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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday and I know that everyone who joins this Hop and many others as well are HOPING that Brian’s Dad, Mr. Terry, is still feeling good after his heart issues.    We do hope his doctor figures out what happened but we were happy to learn the doctors in the hospital felt his heart was OK.    That’s a BIG THANKFUL for all of us Brian!!

It’s also Poetic Thursday – Angel Sammy’s poetry day and all of you who have written a poem based on the photo he gave us last week, make sure and let us know you wrote one and give us a link so we can read it.


Hello My Poetic Friends – Let’s Share Poetry!

Another week has passed since we got together to talk about and share some poetry based on a photo – isn’t it fun to do that?   Last week’s wacky photo of that abandoned village full of fake chateaus really got a lot of us thinking.   That’s why I think it’s fun to write a poem based on a photo.    We all see something different.    Although just about everyone thought that abandoned village last week was – well – weird!

So here’s the photo I gave you as inspiration for the poems we’ll be sharing today…………..followed by MY poem!

“Times Have Changed!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell          ©April 29, 2020


In olden days in case you didn’t know

Women were covered from head to toe

Bathing suits were sure to please

Why?  Because you could see those knees!

Seeing those fashions is a real education

Imagine those suits causing a big sensation

Flash forward to suits of today

The size of a bandaid some might say

One thing hasn’t changed though from days back then

Pretty girls in bathing suits are “appreciated” by men!


This photo is so cool.     Things have changed a whole lot but showing knees and shoulders was a big step forward for womens’ bathing suits way back when.     And of course they have just become smaller and smaller through the years.     Hard to imagine that back in the day, there was a big hullabaloo over having a “Bathing Beauty Contest”……….however, even these days you can hardly have a pageant that there isn’t SOME problem that crops up!

Here’s your photo for next week – and remember, let us know if you wrote a poem based on the bathing beauties for this week……It’s another old black and white photo – FUN!

Have fun with this one – I  know you will!!!    See you all next week when we get together to share some poetry based on a photo.    You can do it!    

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Angel Hugs, Angel Sammy


Oh Angel Sammy I loved your poem and I can’t wait to see what you write for the King of the Pie Eaters next week!!!

Tons of Hugs, Teddy – p.s. everybody stay well and safe please!

Teaser Tell All Time



READY!!!!!   All is secure and ready to go Professors………

Good then we’ll start the Tell All show………………………..we sure were surprised how yesterday turned out…………..we’ll get down to all of that in just a moment but FIRST we want to tell you who beat all the rest of you to class yesterday – in time to be the FIRST COMMENTER!






Congratulations Miss Csilla and here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of April 28, 2020 – it was worth getting up early to beat everyone else!

Well done Miss Csilla…………..instead of sleeping at the beginning of class you were READY TO GO!

I was here early but at the last minute I had to use the bush at the school entrance……

Let’s show you the photo from yesterday again – the Graphics Department thought it might be a little bit of a toughie but know what?    I think we had more right guessers than EVER but that’s not as important as WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………here’s the photo:

This is a very pretty shot of Cove Point Lighthouse which is located on Solomon’s Island, in Maryland.    A pretty little spot with a beach, lightkeeper’s house and a small museum.   That’s swell but we want to tell you WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………




YEAH – GO Mr. Chuck GO!

AND here’s YOUR badge:

Know what? I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of April 28, 2020. Cool huh?

But we had a BIG BUNCH of you who guessed this right – was it the lighthouse that gave it away?   Maybe………………….we’re not sure but whatever it was, there are a pile of you who deserve and should grab a copy of the RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge this week – here it is:

I guessed the Teaser of April 28, 2020 RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST……I still got a badge!!

And of course those of you who guessed but were WRONG………..well…… know you get a GREENIE right??????

I tried but my guess was WRONG for the Teaser of April 29, 2020….boo hooooo

Who knew Solomon’s Island was a well known spot?     My Mom and Dad have been there many times – it’s not all that far from here………………….it’s a wonderful place for fresh seafood and to take a boat ride/tour.    Anywho – we’ll do better next week with one of those Teasers that makes you tear out your hair with frustration………..wait……….maybe hair tearing out isn’t exactly the way we want to spend our time together!!!!

Cheer Team?   Would you care to celebrate the winners with a cheer???

Oh my goodness, I do declare
Here we are with time to spare
We thought we’d be late to give you a cheer
The pub had a special today on pretzels and beer!
Who was our First Commenter early this morning?
Miss Csilla crashed through the front door without a warning!
Then we waited to see who would guess the Teaser FIRST
It was CHUCK HESS who was so the rest of you were cursed!
Well that’s not really true because more of you guessed correctly
That’s why we have a bunch of badges to hand out to you directly!

Good job Cheer Team………….sorry your Teaser duties prevented you from hanging out at the Pub all day……………

“No worries – we’re regulars down there – we get priority service cuz they know we’re due back at class for cheering!!”

Well class, time for us to ramble over to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat…………………everyone follow us and have a nice lunch then on the bus for home.

Students time to get your “lunch on” !  

Today’s AMAZING Menu:

ALL ABOARD!   Next stop – home sweet home.   See you all in class Tuesday!   

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Time


WELCOME CLASS!   Have you commented yet?  Have you?   You’d better!!

“Professors, Security Detail reporting in – everything is as it should be around the school!”

Thanks to our fabulous Security Crew headed by Captain Clowie – we are so happy to have someone looking out for all of us around here…………….

Today we have another gem from our Graphics Department.    Seems we could use some Teaser inspiration from any of you who think you might have a photo you’ve taken at some point that could possibly fool your fellow students or at least give them a break from our Graphics Deaprtment GEMS!    Not that there’s anything wrong with our Graphics Department (after all she’s THE MOM after all but don’t tell anyone!).   If you DO have a photo that might be a goodie for TEASER – just email it to us………….

Before we start let’s run over the rules so there’s no misunderstandings HOW you go about making a guess and ultimately – hopefully – with some luck – WIN A BADGE!

The Badges Up For Grabs:


Could you please pull your mask down for a second and repeat that?    We can’t understand you!!!!

“I just said – LET’S GO PROFESSORS!”

OK……….sorry about that………….the masks sometimes make it tough to understand what people say.     But it’s the SAFE thing to do these days we know.   Keep up the good work Barney!

“I just want to say that Barney is doing the right thing – social distancing and wearing a mask in a public place is a wise choice!”


“We check everyone’s temperature when they come into school and so far we have a very healthy pile of students AND teachers!!”

That’s good to know Doctor Doolittle.

Time for our Teaser Guard to bring in today’s photo so you students can begin the process of figuring out WHERE the photo was taken………………………….ready?   Set – GO!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

OK gang – where was this photo taken?     What area of the universe are we seeing here???   HMM?

“Are you sure this is OUR universe Professors?????”

Yes indeed……………… who would like to get a CHEER from the CHEER TEAM to get things moving??????


Here we are to cheer for you
Try to look intelligent and like you have a clue!
This photo might be hard or it might be easy
Whichever way it goes it’s a pretty little “Teasey” !!
Put on your glasses and give the photo a bit of study
Whether you feel lucky today or whether you feel cruddy
Just do your best to figure it out and we will cheer
Maybe we’ll give you a ride on the Harley and let you steer!!!!

“Cool Man……Totally”

Let’s go to the cafeteria and grab some lunch then you can come back here and study and perhaps make your guesses on the Teaser photo………………….OR if you prefer, you can stay here and skip lunch and sleep……………….


Off we march to the cafeteria!

Happy Tuesday Students!   Time to fill your tummies with something yummy!


Hop on the bus when you’re ready kids and we’ll see you for TEASER TELL ALL tomorrow!   

Good luck – your Professors

SPARK and Reminder


Monday is here again………………..and it’s time to SHARE A SPARK.  What exactly IS this Monday SPARK thing we do?   Well, most of you know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.    Why not join us by sharing something that SPARKS you?   It might just start a spark in us too.

I was looking for a graphic to express how I feel right now with all the uncertainty over the virus and worrying about it and the future then I realized as I actually already know (I do know it I just forget that I know it) – that we can’t worry because it won’t change a thing.    That kind of led me to look for something more along the line of “expectations” and I found this – which I LOVE LOVE LOVE:

Oh boy this one is really very true isn’t it?   Think about it…………..I know I’m guilty of looking back and seeing much of my past as some shining light of perfection when it was far from it……and I sometimes think about NOW as just about as bad as things could get……….and what’s ahead as something elusive and somewhat frightening because oh my goodness what if it’s worse than the present?????     Well, it’s all kind of silly really.    Our past is GONE………our future can be just about ANYTHING……and our present is SOMEWHAT in our control.    It’s not horrible – it’s just different than we probably thought it would be – who could have predicted the pandemic?   Probably some scientists could and did but the rest of us?    We will just COPE because that’s what we do – and if we do it together – our share of the load will be LIGHTER.

Hope you all have a great week……………………………..and resolve that today – the first day of this week – is the start of something BETTER.

Hugs, Pam

Whatever you do, don’t forget tomorrow Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy will be holding TEASER CLASS at a surprise time.   Be there or be square (!) and be ready to examine a photo from SOMEWHERE and be the first to guess correctly where “SOMEWHERE” is!  

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday everybody.    I know people are getting a little stir-crazy but that’s where we pets come in…………….our job to keep our humans happy and perky and selfies somehow make them get all gooey and “awwwwwwwww” so let’s strut our stuff a bit at the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.   If you want to include your Selfie – just click their badge and fill in the Linky Form and you’ll be in.

My Selfie today is one Mom took about 30 seconds ago while I was TRYING to take nap in the upstairs hallway.    The minute she stepped into the hall the floor creaked and I heard her coming so of course I’m AWAKE not ASLEEP.    Oh well – I can always go back to LA LA LAND after the flash goes off – which is PRECISELY what I’m doing now.

Here’s the Selfie she took of ME………….obviously I couldn’t take my OWN selfie since I was lounging in the hallway.

I’m the first to admit that this is a LESS THAN EXCITING photo of me – so Mom said she’d jazz it up a bit with Lunapic…………………’s what she came up with and of course we did a puzzle of the FANCY version for you puzzlers out there!!

I quite like this special Art Effect on Lunapic – it’s called “HUNGER”……..and I’m not sure WHY it’s called that but I like it – looks like I’m on a pie of ice chips doesn’t it.   But just look at my TIGER STRIPES!  WOO HOO!

Here’s your puzzle and I hope you all have a SAFE and HAPPY Sunday!



Hugs, Teddy

P.S.   A note about a friend….Terry Frum of Brian’s Home Blog……he’s in the hospital having some tests – is having heart issues and we hope you will send him some POTP and perhaps a prayer or two?  If you click the note, it takes you to the blog and you can leave a message if you like!