Tuesday Teaser Time


Ringy Dingy – Time For Teaser Tuesday Class – REMEMBER TO COMMENT!

Security Perimeter Check completed Professors – no issues discovered – my Team and I say GO TO IT FOR CLASS !!

Greetings students!   It’s time to tease……….and we’re ready – are you?

Ready to boogie Professors!

Well we may not be doing a lot of boogie-ing in class but we sure will be testing your geography knowledge today…………………..but before we do ANYTHING, let’s review the rules of engagement for guessing and maybe winning on TEASER TUESDAY shall we?    We’ll also show you the badges up for grabs today………

There you have it students…………….the rules and the badges………………….now are you ready to get a WAKE UP CALL from your Cheer Team?


Scooby Doo and Jiminy Cricket
You Professors know a tough Teaser and how to pick it!
This photo could be from ANYWHERE
Even those with a brain might need a spare!
We hope you students are up to the task today
GOOD LUCK and GOOD GUESSING is all we can say
We’ll be back tomorrow to sing and shout
So try your best today and please don’t POUT!

Thanks ladies – I think you did a great job considering from what I hear you five spent most of the weekend at the pub, beach, and on your Harleys – We don’t know how you do it but we guess being YOUNG helps!

Bein’ young isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Let’s bring in our guard who is charged with making sure there is no PEEKING of the photo for Teaser every week………………………!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Alright students………………..WHERE was this photo taken?    Good luck!    Now who wants lunch?   HMM???????    Let’s go!   Tomorrow we’ll meet again and see who wins what so STUDY HARD and GUESS when you’re ready.

Ahhh!  Lunch time!   Our favorite time of the day (well maybe next to going home anyway!).   Here’s today’s goodies:


Good Luck Students!   See you in class tomorrow!   



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    • Hello Floridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadooooooooodeeeee! How’s things down your way? Still staying home or are you venturing out? We just got back from a “hot chocolate drive in the country”…..nice even if it’s an overcast and breezy morning. At least no rain – that hurricane on the East Coast kind of passed us by but we have some “residual weather” from it.

      Hugs from Virgineeeeeee!
      Love, Pam and Teddy


    • I have seen this but can’t think where. It looks Italian but it is not. It is a hotel and was brand new when we saw it. We had been somewhere pre-cruise. Cruise morning we were taken on a tour around before going to the port. That was back when they used to do that! I am sure it is in the US and think possibly before we went on the Hawaii cruise. We cruised out of San Pedro so that would make it somewhere in LA. I have to get lunch now and will think on it afterwards. I know when we took that cruise and the hotel was new so that give me something to work on…if I am right about LA!


      • I couldn’t leave it before lunch and googled luxury hotels in Hollywood and Beverly Hills because I knew those were places we were taken through on the coach. I have come up with the Montage Hotel Beverly Hills. I am not over convinced because it is not exactly the same as your photo. It is my best guess for the moment. I will look again later.


  1. Oh boy, we had a holiday here in Canada yesterday, so our poor, confused mom thought today was Monday…We know we’re late, but we’re sure happy to be here, and we will back for 1 taco platter and 1 turkey and fixings later on. Have a great Tuesday.


    • Nice to see you boys! It’s OK if your Mom is confused – I’m totally used to having a Mom like that (!) – these days she’s even more “out of it” but at least we’re all together! Right???!!! See you at lunch- we’ll have your lunch order ready (to go).

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. As those who paid attention in their history classes know, King Hammurabi of the ancient civilization of Babylon was quite obsessed with law and order… and came up with some rather interesting methods of enforcing his codes of conduct. One such experiment involved creating a prison atop a tower in the town square whose walls were made up entirely of glass. The wise Hammurabi believed that this would have the dual effect of both punishing prisoners by exposing their confinement for everyone to see, while also serving as a deterrent to onlookers at what would happen to them should they break the law. The Hammurabi Snow Globe prison idea might have been a huge success that would have been passed on down through the centuries if it weren’t for one small unexpected detail. And that would be the eyeful that innocent Babylonians would get every evening when it was shower time in the prison. And that would be why the glass walls were painted over, and why you don’t see anymore snow globe prisons these days….

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  3. Yikes…it’s Tuesday? Eek…I completely forgot because I had to walk the dogs at the crack of dawn-it’s gonna be broiling hot today and the fur coated contingent aren’t keen on walking in the heat. Then again, neither am I! LOL No clue. Thought it might be in Italy or Greece, but the surrounding structures suggest something newer like in the US. So I’m both late and wrong today. *sigh*

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    • Thirty seven burgers with extreeeeeeee bacon comin’ right up! Angel Sammy was certainly the baconator and here I am following in his footsteps as the tedonator……!! The roof by the way is in Beverly Hills – land-o-the-rich!

      Hugs, Ted o nator


  4. This looks like the neighbouring town of Quesnel….beautiful isn’t it? You can’t see it but there’s a pulp mill way back there. It emits a stink you wouldn’t believe. A cross between a sewer and sulphur….pooh!! Nobody lives in these houses anymore….Oh, there’s the odd die hard and boy do they stink.



  5. Like predicted and prophesied, I am late…MOL!

    First I had to deal with a mouse problem sheesh, rural living has many drawbacks…esp in an old frame house… Then Benji came inside and left far too many mudpie-prints on the kitchen floor…and who only knows where he’s been excavating again, its raining out yet again…then there was a red-headed woodpecker on the peanut feeder…haven’t seen one of those in years…so bright and beautiful…so it even cooperated to let me take a picture…

    and so I almost even forgot it was Tuesday! Phew!

    That is a picture of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California…which is actually sort of a replica or a redo of the same city’s City Hall. My first thought was somewhere in Italy…oops!


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