Teaser Tell All Time



WAIT – WHAT?  This isn’t our school room……is it???????


NO students…..APRIL FOOL’S DAY!

OK Students – you may enter school – all is well – all is safe – we will watch over you!

HELLO STUDENTS!   Have a seat and we’ll tell all……..

Seems yesterday’s Teaser did NOT fool many people – in fact we had a flood of folks who figured it out………..but of course only ONE of them was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……..we’ll tell you who as soon as we tell you who was FIRST COMMENTER!


We have FOUR First Commenters from yesterday.   That’s right – FOUR.    You all know our Cheer Team took a day off yesterday and when I told them there were FOUR First Commenters they threatened to take another day off BUT I talked them out of it.   They are here………..and they will cheer for us later.


Nelly/Phenny,  Sharon/Friends Furever, Mimi, and Timmy Tomcat



Each of you FABULOUS FIRSTIES get a copy of this badge – please make one and show it off to the world!!

Would you believe there were FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of March 31, 2020 and I was ONE OF THEM???!!! YAY FOR ME! (US)

Next up we posted the Teaser photo – and it was a really pretty photo of a place where my Mom and Dad visited MANY years ago but their photo of this place was old and cracked so we found THIS ONE to use for Teaser!

Where was this photo taken?    It is the beautiful St. Peter Cathedral in Worms, Germany………………..sometimes called Martin Luther cathedral but that’s NOT its’ name.    VERY VERY old structure and has a fascinating history which you can explore if you want more info by CLICKING HERE.

THEN it was just a matter of time – a relatively SHORT matter of time by the way – before one of you student smarties got the TEASER correct.    Yep – Who was the FIRST to guess right?

Drumroll Please!

Double Drumroll !

CSILLA !!!!! 


Congratulations and here’s your badge:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 31, 2020 – yes I am amazing thank you for saying so (haha).

And then we began to have a flood of RIGHT GUESSERS after Csilla………….and if you correctly identified the Cathedral, then you get one of these:

Well I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT but I was RIGHT and that got me this pretty blue badge…..I was a RIGHT GUESSER ANYWAY!

Of course we also had our share of WRONG guessers – but remember here at Ding Dong School even the WRONGS get something for TRYING – if you guessed but incorrectly – please help yourself to a copy of this!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of March 31, 2020 but by golly I TRIED! YAY FOR ME!

Now I’m sure our wonderful Cheer Team will be happy to share their fabulous Cheer with all of us – especially since they went off on their Harleys’ yesterday and were NOT here to cheer you all on before you guessed.    OK girls – do your thing!

So we took a day off yesterday
The “looks” from the Professors made us pay!
Just one sunny day we couldn’t resist
We met with our boyfriends and YES we got kissed!
But here we are to celebrate
We’re in class and not on a date
We had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS and isn’t that great?
Katty, Sharon, Mimi and Timmy were NOT LATE!
The photo for Teaser was taken in WORMS
Just saying that word makes us SQUIRM
But we had a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and she’s a smarty
Miss Csilla’s the winner so our cheer is quite hearty!
Congrats all you students for trying your best
Now go eat lunch and don’t spill food on your vest!

Thanks ladies………….we missed your sense of humor yesterday…………………next time you want a day off how about telling your Professors BEFORE class instead of during class??????????

Hey you should be glad we showed up today – we coulda gone to the movies with our guys!

We’ll let’s move on – and moving on means moving on to the LUNCH ROOM to eat……………………everyone up for that?     Good – let’s do it!

Everyone in line and let’s go!

Hello Students……time to have a hearty lunch before you head home!  Step right up!

Today’s LUNCH Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Students – STAY SAFE – keep your humans happy – and we’ll see you in class next TUESDAY! 

Your Professors

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  1. Congratulations to the four speedies! Congrats to Csilla! I knew you would do an April Fool’s! Kinda resembles my 7th grade school room. Ceiling wasn’t that bad but those windows take me back. We used to fight over using the pole to pull down the upper window. BLT for me! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ladies, your cheer did the job. It cheered me! And I haven’t been to Worms while in the Country, . (that name just kills me!) Wish I had because I would have taken a lot of pictures!


    • WORMS…..YUCK……Angel Sammy liked to “poke” worms on the sidewalk. He’d really drive them crazy. My Mom was too young to remember a lot of the traveling they did while her Dad was stationed in Weisbaden but there are a few memories she has – one of which was of REAL WORMS (yuck yuck) in the park across the street from where her family lived. Spring came and the entire sidewalk in the park looked like it was moving because of all the worms.

      😦 Teddy


  3. Concats to The Weims, Sharon/Friends Furever, Mimi, and Timmy Tomcat! I was quite sure that it should be Germany. After some attempts, I found the purrrfect search words, too: ‘romanesque church brick rosa-window germany round towers’.


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