Tuesday Teaser Time!



Clowie and company have sounded the “all clear” for school safety so let’s GO!

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.    Now it’s back to school and you know what Tuesday is all about – figuring out a photo of SOMEWHERE……………….sometimes it’s not easy!

“You say SOMETIMES it’s not easy?  It’s NEVER easy for some of us!!”

This could be your lucky day……………………here are the rules AND the badges!

There you have it students – the amazing lineup of badges that YOU could win if you qualify!

“I really DO study and I really DO try but so far – my school album only has GREENIE badges in it!!”

Well let’s go ahead and show you what we have in store for you today to agonize over………………..remember you have all day to study and make your guess and then tomorrow we TELL ALL and pass out the badges to everyone who deserves one!    Security dood – please bring in the photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Intriguing photo yes?    No this is not a model of a place – it is a REAL place.    Well see if you can figure out where this photo was taken and you will get rewarded!!!!   In the meantime, we get rewarded with a cheer from our Cheer Team!

Memorial Day was yesterday
But it was our day off so we decided to play
We’re here NOW with hats very patriotic
We hope we don’t look idiotic!
The Teaser photo is very cool
The perfect location for Ding Dong School!
Now get to work and get to guessing
You’re here to learn and not for messing!
If you’re a winner tomorrow our cheer
Will have YOUR NAME for all to hear!!!

Thank you ladies………………………..we think maybe we’ll all head off to lunch now………………………….and perhaps our students will get some BRAIN FOOD and be able to do some good guessing and make we Professors PROUD!

Welcome to the cafeteria students!    Time to chow down for lunch!


See you tomorrow students for TELL ALL class……..we’ll let you know who the winners and losers are!   

Your Professors

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  1. Nice cheer ladies. You all look very nice and patriotic. No clue where the photo was taken, it looks pretend 🙂 Have a great day! XO


  2. It sure was a nice Memorial Day at our house. Cheer team you look fine so no worries and your cheer is top tier. The teaser was so intriguing we had to cheat a little and look it up so we are late and know the answer but… we will stay mum. Thanks Ms D for the noms and Professors for the fun. See you tomorrow to see who got the gold

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  3. Good morning, we’re here 2 weeks in a row, late again, but at least we’re here, MOL! That picture really does look like a model, doesn’t it. We are curious to see where that is. Two weeks ago, we had snow, and today and for the next 2 days we are under a heat advisory, so, we’ll be getting some milkshakes and banana split pie for dessert. We’ll eat in the cafeteria though, otherwise all the yumminess will melt before we get it home. Have a great Teaser Tuesday!


    • Talk about weird weather – you’ve got it alright! We were in the 40s/50s last week and in the 70s/80s this week so I “feel your pain” but thankfully NO SNOW. Enjoy your treats in the cafeteria – you deserve it!


  4. It is Wilhelmstein Island in Germany and you can spend a night there! that would be fun ! You do find the funnest places. Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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  5. That is the home of the Ty D Bol Man, who of course, is wrongfully imprisoned inside of everyone’s toilet tank. The yachtsman of the commode has made the best of things, it appears, as he’s built himself quite a mansion out of only materials that he found floating in the bowl. And he truly has a blue thumb getting all of that lush greenery to sprout out of his floating dark blue tablet. Given how much the water has come up on his land, though, I’d guess he’s more than halfway through his sentence of 2,000 flushes, after which…… well, he’ll receive the old goldfish sendoff. Farewell, Ty D Bol Man….


    • Well if you decide on a lunch item – come on back – it’s open 24/7. As for that island – it is just a little bit CUT OFF from civilization……but not too far – there are pix on the link tomorrow so be sure and visit it!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  6. Mee-yow wow what a place!! It iss lovelee!! Wee have NO idea at all Teddy….nun……
    So movin on toLunh: may nee have Scottish Salmon LadyMew wuud like sum Fisn an Chipss pleese. An Thanx. At leest wee do KNOW a guud lunch when wee see it Teddy 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  7. That place looks like its self quarantined!! MOL! And such pretty fall colors!

    And oh boy, it is so exacting and just about symmetrical…someone loved particular details,and to be isolated and protected on all sides! Its built in the style of fortresses of the time…that being the 18th century,and I will agree with several others:
    Wilhelmstein Island…a fortress, (manmade), built between 1761 – 1767, located on Lake Steinhude, in Germany.

    Here is a pic of it in its early days:

    (From 1787.)

    I am so mixed up with my work schedule, vacation days and yesterday was a holiday, so I almost forgot it was Tuesday…but then it doesn’t take much to get me all mixed up most days, MOL!!!


  8. Here I am…♪♫♪late again♪♫♪ but furresh for the teaser…I think it’s Willemstein island in Germany, Teddy, but man, does this look homemade…MOL…I’m heading over to the cafetaria now and get myself a Pecan Pie because it looks so delicious😸Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞


  9. ted on nator; we iz cloo lezz bout wear thiz iz but we can see ya can fish frum just bout any place !!

    N speekin oh fish may we haza order for 49 fish N chipz pleez N thanx; we will send ewe de gurlz cc info heer short lee ;)♥♥♥♥♥♥


    • We packaged up your 49 orders of fish-n-chips for you – hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed you coming by class today! Isn’t that place cool? Gotta be nice and quiet out there – and you’re right – lotsa fishin’ spots!!

      Hugs for good health and all the fish you can eat!
      Love, Ted O Nator


  10. Nooooo!!!! I just came here to comment thinking it was Monday. When did it suddenly turn into Tuesday?


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