Teaser Tell All


OK we’ve got a “GO” from Clowie’s Security Team so let’s get the Tell All underway!

Yesterday’s photo was a heck of a whopper.   In fact, as we were preparing the Tell All on Tuesday afternoon we double/triple checked and NOBODY got it right at that point.   We knew it would be a toughie – there’s not a clue in sight – I think it would depend on whether someone figured out what the top of that structure is………!   We’ll give you the scoop and let you know who sent it in in just a few minutes!    No squirming in your seats – just be patient!

patiently waiting………………….

First thing to talk about is WHO WAS FIRST COMMENTER?     Actually we had TWO during the first 60 seconds yesterday…………………who?????




Alright you two – each of you gets one of the NEW First Commenter badges with our congratulations!

There were TWO First Commenters on the Teaser this week and I was ONE OF THEM!!!

DARN DARN DARN!  I was here super early – if I hadn’t had to go to the rest room for a diaper change I could have commented FIRST!

Well that’s the breaks Rodney……………that’s the breaks.   You need to check your diaper before you leave in your stroller on Teaser Tuesday morning.

Then we sat here and waited……………………………and waited………………………………..and waited……………………while all of you looked…………………and examined………………..and puzzled…………..and searched for some sort of clue in the photo.    Here’s the photo FYI again:

it almost looks like part of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom…………..or maybe the steeple of a Cathedral………………..well, before we give you the scoop we can tell you WHO sent this one in…….it was our good friend Miss Ingrid of Meezer’s Mews and Terrieristical Woofs – here’s her link !    CLICK HERE

Where was the photo taken??????    In a town called Deventer, The Netherlands and it’s actually an old watertower there.    Here’s a link to investigate.    CLICK HERE

Thanks for this totally impossible Teaser Miss Ingrid…………I know a lot of students agonized over this most of yesterday and it really was so hard without any clues at all.   We did have some interesting guesses though – BRAVO TO THOSE WHO TOOK ON THE CHALLENGE!

Miss Ingrid this is for you for sending in that amazing Teaser photo:

My photo was used at One Spoiled Cat for their TEASER post of June 9, 2020!

Now obviously a whole bunch of you guessed but were incorrect – and if you were one of them who went out on that great high diving board of guesses and did a belly flop (haha) then you get a GREENIE – one of the new ones!     Make sure and wear it with pride.

The Teaser had me fooled – I tried but was wrong…..at least I got this cool badge for my effort!!

No First Right Guesser or Right Guesser Not First badges going out today – but that hasn’t happened TOO many times in all our years at Ding Dong School so that should be celebrated!    Our Cheer Team is celebrating – their cheer doesn’t have to be long without a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER to name.    GO GIRLS!

Yesterday was a very tough day
Nobody guessed the Teaser but it was FUN to play!
The photo was TOUGH and that’s no lie
Trees, an unidentified object and a lot of blue sky!
We did have TWO First Commenters so that was neat
Timmy and Csilla were FIRST to have a seat!
At least you got a badge with a new design
The rest of you have a good lunch and you’ll be feeling just fine!

Thanks for trying to cheer up our class.   I guess that’s what a CHEER Team does right ladies?

I think a bunch of you “has a sad”……………….we’ll cheer you up in the lunch room everyone.    Let’s go……………….and next week perhaps we’ll be awarding ALL our new badges !!!

Hello Class…..sorry everyone has a big frown on their face (except for Timmy and Csilla) but maybe a good lunch will cheer you up.    Enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

See you all next week!  We promise it won’t be QUITE as tough of a Teaser!!   

The Profs

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    • It was one of those Teasers that really was tough for MANY reasons – no clues, no idea what that “thing” was rising above the trees………it was a REAL challenge!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Congrats to Timmy Tomcat and Miss Csilla!
    That was a very hard Teaser. At least I was right in thinking it was a water tower, I just couldn’t find where.


      • I certainly tried. I kept going back to Mr. Google, but he wouldn’t show me the right water tower! I don’t like having to admit defeat, but I had to with this one.
        BTW, I have a phone consultation with my Oncologist next week for my 4 month check up. How he can tell if the new pills are working by phone beats me, but I will what he has to say.


        • I was pretty excited when you knew what that thing in the photo was but I can imagine it would be pretty much impossible to sift through a zillion water towers to find that one – if you even could since it was a personal photograph not one from Mr. Google!! I’m glad you have a phone consult with the doc but you’re right – he can’t tell a thing but maybe can sort of tell by what you tell him about how you’re feeling, etc. Hopefully you can get a REAL checkup soon.

          Hugs, Pam

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  2. Oh, MY!! we had them all stumped. Miss Jackie was on the right track with her thoughts of a water tower:)
    There is a link within the given link that sends you to a specific spot about that tower, but its all in Dutch. I can read it, but…well, you know!
    It was built in 1892. It is 53 meters high. Currently or until very recently, not sure when the article was written, that tower is/was used for good drinking water, it goes 130meters deep.It has a capacity of 500 m3 of water. It is a protected monument now, with a registry number of 12706.

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  3. Congrats to Csilla and Timmy! That was a toughie, I can see how no one guessed it. Nice cheer ladies. Have a great day! XO


  4. It doesn’t look like it could hold water. The weight of the stone and being full of water means it might just sink into the earth. I guess Miss D warned it about what she’d do to it if it did that.


  5. Mew mew mew LadyMew was so far off THE mark…Nederlandss an Istanbull are so far apart….shee was sure shee saw a half moon at top of Tower an shee thott a Mosque…..
    Pleese pass a mew Greenie Teddy….good greef!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  6. We really love our new First Commenter badge Whee thanks Professors. That Teaser was one toughie so we dont feel too bad missing the mark. Thanks for the cheer and the grub and see you next week if not befur!


  7. Noooo…I missed class again…effurrything…and I would have known this teaser *slaps head* Sorry Teddy, there’s no excuse for my absence this week…hope to be on time next week😸Concats firsties🌻Pawkisses for a wonderful day to you all🐾😽💞


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