Teaser Tuesday Time


“OK Security Crew – looks like we’re GO for class today – nothing negative to report to the Professors!”


Hello Students!   It’s TEASER time!

We hope you all are enjoying having your humans closer to home these days – and I’m happy that all of you took advantage too of the hand and paw sanitizer at the door into school building, and didn’t mind the school nurse taking your temperature just to make sure you were well enough to attend class today!

She didn’t have to send any students home this morning which is a GOOD sign!     Now let’s forget the virus problems for now – just continue to stay safe and keep your humans safe too.   Shall we get ready to TEASE?   Today’s Teaser is courtesy of our GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT and we would like to think it’s a doozy but every time we SAY that, someone guesses it.    Let’s just see what happens shall we?

I think the Graphics Department does a decent job…..considering!

Here are the rules for guessing the Teaser photo location AND the badges you might win if you’re lucky !!

And here are brand new SPRING 2020 badges to win!


Let’s go ahead and give you today’s Teaser photo so you can begin agonizing over WHERE it was taken…………….we know you LOVE to agonize!

You think we LIKE to agonize? Are you nuts?

Let’s bring in our Teaser Photo Guard and get this process going shall we?????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

So where do you students think this photo was taken?   City/Town/Village and of course State (if in USA) or Country (if not in USA)……………………………..good luck!!


Groovy…….too bad it’s not a CLOSEUP – I bet there’s some chicks in bikinis on that beach!

Cheer Team?   I think you’re UP now!

We’ve tested clear from virus
So says school nurse Miss Iris
So we’re here to cheer you up
Whether your’re a cat, human or pup
Take a gander at the photo for today
We wish we could be there for a stay
Clear water, white sands, and cold drinks
We’d vote for that since early Spring weather here stinks!
Good luck with your guesses we say
We hope Lady Luck’s light shines your way!!

Thanks girls…………………good job………………I’m sure your cheer has inspired all the students to work hard in guessing where the Teaser photo was taken.   We’ll find out tomorrow just how SMART our Teaser students are!

I’m starving – let’s EAT!

Good idea!    Let’s go to the cafeteria for lunch shall we?    Tomorrow we’ll gather in class at the usual time and pass out the badges……………………I’m sure you hope to win something right class???

Time for lunch students!   We hope you brought your appetite with you!   Please wash your hands before getting in line.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

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      • Hmm….funny….not sure what that was about…….I think WordPress may have a few issues right now……..my “comment” sidebar thing isn’t working – hasn’t been in ages (the column on the right side that opens when you click on the little bell at the top of the page). I miss that!

        Hugs, Pam


  1. Got up at 530 and still a late…had to go to the senior hour at the grocery store…see ya!


      • Whoot!! I found some TP!! And other junk at Wally World, now I am getting an oil change before they shut that down. Not sure when I will be able to go on my hunt for where your picture was taken…I might have to sit it out. I am trying to get as many errands in as possible today, we are in state shutdown mode now…and I don’t want to be stuck looking at empty pantry, etc. I do think other than fresh produce we are all set for the next two or three weeks.
        I had to stock up on crushed red pepper too….its my anti-digging solution to stop digging in my yard, but those two canniness…but well, they don’t dig in the holes they made when treated that way, they just go find another spot, LOL!

        Hubby said to put it in a spreader and cover the whole yard with it…um…right…not.

        See ya later or tomorrow at least!
        Wags, too:)


        • We scored some TP this morning too! The last package they had at our grocery and that was during Senior Hour shopping! Old people can be vicious too – I should know – I’m one myself. Seriously though still can’t find Tylenol in this town OR hand sanitizer but I’m PERSISTENT – I will find it SOMEWHERE. Glad you’re stocked up!

          Hugs, Pam


  2. We’re late for school, plus we don’t know where that beautiful spot is, but we wanted to pop in and say hello. Our mom has been working a later shift, so she’s been sleeping during the teaser. This week she is on her normal shift, so we made sure to tell her we had to visit. We hope everyone is well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are so happy to see you and your Mom! We’ve missed you but your Mom’s shifts will change and we “get” that – it’s nice that she’s on her normal shift though – maybe you’ll win a Teaser badge for Spring?!?!?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. I love the new badges. Nice cheer ladies, glad you are all healthy- stay that way. I have no idea where the photo was taken. XO


  4. Good Morning ☀️ We get up early but we’re still two hours late! 🤪 Glad you don’t have covid19 ladies. Tuesday wouldn’t be the same without you.
    We say it’s Park Hyatt, Zanzibar, Tanzania too.


  5. Sorry we’re late, breakfast preparations for two hungry pups was deemed more critical but then we’re always late with the time zone difference anyway. Stormin’ Norman thinks it might be Zanzibar, Tanzania. It’s a lovely (albeit densely packed) place. 🌴


    • Howdy! Pups (and kitties) are priority ONE compared to Teaser ABSOLUTELY……but yep the time difference may keep you from being FIRST but doesn’t stop you from being RIGHT! If Stormin’ Norman is right – you will find out tomorrow and MAYBE get a badge!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Here I am, from a distant, Teddy and I know I’m not early, but I found the picture, I guess it is Park Hyat Zanzibar in Tanzania…can’t wait if I’m right…or not…MOL😸Pawkisses for a Peaceful Tuesday🙏Stay Happy Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞


  7. Sorry I’m tardy to class…. but on the bright side, at least I missed lunch.

    That is the front end of the world’s largest surfboard. And if you look closely, I think there is a prison…

    Do I get a special D-minus badge for only half-butting my answer today?


    • We always say “better late than never” and that goes for squirrels and humans. It does kinda look like a surfboard….and I see SEVERAL prisons in the hodge podge of houses/buildings. HALF an answer is better than no answer at all…..and so far there’s no badge for that! 🙂


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