Teaser Tuesday Time!


Time For Class Students!   COMMENT then come to the classroom please!

“OK Team – good job sniffing out problems this morning – seems we’re all secure for class now!”

Can you believe it?  It’s Tuesday already……students – get comfy – we have a Guest Teaser today!

I’m ready for class – bring it on!

I’ve got my Sherlock outfit on – ready to solve a mystery!

OK then let’s start with the usual – RULES and BADGES…………………………

I’m DETERMINED to get a badge this week!

This is a very cool Teaser we have for you this week sent in by one of you in fact………………………….if you’re ready to see it – we’ll get our Photo Security Guard to bring it in!


Here’s today’s photos Professors – two views of the same place…..

So what do you think students?    See what you can come up with for this challenge OK?    Same structure – two similar views………………………. GOOD LUCK!

Cheer Team ?  I think our class probably needs a little cheeriness to begin figuring out where these photos were taken so – GO FOR IT……………………

You know the deal when we show up like this
Late for ballet class because of Suzie’s sis!
She said she’d drive us in her brand new van
But she hadn’t counted on backing up into the row of trash cans!
Anyway, we have to hurry so it’s a quickie cheer
We still have to stop on the way for a fortifying beer!
We’ll see you tomorrow when we cheer for the Tell All
So good luck students and have a ball !!!!


Well ladies that was one of your marginal cheers but a cheer nonetheless.   On your way – heaven forbid you all dancing in Swan Lake with a hangover but GOOD LUCK.


My cousin Mollye in her Halloween costume from last year

I’m thinking your ballet teacher will not be amused if you’re staggering around the studio!

Well students – I think about now you probably want a bit of lunch or breakfast in order to have enough strength to do a decent job of figuring out where on earth these two photos for Teaser were taken right?   In that case, let’s go!


Alright students!  Grab your trays and line up – everything is hot if it’s supposed to be and cold if it’s supposed to be so enjoy your meal!

What’s For Yum???


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  1. While I meow sternly at Dad for being late we are going to have that delicious Bacon Egg Pizza and Bratwurst and sourkraut! Yum! Yes Toby you can have that Salisbury Steak. Oooo that looks good.
    Goodness Cheer Team lets get that beer and fully fortified so you can be here for tomorrow. Tell Sis to watch those cans. They sure do jump out in back of you?
    Another little turret and we have not the fainest idea where? See you tomorrow to figure this out. Anyhoo thanks professors and all the wonderful staff. See you tomorrow!
    Timmy and Family


    • At least you get your wishes from the cafeteria line even if you were a minute late being a firstie…..maybe you’ll be the first to get indigestion???? HAHAHAHAHA Tune in tomorrow for the scoop on the Teaser!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. That’s an interesting building, but I do not have a clue where it is.

    I’ll have some lunch and see if I get any inspiration.


  3. Audrey Seymour Federal Penitentiary isn’t exactly the most escape-proof prison in the world…. but it doesn’t have to be. The few prisoners who’ve dared to try and bust out of the joint may have gotten free of the yard, but they never made it to freedom. In fact, whoever took the photos for this Guest Teaser got to witness an unsuccessful escape in progress! Look at how quickly the vicious man-eating plants surrounding the facility have closed in in the second photo! There won’t even be any bones left over for proper DNA analysis of that unfortunate escapee. His next of kin will simply be notified that he went “missing” at The Little Prison Of Horrors…

    Liked by 2 people

    • HA! You know I didn’t even think of the difference in the greenery department from the one photo to the other in spite of the SLIGHT change in angle. I think you might be right though – maybe this is Audrey-2? EEEEEEEEEEK!


  4. Fashionably late as always. LOL We were out of the house at 7:15 am. I had fasting labs at 7:30.
    I was hoping to be first in and out but there were 6 other folks with the same hope.
    Then we had take out breakfast on Panera’s patio. It was pleasant as clouds were still covering sun.
    Hugs Cecilia


  5. Hello…fashionably or not late as usual…MOL!

    That place sure is decorated! Looks like a very interesting spot too!

    I have seen that picture (or at least ones of the same place…), and I agree with the others who say its Hundertwasser house in Bad Soden, Germany.

    Can’t have anything from Mrs D’s buffet…I am off to the lab…yes its a strange time, but then so are my hours, MOL!


  6. Everything looks shipshape at Ding Dong School this noon! Fantastic and beautiful location in the teaser photo! I have no clue as to where it is, or as to what’s keeping that topmost feature up there. The one thing I can say is that it’s probably not in an earthquake zone.


  7. Mee-yow wow what a kewl place Teddy! No wee have no clue where it iss butt LadyMew an mee think Phenny an Neilson wuud love to call that place “HOME”!
    So wee say purrhapss umwhere inn magicall France…..
    May wee have 1 Salisbury Steak an tatoesss pleese an 1 Salmon Steak?
    Mee thinkss a bit of cake wuud go ggud too! Thanx Teddy 🙂
    **purrss** BellaDharma


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