. Man mee hopess shee iss at leest on RITE side of THE werld!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  8. Haystack Rock!! It’s in Oregon although I don’t remember exactly where! Or it’s Morrow Bay in California! It has a giant rock too.

    We want to choose the Tuna Salad for lunches! YUM


  9. There’s a big ole rock at Morro Bay on the central CA coast and it’s been a long time since the Human has been there and she doesn’t think that’s it. But that’s our guess anyway ha ha ha, cause we don’t have any other ideas!


    • We looked up that rock and it does look something like this one – this big old rock is in Oregon but we’ve seen some “beauts” in California too!! Thanks for taking a whack at guessing the Teaser !

      Hugs, Teddy


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