Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


Looking very SPRINGY this morning!   Where are Clowie and her team??

Here we are Profs!  All is well – LET TUESDAY TEASER BEGIN!!!

COMMENT FIRST then have a seat in class……..

Happy Tuesday students………we realized this morning we might be the only school for miles and miles that is still holding classes !    Time to have some fun……let’s get started shall we?

Uhoh…..I’m gonna be in twouble for being late…..my bike wouldn’t start!

First let’s show you the rules – remember to follow them – no taking the easy way out class.

And your badges up for grabs:

I sure want one of these Spring badges……!

Today’s photo is courtesy of our hard working Graphics Department.     We are having a tough time fooling you lately class no matter how tough we THINK the Teaser photo will be.   Maybe this time we will at least give you a CHALLENGE to figure it out.    Ready?????


Teaser Photo Security – please report to Geography Classroom with this week’s photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

There you have it…………………..we actually rethought our previous comment about this being a TOUGHIE and it might in fact be an EASY…………..what do you think?    Ready to guess?   Good – go for it.  Maybe you’ll be FIRST or maybe you won’t but you’ll be RIGHT – you could win a badge!  OH BOY!

Alright class – put your brains in gear and figure this out!  OR ELSE!

You don’t want Sarge upset with you so get to work class…………now if you’d like to have some lunch to THINK better, head to the cafeteria – but if you feel you’re ready to tackle the photo now, you can work in class then go to lunch.   Just make sure you don’t miss your bus for home!    Heaven forbid you have to spend the night in the school because it’s locked up!

WHAT????  I don’t wanna be here all night!

Just FYI, the Cheerleading Squad is practicing social distancing today by staying home.   Actually they just weren’t in the mood to show up to school so in order to avoid them going on strike, we’re letting them get away with it today BUT they promise to be back tomorrow to cheer on the winners and BOO HOO for the losers!


Today’s Amazing Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class tomorrow students!  Good Luck!   Your Professors

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  1. Gosh dang nabbit! We searched for church towers with rose windows and got buried MOL. We are so glad we have school today because our area is totally closed We got a robo call from our county that there are 500 cases in our community and everyone MUST stay home. We are close to Philadelphia so that is the vector pretty sure. Glad we have noms and stuff and Dad does too. Thanks Ms D for the great noms and professors as always for a great fun school. Purrs everyone hope you all stay well

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    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY SAFE SWEET FRIENDS. That’s a lot of cases in your community. Best to be home and away from peeps right now. We are visiting more blogs and just hunkering down with books and movies.

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

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    • Hi Clowie! A funny story – one of my Mom’s ONLY memories of her 2 years living in Weisbaden, Germany when she was 4 years old was the park across the street from where they lived. In Spring the entire sidewalk looked like it was MOVING – because it was covered with WORMS. COVERED. Her Mom would be pushing her little brother Mike in his stroller and my Mom would insist on standing on the back of the stroller so she didn’t have to WALK on the worms! YUCK.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Here I am, Teddy, one hour earlier than last week😸 I think this is in Germany the Worms Cathedral, but I might be wrong. I will have some late lunch now, will be back later😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Save Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

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  3. LIttle kitty on the motorcycle, you are not in trouble for being late- you are in trouble for not wearing a helmet. Where the cheerleaders? No clue as to where the photo was taken, but it is a pretty church. XO

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  4. The Penitentiary of Notre Dame is the latest idea by expert prisontologists (Yes, it’s a real field of study I just made up) to help solve the world’s prison overpopulation problem. How will this design possibly help alleviate overcrowding, you might ask? Well…. little do the inmates at Notre Dame realize it, but they’re about to become the very first prisoners in outer space! What, did you think those were guard towers? Those are rocket thrusters ready to launch and send this jail into orbit around Uranus!

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  5. Couldn’t even think about Teaser when I crawled out of bed exhausted to feed the caterwauling horde living at my house. Sawyer had two seizures last night…one at 12:30 and one at 2:00. I see lotsof guesses for St. Peter’s, Worms, Germany, and I am going to agree, as I knew it was Germany the moment I saw it. I will let the kitties come back for noms later. Love you, Janet


  6. Good Morning ☀️ We also think it’s St Peter’s Cathedral, Worms, Germany. Nice to see Sarge again but where’s Suzy? Stay safe. How the virus got to the middle of nowhere is anybody’s guess. We don’t have many tests here in WY.


    • Suzy is one of our cheerleaders as you know and they decided to do some social distancing today (which probably means ride their motorcycles out into the country instead of being at school!). They will be there tomorrow to cheer for winners and cry for losers…….Suzy has a mind of her own regardless of the School’s NEED for her and her crew! 🙂


  7. One other time he had two on the same day, but they were a few hours apart. We were barely getting back to sleep when the second one happened. He has been pretty good about eating lately. Top that off with me forgetting to change the time when I scheduled P & S’s adventure, I am starting off the day already behind. 🤯


    • Take it easy on yourself! Sawyer, blogging, yardwork – you’re CLOSE to being a superhuman but NOT one so just slow down – above all don’t worry about the blog – we got notice and we loved the adventure and everyone who follows you would say the same thing!!!! You just have a lot on your mind. ❤ ❤


  8. Good morning. I have been refreshing my screen for over three hours and I kept getting yesterday’s post. I was starting to worry about you but I just realized I was not on the top page. Oops.


  9. I was at the grocery store in ‘senior hour’, dedicated to the ancients like me…and I kept refreshing every few steps…but I think I just got carried away when I saw there was TP on the shelves…and Chicken in the cooler and potatoes too…but no flour…but we don’t use it, so no problem there.
    Maybe next week?? MOL!

    Anypaws, like the others I am in agreement. Its the St Peter Cathedral, in Worms, Germany.
    Worms Cathedral where Martin Luther made his stand against the Catholic Church in thus launching the Protestant movement. Something about the Diet of Worms. Hmmm. not for us, thank you furry much–Bwahaha!


  10. What a tall chapel. I feel its a place for community service for those lazy drivers that want to ride their vehicle cause they’re too drunk to walk. The drunks can and must wlk up the stairs to the very top to keep it clean. There are several cats in there ripping at carpet and shedding fur everywhere so these lazy boogers must clean the fur and stuff by walking the stairs and hand picking these items….they’ll think twice about driving while intoxicated on catnip again.


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