Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!   Thanks to Brian for being our host every week for this chance to all get together and share our THANKFULS.     So far, we are all getting along famously in my house.  Me, Dad, and Mom do everything together anyway so keeping an eye on each other through this virus has been easy peasy.     We also go on walks together and sometimes take naps together.   A whole lot of TOGETHER.    We’re all healthy too and very grateful and thankful for that.    Virginia is one of the states that hasn’t had an uptick in Covid cases this last few weeks too so that’s another thankful.

We’re also thankful here that we got Angel Sammy’s poem challenge and a new photo for next week – seems things are fine at the Rainbow Bridge – WiFi connections working just fine between us!


Hello Friends!

Is everyone ready to read a little poetry?    You’ve had a whole week to work on a poem for the photo from last week so hopefully you were able to come up with something FUN for the photo that Little Binky and her Granny sent in.    Even though it was a photo “blooper” it looked like it would make for some FUN poetry.    If you wrote one, please let us know in comments so we can go to your blog and read it.

I’ll show you the photo you got last week to work on this week then my poem for that photo then NEXT week’s poetic challenge photo!    Ready?

“The Big Bad Wolf”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell        ©June 10, 2020

Remember the story of “The Three Little Pigs” ?

Three pigs living in a house made of twigs

The Big Bad Wolf said he’d blow their house down

Well it appears that’s what he did in this little German town!

The top of the building looks like it was ripped right in half

If it wasn’t so scary that might make me laugh!

The people in the town look like they aren’t bothered at all

Perhaps used to having coffee while their buildings fall ??


That was such a funny photo!     I’m sure everyone had fun writing a poem for this photo so let us know if you did so we can read it OK?

Next week’s photo inspiration is:

Well this is what’s called “fantasy art” but what intrigued me about the photo was not only the “mood” of it but what do you suppose is in that red box sitting on the path?    Hmm……..Well you have a whole week to write a poem based on this one!

Meanwhile please stay safe and healthy…………………………………..

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!


We Angels Are Watching Over You……………   Love, Angel Sammy



I know you are watching over us Angel Sammy – it makes us all feel very loved and safe……………………sending you a brotherly hug…………..

Love, Teddy

Pee Ess…..yesterday I graduated from Cat Scouts University!!!  YAY!   Wanna be a Scout?   CLICK HERE




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  1. Concatulations on your Diploma, Teddy🎉And Angel Sammy, you on your poem. We would never have thought of it, it really could be that house of the Three little Pigs *Appaws Appaws* and as always we loved your poem and everything you’re Thankful for too. We’re Thankful for you💗Pawkisses for a wonderful Thursday🐾😽💞


  2. Congratulations on graduating Teddy! I am glad you and your folks take such good care of one another. That was a fun poem from Angel Sammy. Thanks to your mom for finding great inspiration for us. Have a nice day! XO


  3. It was a great photo challenge…I hope some photo expert can figure out how Binky and Granny took such a wonderful photo.
    I agree about the Big Bad Wolf…now we know exactly what huffin’ and puffin’ looks like
    Hugs Cecilia


    • Well Mom says she saw small German towns – this looks a lot like a couple that they saw on a cruise……but they didn’t go to this particular town. Sure is a funny photo isn’t it Auntie C??

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. grate poem sam oh bacon !!!! we R havin a hard time with thiz one 🙂

    N conga rats two ewe ted o natorz; how kewl iz yur diplomaz…..R ya headed to college now to get a masterz dee greez in bacon 🙂

    binky said try thiz
    her granny taked de foto
    we R still like ~~~~~~~~~~ well ??

    🙂 ♥♥

    happee week oh end dood 🙂 ♥♥♥


    • It’s quite a weird photographic blooper isn’t it gang? Well we thought it might make for some pretty wacky poetry and it sure did!! We like yours – A lot of people were stymied by HOW a camera could make such a mess of taking a photo but I think Little Binky’s Granny musta hiccuped or something?! Thanks for writing a poem for this one!!

      Happy Friday Ya’ll! The Ted O Nator


  5. Congrats on graduating, Teddy.
    That was a fun poem for a fun photo, Angel Sammy.
    In next week’s photo it looks like there is a second box by the other path. Maybe depending on which path you decide take you get to open the the appropriate box.
    When I was younger I would have enjoyed taking the harder path over the boulders and under fallen trees, but now I would take the easier path. They both go towards the light.


    • I’m with you about the paths – and there’s a lot of “message” in this photo – I think everyone will see something DIFFERENT and that’s what will make for some great poems!!

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


  6. Hi Teddy & Sammy & Mom . We wish you could give us the background on the picture from last week, the way you do the teaser.
    And concatulations Teddy on getting your degree !


    • The photo was sent in to us by Little Binky and her Granny – they thought it might make for a fun poem opportunity and it REALLY did! Sometimes when we take a photo the camera does something WEIRD and we get a blooper/mistake photo like this one – it just so happened this one really made for some wacky poems!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. Teddy, we’re so glad you and your mom and dad are all well and together! Angel Sammy, I love your take on this image! What a fun photo and poem you shared. And I’m really enjoying working with this week’s whimsical prompt. It’s so fantastical, and I love that. Purrs!


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