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Happy Sunday…………….oh boy are we all tired around here today – all that “snap, crackle, pop” last night into the wee hours with fireworks and little sleep………………..means we’re going to have a lazy day today for sure.    Want to join in the Hop?  Please do – just click the badge above and hop on over to the Kitties Blue’s hangout and link up.

Since I’m tired and Mom and Dad are FAR from “perky” today, we’ll just take it easy………… know what “take it easy” means in “TEDDY LANGUAGE” right?

Forgive my lack of modesty but when a guy’s tired, he lets it all hang out.    I hope you all got some sleep last night – I’m sure the people who were up setting off fireworks are napping today to make up for having a party last night.     We could see fireworks through the trees in the woods so the house was behind us – through the woods and other side of the creek.    Sounded like they were in our living room though.    (HAHAHAHAHA)

Now, of course Mom jazzed this photo up and in fact it’s an older photo of me passed out from 2018.    It is, however what I look like RIGHT THIS MINUTE too…………..unconscious on a piece of tissue paper in Mom’s office.

AND – here’s a puzzle for you folks who like to do them – since we’ve had this photo here before, you should be able to check on Jigsaw Planet to see what your “puzzle time” was back in 2018 when we FIRST did a puzzle of this photo – maybe you can BEAT IT???????    Good Luck!


Click this MINI-ME puzzle and go off to puzzle land…………..

Now if you’ll excuse me – YAWN – I’ll get back to my nap!   Happy Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy

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    • Same here – borderline CRAZY…….the people on the street behind us must have spent a FORTUNE on fireworks as they didn’t stop AND most were illegal. They also did them Friday night but last night was almost 3 hours worth. RIDICULOUS!!!! I see NAPS in our future today!

      Hugs, Pam


  1. No perky here. SSNS is still in bed but he can’t be sleeping because nature’s fireworks are cracking right over the top of us. We need the rain so no complaining I suppose. A whole lot of fireworks last night but they were far away and at 11:30 pm it was like someone flipped the switch and they were done. No fireworks during the day and none Friday night. Happy Napping Sunday, Teddy Boop and Peeps!


    • Well get that man out of bed – time to rattle those pots and pans and make breakfast for the little woman! (tee hee) We had fireworks until 11:30 or so and it was NON-STOP – WAY more than in any previous year. People must have spent thousands of dollars on fireworks. Crazy. They also did them Friday night but not as long. Thank heavens we’re past the 4th. There will be napping in this household today FOR SURE!!!!! Hope you and SSNS can have a peaceful and quiet Sunday!!

      Love, Pam and Teddy Boop

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  2. I love that photo, it makes me want to snorgle that tummy. I see the puzzle took me 74 minutes , I hope I can beat that. Have a great day! XO


  3. I had to drive around someone setting off fireworks in my street while going to work last night. And they were hardly the only one…. seriously, so many people were shooting off fireworks, the city was shrouded in smoke all night. I’ve never seen anything like it. It would have been much safer to just have the public fireworks display like usual…


  4. My kitties were terrified last night. Right next door son moved it(dad passed) and did fireworks. Been doing some all week here and there). Got our small air conditioner air to help out the old central air. It seems really cold as I am cold now. We will see when it gets super hot today. The air doesn’t seem to be running as much so far. Enjoy your day.


  5. That Christmas tissue was a giveaway that this was not a current photo. But since we know you, like Coper, assume that position everyday, it surely could be. Everyone get a nap or two today. Sending lots of love to all. Thanks, as well, for being faithful hoppers. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Yep – you caught me – it’s an oldie but a goodie and almost every day I’m in this position (usually by Mom’s chair in her office)………..Cooper and I are fans of airing out the undercarriage.

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. You do that Take It Easy thing very well, Teddy – you look so relaxed:)

    Lots of fireworks around here too, but thankfully they didn’t last much more than an hour.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • Last night made up for the other two noisy nights – it was very quiet – very serene and I slept VERY WELL (so did Mom and Dad so no more grumpies!!).

      Hugs, Teddy
      POTP to Misty


    • I couldn’t find my earplugs or maybe I would have………..haha……….it really was noisy – Mom and Dad said NEVER in the 24 years they’ve lived here did the neighborhood become THAT noisy on the 4th! People are bored I think.

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. I love your tummy photos! Can you believe my human worked all day yesterday? And she’s her own boss too, so it was her choice. Mainly she figured she was going to be home anyway, so might as well be productive. So we were both pretty tired today too.


  8. Petcretary worked both 4th & 5th…so her tiredness results will happen today…all the day long, MOL!!
    I, Pipo hardly ever sleep like that, but I do roll over like that when my peeps walk past me to beg for a good long belly rub.

    Will try that puzzle later…like when my brain is awake!

    (I am very behind in ‘visiting’ so will just start up here…though I must say I loved that poem about the solitary flower. Years ago on a rocky beach, I saw a dandelion in full glorious bloom right in the midst of the rocks…no other growth anywhere close…I guess some plants get brave, or they are hermits, MOL!
    But yes, bloom and reach for the stars wherever you are planted.)


    • Things like a lonely flower in the middle of “nothingness” sort of feel like a message when I see them. “Hang in there” – “Anything is possible” – “Miracles do happen”………….and ALL of that is true! Rest up….

      Love, Pam


  9. What a grate foto Teddy!! You look so chill an ree-laxed…mee shuud try that pose sumtime!!
    You know wee have bin hearin firewerkss since May 2-4 weekend…efurry Furiday an Caturday an even Sunday nitess!! There were no cellybrationss so wee know it iss peepell shootin them off down bye water…it REELLY scared mee at ferst butt now mee knowss it iss just noise an mee sleepss rite thru’ THE bangin an poppin!
    Wee DUE hope that will bee THE end to this fore another yeer tho’….wee liek peece an quiet ALOT nore than firewerkss!
    ***purrss** * BellaDharma


      • Youss’ ARE furry lucky Teddy!! This firecrackur deel iss gettin old! Even LadyMew getss startled!! An do not get mee started ’bout mowin day!!! Our CusTOADeean has cut grass so short it is now burnt an where LadyMew has bin waterin hee has mowed it an gouged THE dirt. LadyMew has poe-litelee asked fore him to not do this butt hee does not lissen…..
        With this *heet* wave mee not sure if shee will even bee abell to water anymore….
        ***purrss*** BellaDharma


        • My Mom goes out super early in the morning to water all the plants on our deck and front porch…..the grass just has to “fend for itself” but it’s getting burned up in the hot sun. Happens every year – and every year in Spring it comes back beautiful. As for firecrackers – we just don’t “get it”……such a HUGE waste of money for one thing – who has money to spend and go up in smoke???!!!

          Hugs, Teddy


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